Over The Limit Prediction Numbers and Rules

Welcome back to another month, and welcome to all of the newcomers (10 of you this time!). Here’s how it works so you have an idea of what’s going on:

– For each match you either get the point for being correct on winner outcome, or get nothing for being wrong. Those with the highest scores, in the even that more than one person scored the same, moves on to the tie-breakers.

– We move on to tie-breaker 1. If only ONE person gets tie-breaker 1 correct then that is it. We do not move on to tie-breaker 2. Tie-breaker 2 is only used in the event that more than one person ties in the first tie-breaker. This time the Four way match is the first tie-breaker, the tag match is the second.

– To screw up all of the tie-breakers enters your Champion, @tolkienite. Even if he ties for highest score, as champion, he keeps the title and is the winner. He only loses his title in the event that he does not have the highest score.

– The winner this time not only gets their own JPEG championship title, but this time @THECHRISPARROT decided he would be wonderfully awesome and make an entrance theme for the winner. IF in the event that CP is the undisputed champion, I will buy him a @BShopWindow shirt as a prize.

– During the matches I will be using your numbers you were given when I announced your entrance as a way to keep track of your score (don’t worry, the numbers are listed again below). After matches you will see me post numbers followed by something that might look like this: 2/3 meaning you’ve guessed 2 out of 3 matches correct so far.

Good luck everyone!


  1. @SolaceWinter

  2. @TheSupremeForce

  3. @Team_Hellions

  1. @Right2PlayGod

  2. @StephiOC815

  1. @TheJurn

  2. @JayTheBrainMann

  1. @Glenntertain

  2. @BizarroDoom

  1. @BrooklynBrawla

  2. @OWA_Sephiroth

  1. @MarkBilly

  2. @badman410

  1. @ZackZiggler

  2. @drustuart

  1. @RegalSays

  2. @WWEThatsNotPG

  1. @AIRFAHMI437

  2. @JoeBewick

  1. @ValkyrieSmudge

  2. @Shawndecker

  1. @Jbibbsy

  2. @WrestlingNoob

  1. @NickMenger93

  2. @WWECapshuns

  1. @WWFE_Nostalgia

  2. @tolkienite

  1. @Team_Cole

  2. @Paradise_Lost12

  3. @BradWardLive

  4. @Vadersault

  1. @MasterSolace

  2. @RayLott2

  3. @WizardOfOddity

  1. @RuthlessRyan84

  1. @MrsZigglesworth

  2. @FightDynamite

  3. @Kristoffrable

  4. @Melodelish4286

  5. @WrestleDena

  6. @allnewtpir

  7. @ZachDonegan


  9. @bradshawireland

  10. @TomQWood

  11. @wvawser

  12. @karnuj

  13. @PockySlice

  14. @garrett_22884

  15. @RatedRPeep

  16. @DontMentionLove

  17. @barrettunga

  18. @fritobandit

  19. @Ndepoix

  20. @EliEisBotch

  21. @KingOfMadProps

  22. @RealJasonRivera

  23. @Tanner1495

  24. @Rotten2tha_core

  25. @evilkarebear

  26. @thagr8short1

  27. @WestersaurusNXT

  28. @WWEDashing

  29. @OTRR_Blogspot


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