Top 4 of NXT 5/16/12

There is a rant at the end of this blog, but first for the positivity! Sort of.

4. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins

Tonight, for seemingly no reason at ALL, Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins were scheduled to fight… The Great Khali and Ezekiel Jackson. Look, I try not to hate on someone too much, but Khali and Jackson don’t have it in the ring. They don’t have it on the mic. They. Don’t. Have it! Doesn’t mean they aren’t nice guys, but that doesn’t matter to me when I have to watch a match. So they put these two against Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins, who can wrestle circles around most people in the company and instead have to be champs and sell being beaten by Khali and Jackson. I guess I get to forgo any plot (that seems to be forgotten because our security staff is suddenly back in the ring and Regal has nothing to say about it) for this. Yay…?





3. Johnny Curtis vs. Percy Watson

I almost put this at number four, just for the fact that neither man seemed to want to be there. They did a good job, they wrestled a good match, but Reks and Hawkins put on more of a show while Curtis and Watson seemed to go through the motions. However, this was still a solid match between two talented men that flowed well and lasted about the amount of time it should have.

2. Kaitlyn vs. Maxine

We’ve seen it before. We’ll see it again. However, Maxine and Kaitlyn keep improving in the ring. Maxine comes out in a new outfit, which received mixed reviews. She’s hot, and bronzed, and just beautiful, but it’s not that sultry Maxine we’ve all come to love. I am wondering if this is her new gear for when she becomes a diva on Raw and Smackdown, which sadly would be a step down. Though after this episode…









1. DERRICK BATEMAN vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillicutty

This match was incredible. I’m not just saying that because Bateman was in it, though watching him wrestle always helps my mood. Kidd, Bateman, and McGillicutty put on a spectacle that is again worthy of a pay-per-view match and instead is the match no one will see. Granted, Kidd’s matches are usually the best ones on NXT anyway, but Bateman and McGillicutty had a big reason for it this time. Kidd and Bateman team up, then turn against each other, and once Bateman is out of the ring he just can’t catch a break and get back into the ring for a good while. McGillicutty, Kidd, and Bateman tell a story in the ring, and someone needed to as it definitely was not the WWE this week. If you watch anything from NXT this week, let it be this show.

Now, for the ranting portion of Solace’s blog. Where the Hell was the plot? I keep getting told on twitter and face book and anywhere else I have complained that, “They’ll just pick it back up when they move. I heard it from such-and-such source.” Yeah, and those sites are always reliable, aren’t they? No, this is a big slap in the face from WWE. There are a few tapings left and we don’t get any form of plot. Reks and Hawkins’ storyline is forgotten. Bateman’s knee injury, forgotten. Everything is just a matter of good matches on this show. People do not watch NXT for just the wrestling. The reason NXT gained an audience again when all was lost for awhile was because there was suddenly a plot. Sure, it’s a soap opera-esque plot and has crazy storylines, but guess what, Raw does the same thing, or did once, and it’s what everyone kept claiming they once loved.

But I’m not the only one who complained. Here are some quotes from forums:

“What the fuck happend to NXT?”

“The person booking this week ought to be shot. Fuck this shit.”

“Seriously though, watching NXT yesterday made me a sad panda. All the wonderful storylines and character development, flushed down the drain for something likely to be less. It’s an upgrade for FCW, but a huge loss for current WWE low-card talent and NXT fans.”

“Khali and Zeke beat Hawkins and Reks? Is like Vince is saying Fuck You to the tag team division.”

“No backstage segments, Khali being horrible all over Hawkins and Reks… Let’s hope tommorow’s tapings for the new show are promising.”

“ Latest show was a huge disappointment. I know it was the ‘last NXT’ but wrapping up storylines? Nah. We’ll just have Hawkins and Reks job to Zeke and Khali, two people who are never on the show and we won’t have any angles, any segments, any mic time, any Striker.”

And a few more. And by a few I mean a lot. So what are your thoughts on this latest (and possibly last?) NXT?


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  1. Wow, this episode of NXT was all over the place and not where it SHOULD have been. Where were the storylines? Why were Hawkins and Reks allowed back? Most importantly, WHERE THE HECK WAS STRIKER??!! All these questions need to be addressed pronto to keep loyal NXT fans from leaving.

  2. While I truly did enjoy the wrestling, everyone is correct, NXT is NOT just about the wrestling. I realize they are getting ready to do MAJOR changes to the show, but really? Just drop EVERY storyline and ALL the backstage skits? ALL of them? In one week???? NOT cool, people. Not cool.

    Also, I cannot understand why Khali and Zeke were on the show. It was very strange. We SORT OF know why Reks and Hawkins were there — Acehole brought them back with a very flimsy excuse, and then all storylines were apparently dropped on top of that — but THE GREAT KHALI? HUH? The best part of them being there, and I am using the term “best” as sarcastically as it has ever been used, was the very dumb dancing at the end. It was “Are You Serious” worthy, for sure.

    What is up with Dirty Curty? He has his character SO down pat and he does a great job in the backstage skits, but when he gets out in the ring, it’s like, “Ho hum, wrestling AGAIN?” And he is actually pretty damned good, which is why I don’t get it. Maybe he is just tired of wrestling and would prefer acting? He absolutely could do it as long as he could play certain roles. Percy brought a lot more energy to the table, but there is only so much one person can do to make a match good when the other guy is phoning it in.

    The divas match: I basically never get tired of watching Maxine and Kaitlyn wrestle each other. These two could wrestle every week on any of the shows, as long as they got at least six minutes, and I would watch them. I dread the day these girls end up on the “big shows” where they will be given two minutes or less to do a match. They are SO GOOD, and they deserve more than two minutes. Remember the one match that was so short Kelly Kelly couldn’t even finish her promo about the PPV match? Yeah. The good news is, if WWE doesn’t want Kaitlyn and Maxine, they could both literally go anywhere else in the world that paid decent money, and work there without a problem, Maxine in particular. Girls, if they start messing you over, just LEAVE, like Gail Kim. Go somewhere you are appreciated! I’m shocked that Natalya hasn’t already done that. What a coup it would be for ROH or TNA to have a Hart family member. But I digress. LOL

    Finally, while I loved the main event, and I truly do like Derrick Bateman, the way it was booked made him look like a piker compared to Tyson and McGillicutty. He kept getting thrown out before he could mount a good offense of any kind. Then at the end, when he finally DID get in the ring and go properly, his relative inexperience showed too much. I felt like the three tried, but failed, to showcase Derrick in a new and challenging situation. Derrick has the potential to be very good, but both Tyson and Hennig are already on a level above him, AND they have wrestled PPV-quality matches together many times on Superstars and NXT. Derrick really didn’t have a chance, which is a shame, because I think in the right situation with the right partners, he would have come off looking better.

    • On the Derrick thing I will disagree completely, and not because I adore Derrick. Derrick provided the comedy in this match and it was well choreographed timing to keep him out of the ring and show his growing frustration. When he was in the ring he kept up easily with McGillicutty and Kidd and while he was still the most underpolished in the ring of these three guys I don’t think it showed in any way he didn’t belong there. I think it showed off a different wrestling style and a different passion, and Derrick has the same amount of passion. But that’s my opinion, C’est La Vie!

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