Over The Limit Predictions: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan


1. I’m just going with my gut on this one. Winner: CM Punk

2. Punk continues his increasingly woeful title reign by announcing that he’s basically John Cena’s cheerleader. Captivating stuff from Cena Jr. That being said, the WWE loves Cena, so his new little brother will retain.

Winner: CM Cena… Uh, Punk.

3. Match of the Year!  Seriously, I have such high expectations of this match.  No idea if I’ll be able to watch the show Sunday night or if it will be Monday, but no matter what I need to see this match.  I’m expecting some of the greatest wresting WWE has ever seen.  Remember, Punk got a 5 Star,  motherfucking Five STAR, match out of John Cena.  A man not known for his great wrestling skills.  This is Daniel Bryan.  A man who IS known around the world for his skills.  I cant remember the last time I was so excited for the potential of a match.  (Well I can, it was Davey Richards vs Kevin Steen from this past ROH Border Wars, but that’s not the point I was trying to make.)  However, D-Bryan’s skills aside I think Punk has this match.  He needs to be built up as the Best in the World.  Where ever the WWE title is going this year, Punk has to take it there.  It has to be dramatic.  The best has been beaten.  And to have that moment be dramatic Punk needs to build up impressive wins.  This will be among his most impressive.

Side note.  If I were to predict the next WWE champion it will be either Brock after this feud with Triple H.  Or Jericho will win Money in the Bank and cash it in on Punk.  Possibly that night too.

Winner: CM Punk

4.I think this will be one of the best matches. I think that byran has showed that he doesnt need a title to still be important. I think Punk still has the upper hand with the fans and ability.
Winner: Punk

5. If given enough time, this should be match of the night. Because of his popularity and because Punk has had the title since, I think, November, I could see this going to Bryan. Winner: Daniel Bryan

6. Hate to say it(not really), but it’s a filler feud so Punk’ll retain.
Winner: CM Punk

7. While I’m a fan of both, I have to pull for the captain of the #YESYESYES brigade. Winner: Daniel Bryan

8. I will be damned if this isn’t the last match on the card, but WWE hates us. I hope CM Punk remains champion for at least one calendar year, which might ACTUALLY bring legitimacy to the title.  Winner: CM Punk

9. Here’s the thing.  Bryan won’t win the title at Over The Limit.  Why not?  Because I’m going to BE at Over The Limit, and God would never allow me to have being-there-live-for-my-favorite-wrestler’s-first-WWE-Title-win on my Wrestling Fan Resume.  But, I actually think he’ll win the match by DQ or count-out to keep the feud going so he can win the title at next month’s PPV, when I’m not there.  Yes, this is my actual reasoning.  AJ will probably be involved in the finish, ash she did NOT look happy with Punk on Monday.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

10. Match of the night, going to be a 20 to 30 minute roller coaster. Winner: CM Punk

11. Bryan’s over as hell, while Punk isn’t as red-hot with the crowd as he should be right now. I could see a switch, but I don’t think it’ll happen here.  WINNER: CM Punk

12. Will Daniel Bryan win this match? Let’s ask Jim Trott… There’s your answer (and yes (yes yes) we had the repeating thin in Britain years ago!) WINNER: CM Punk

13. Punk to win as I believe Daniel Bryan wouldn’t be a great person for the WWE title
Winner: Punk 

14. Punk will still retain – Winner : CM PUnk

15. Hope this gets the time it deserves.  Even though I love the idea of AJ being involved with Punk in this feud I hope it is a clean finish.

Winner: CM Punk

16. Winner: CM Punk

17. The internet will collectively org—errrrr GO NUTS when this match comes on.  Two of the best technicians in the game fighting it out for the big belt.  Look for AJ to make a difference in the match, just don’t know to which man’s benefit, if either of them at all.


18. This is going to be special with a sh** awkward finish. Winner CM Punk

19. Punk has been champion for months now, and I think it could be Daniel-san’s time to win the proper title. YES. Winner: Daniel Bryan

20. Had weird feeling last night Punk has had the title for a long time…too long for WWE. Based on that, Winner: Daniel Bryan

22. Its been a while since we have seen a ton of title changes, so Im goin thatroute with a Bryan win. Then the next night during the rematch Punk regains. Winner: Bryan

23. This match has only one logical ending with Punk winning. You can’t have Bryan losing the WHC to him winning the WWE title.

Winner CM Punk

24. I can see this going both ways, but I hope Punk wins so that.
Winner: Punk

25. Punk should keep the title, there is no doubt in my mind. He is hot, hot, hot right now (and I don’t mean just in those teeny trunks) and is making money hand over fist. BUT, to give us some sort of feeling that he might not win, AJ is going to do a run-in to help Daniel, which I believe is going to work, but not work well enough to get D-Bry the win. However, it will cement AJ as a heel, and it might get her and Daniel back together.

26. Winner: Punk

27. Winner: CM PUNK

28. Winner: CM Punk

29. This is the match where I think something has to change, Punk has had that belt for awhile now and Bryan has skyrocketed since Mania. WWE didn’t capitalize on that by giving him back the World Title, but maybe they’ll give him a chance to really shine as the WWE Champion. 

Winner: Daniel Bryan

30. Im not blown away but the build for this match there really is no heat going into this match, other then the fact that AJ will probably get involved in some shape or fashion. This is more or less the match that they were hoping would sell the ppv, just based on these two guys having a really good match. It really makes it hard for me to pick Bryan because of AJ involvement and Bryan has been beaten like a drum since Extreme Rules by Sheamus among others. So gotta go with
Winner: Winner and still WWE Champion CM Punk

31. Pulling for Punk here but would not be too upset if DB won. Winner: CM Punk

32.  AJ…… she will interfere in this match. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t cost D-Bryan the match in an epic swerve…… but NOT likely… Winner: Daniel Bryan

33. Winner: CM Punk

34. AJ the wild card here, causing Daniel Bryan to lose when she tries to cheat for him to get revenge on CM Punk. Winner CM Punk

36. Vince does not want Bryan to be a wwe champion,also there’s been no build,so Winner: CM Punk

37. I think WWE is doing a great job of making CM Punk look undefeated, so I think they’ll continue with that for Over the Limit.
Winner: CM Punk

40. The geek match we’ve all really been waiting for is finally to occur. Punk’s rise has been great, as has Bryan’s, but as a first real main event encounter, Punk should bring the rain. Give this feud some time to gain momentum and it will be great! Who isn’t expecting this match to be match of the year anyway? Great match will lead to an even greater feud! If you’re not, fucking get educated! Winner: CM Punk

41. AJ is looking for revenge for Daniel Bryan embarrassing her and it sets up for a rematch at No Way Out. Regardless who wins, I’m looking forward to it being one hell of a match. Winner: CM Punk

42. Winner: Daniel Bryan

43. Winner: Daniel Bryan

44. Winner: CM Punk

45. This will be a classic! Winner: CM Punk

46. Winner: CM Punk

47. I was thrilled when this match was announced. Really I still am. Bryan is one of the best things going in wrestling today. He gets strong reactions pretty much all the time. I don’t think he’ll win here, but damn if these guys won’t put on a good show.

Winner: CM Punk

48. Will never back Bryan. He is a wannabe copy of Sheamus.
Winner: CM Punk

49. In the pre-mature ejaculatory internet dream match Punk and Bryan will steal this show. I see Punk retaining via GTS prompting Dbryan to beg for a submission rematch.Winner: CM Punk

51. I REALLY want an AJ interference in here somewhere, and I’m sure the fans want this too. Despite the not good build for this match, this has the MOST potential. So much so that I don’t know who’ll win or who AJ would help if she does interfere.

Winner?: Screw it. Punk retains.

52. Winner: Punk

53. Regardless of who actually wins this match, the fans are the real winners. This is the match I’m looking forward to the most. I see no reason to take the title from Punk.
Winner: CM Punk

54. I love both of these guys in the ring but I really hope that this can become an actual feud. Therefore I don’t think Bryan should win at the moment. I think Punk will retain so that they can feud and Bryan can hopefully win it at a later date.
Winner: CM Punk

55. A highly anticipated match. Knowing the level of talent these two possess in the ring this should be match of the night, but since this is just a filler feud, I don’t see the title changing hands.
Winner: CM Punk

57. Winner: Punk

58. Winner: Punk

59. This one’s gonna be match of the night for sure, and it’s gonna be a classic. Now, I LOVE Bryan and would love to see him win, but knowing WWE that won’t happen.
Winner: CM Punk

60. Winner: Bryan

61. I predict that AJ is going to get involved and fully turn heel by assisting Daniel Bryan despite the fact he wants nothing to do with her and after Punk’s comments on RAW. Hard to tell this soon but seeing as Punk has had a long reign I think Daniel Bryan might actually walk out with the belt with the rubber match being at the next Pay-Per-View.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

62. Winner: CM Punk

63. Winner: CM Punk

64. Punk, still has the momentum, plus-it feeds the vegan wonders crybaby act Winner: CM Punk

65. Winner: CM Punk

66. CM Punk, because they are NOT going to give D-Bry the title that easily. Winner: CM Punk

67. Winner: Punk

68. Winner: CM Punk


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