Over The Limit Predictions: Fatal Fourway

Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

WINNER: Sheamus

1. I happen to like every guy in this match. I know they aren’t letting Del Rio win it quite yet, and honestly I’m doubting they are going to give it to Jericho. Now it’s a matter of how much WWE wants Sheamus or Orton to have the title. Orton’s fine without it. Winner: Sheamus

2. This is the only match on this card that I even remotely care about, and they couldn’t even be bothered to have Jericho or ADR on the go home Smackdown. Wow, does the WWE suck right now. I don’t see any way that they have Sheamus drop the title yet, considering they just spent a year building him up to be champion. Jericho probably takes the fall, simply because he’s Jericho and that’s what he does.

Winner: Sheamus

3. Now this is the only thing that messes me up.  Jericho came back to be Best in the World.  And so far his return has been shit.  Nothing has worked out for him.  Del Rio is a bust.  And this just isn’t Orton’s year.  It might be best for Orton to film a movie (too soon?) or just take some time off.  He’s a man without a story, without any drama what so ever, for the year.  Really, Randy needs to turn heel in order to matter.  However turning heel within this match and using the dramatic still image of Raw while an announcer screams out “I cant believe Randy Orton is doing this!  No one should ever trust the Viper!” could lead to a great rematch and increased buys for the next show.  Sheamus chasing after the newly turned heel Randy Orton, and Randy fucking up Sheamus’s day repeatedly over the next few weeks?  That’s a story I’m excited for!

Winner:  Randy Orton

4. Jericho was another one that I chose all the time and was let down. I love Sheamus… I really do and if he wins and I am wrong I will take the hit. But ..

Winner: Jerchio

5. This should be a fun match and has had some good build up, especially between Sheamus and Orton. Think Sheamus keeps it this time to maybe fight w/ Orton later. Winner: Sheamus

6. Filler once again(although the more entertaining of the two), so I’m banking on the champ retaining once again.
Winner: Sheamus

7. The way that Sheamus has been booked this year… has he lost a match fairly? I don’t think so. Winner: Sheamus

8. There’s a viable reason for any of these men to win this match, but since I know that Solace is the only person that reads this, I’ll skip it.

9. Fatal-Four-Way Matches not at a Fatal-Four-Way PPV SCREAM “Meh.  We don’t have any big plans for these guys or this title, this month, but the fans will THINK it’s big because it’s four guys in one match”.  Imagine all that being screamed.  That leads to . . . 

Winner: Sheamus

10. This is the hardest choice. All 4 are eligible for the main event scene, such a hard decision. Winner: Del Rio

11. Any of these four could win, but the booking sets it up to look like either Orton or Sheamus.  Sheamus wins, goes on to feud with Orton solo. WINNER: Randy Orton

12. My heart says one thing, my head says another, WWE’s love of screwing things up says a third… I’m gonna go with WINNER: Sheamus

13. Want Jericho to win this one and feels he deserves a title run after being unsuccessful against cm punk a number of times
Winner: Jericho 

14. Sheamus can’t lose it just yet – Winner : Sheamus

15. Great decision by WWE to add Y2J & RKO.  I have a feeling that we get a new champion here and unfortunately I fear it’s Del Rio.  Should be a great match though.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

16. Winner: Chris Jericho

17. Mixing things up quite a bit, you’ve got 4 impact players all throwing down in what I would expect to be the most dramatic match of the night.  This one won’t have the same technical skill as Punk/Bryan, but it will have lots of fun spots and finishers.  I expect this match to eat a good portion of the night up, and as far as Stamina goes, Jericho’s got that in spades. Look for the winner of this match to do something fun at SummerSlam…

WINNER: Chris Jericho

18. Sheamus has looked strong as champion so it will continue. Winner Sheamus

19. As much as I would mark out if Jericho won, I don’t think it will happen. The great Irish annoyance will win. Again. Winner: Sheamus

20. Difficult, butI don’t think Sheamus is getting the reaction they want. Think they might kneejerk it back to… Winner: Orton

22. My guess is Sheamus gets distracted outside the ring with Orton. Winner: Jericho

23. This match could have anyone winning. Sheamus could win this to keep his momentum up, Orton could win this because he is Super Orton, and ADR and Jericho could win this to keep up their heel heat, but the winner has to be Sheamus

Winner Sheamus

24. Probably one of the hardest one to predict. Complete guess right here: Sheamus retains.
Winner: Sheamus

25. The problem with this match is that no single person is really that much of a hotter property than anyone else right now, with the exception of Jericho, who doesn’t need the win. So in terms of predictions, it really could go any way depending on Vince’s mood(s). However, since we have to predict *something*, here is mine:
WINNER: Sheamus

26. You know, the guy who got RKOd just prior to the PPV. Winner: Sheamus

27. Winner: Captain Lightbri….*brogue kick* shaemus retainsWinner: Sheamus

28. Winner: Sheamus

29. I think this is the hardest match to decide here, because I can see Orton or Sheamus winning this. I do however think it’s far too soon to take the belt off Sheamus, and feel he may be the safe bet right now. 

Winner: Sheamus

30. Before it was Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio, I really had no interest in this match. With the addition of Chris Jericho and Randy Orton to the match it really added a interesting dynamic with Sheamus and Randy Orton with Orton teasing a heel turn or a edge to his character once again. Plus the concept of having Jericho in there evens out having two faces in the match. I don’t see Chris Jericho winning the match, Alberto Del Rio is not winning the title anytime soon and I think its too soon to take the title off of Sheamus and putting it on Randy Orton. So i am going with your
Winner: and still WHC Sheamus

31. Orton blah in a who give a crap spectacular…. Winner: Orton

32. Sheamus is better, at least in the short term, to hold this championship. I said toward the beginning of the year that I think it would be better if WWE yanked Cena & Orton out of the title pictures, and they did just that. Not saying Randy couldn’t go forward as champion, same way with Jericho and Del Rio, but Sheamus should stay champ, and feud with Jericho for alittle while over it. Winner: Sheamus

33. Winner: Alberto Del Rio

34. Random pick here. Winner: Sheamus

36. Sheamus has been built up for far too long to lose the title this early. Winner: Sheamus

37. It better not be Randy Orton. I don’t think Del Rio has really earned any HW title match just because he got moved to Smackdown, and as much as I love Jericho, I don’t see it happening for him especially after all the losses to CM Punk.
Winner: Sheamus

40. Well first off, you can scratch Del Rio out of this match. He’s practically had his thumb shoved up his ass for a while and I wonder why he is really in this match. That leaves for a great triple threat match with interference from some dumb fuck. Jericho feels a little odd in this match but his addition will make for greatness anyway. The fact that WWE doesn’t seem to be jumping through hoops to give him a title rules him out. It seems like Orton is going through withdrawals and a likely candidate for the title, but I think we need a little build up before titles change hands. Winner: Sheamus

41. Jericho is on his way out, everyone is over Orton and Del Rio is just making his return. Winner: Sheamus

42. Winner: Randy Orton

43. Winner: Sheamus

44. Winner: Sheamus

45. I think this turns into a mess, with ADR or Jericho sneaking away with one. Winner: Alberto Del Rio

46. Winner: Sheamus

47. We’re going to be setting up for a Orton/Sheamus feud over the summer I hope. I get the feeling there will be a transitional winner here (COUGH ADR COUGH). Don’t want Sheamus or Orton to flip to heel mode right away. BUT, start planting the seeds now and buld until SummerSlam.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

48. I’ve not seen Del Rio before, Orton and Jericho are good but gotta stick with The Great White.
Winner: Sheamus

49. Jericho and Bryan swapping still falls short with me. but since he is in this match I expect Sheamus to retain  overcoming the odds.Winner: Sheamus

51. Best build, should be an entertaining match. As much as I love Sheamus, I just DON’T see him retaining here. Insert train of logic here.

Winner: Del Rio

52. Winner: Orton

53. This will be a hell of a match as well. I’ve been waiting for Christian to return and this match would be the perfect time to do it. Hoping for Sheamus to retain and eventually feud with Christian for the title.
Winner: Sheamus

54. I think this one could really go any way. It’s a difficult one to predict. However, simply because I’m sick of seeing Orton as Champion, Sheamus bores me to death and Jericho’s leaving soon, I’m gonna go with Del Rio.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

55. This is another potential match of the night candidate, and it’s very hard to predict. I’m going to go with Sheamus because he’s still gonna be feuding with Bryan after this I think.
Winner: Sheamus

57. Winner: Sheamus

58. Winner: Orton

59. This one could go any way, every one in the match can be justified as champion. But Sheamus is unstoppable as of late so
Winner: Sheamus

60. Winner: Sheamus

61. The rumor mill is they don’t want Sheamus losing until Summerslam at the least, and Sheamus needs credibility. No better way to do that than to go over three of the best in the WWE.
Winner: Sheamus

62. Winner: Sheamus

63. Winner: Sheamus

64. i think it would be interesting to see a sheamus/jericho feud… Winner: Sheamus

65. Winner: Sheamus

66. Hm… its been too early for Sheamus to drop the belt. Winner: Sheamus

67. Winner: Sheamus

68. Winner: Del Rio


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