Reviewing ‘The Lucky One’ by Nicholas Sparks


As Sparks writes more and more novels the romantic characters begin to feel a little flat while the revolving story/tragedy around them comes to the foreground. This is not bad as a story to push the romance back, except let’s face it, these novels are about the romance. As the characters moved through the book I had the same feeling about them in the end that I had in the beginning. The ending actually only irritated me more, but I will not give that away here.

I will, however, give away one spoiler from the book that was actually a glaring plot hole that somehow was never caught?

“And before I knew it, the invasion had started. I finally got around to sending it, but the letter was eventually returned to me unopened. Drake died in the first week of the invasion.”

If you do not have a basic idea of the story this might mean nothing to you, but when you get to this point in the novel, perhaps a little over halfway through, this is an outrage. Suddenly there are other questions and none of them get answered because it never occurs to our female protagonist that this would be impossible.

To explain the spoiler a bit: Logan has a picture of Beth that he found. The statement is her explaining sending the picture out, and then eventually getting back the letter (with the picture in it) returned in the mail. Impossible.

Great story with a lot of iffy situations, especially considering Logan’s time as a Marine. The accidents, his good luck, all seems to come with a little too much glossing.

Sadly, this novel left me wanting. It was predictable and a little flat, and still it was an excellent story. I just wish the story had been fleshed out more and the characters had grown, at least a little. Logan’s growing happened before he came to Hampton and Beth never really seems to grow up.

Reasons to Read:

– It is by Nicholas Sparks

– Interesting story

– Ben and Nana are cute and hilarious

– It still has that spark of Sparks

Reasons not to Read:

– Nothing terribly new

– Huge plot hole

– Clayton, Beth’s ex-husband, makes you question how likeable Beth really is



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