Reviewing Sundays at Tiffany’s by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet


Let me get this out of the way. I hate novels that are written in first person but switch to third person for certain chapters. The entire book should have been written in third person then. The first person was not necessary. It just makes me think the writer’s were too lazy to turn around and change the formatting of it, and it’s a shame to say that of Patterson.

The novel is about a woman who used to have an imaginary friend as a little girl. As an adult she meets him again, this time as a real person. I was expecting perhaps it was a soul mate thing, that as a child she knew who her soul mate would be. Nope. Angel. It’s figured out pretty quickly. In fact, everything in this novel moves fairly quickly, which is common of Patterson.

This novel moves too quickly though. Characters are flat and two dimensional and never really have too much depth to them. The ending was rushed. And contrived. Oh, I actually hated the ending, but I think there was no way at all for me to like the ending of this novel because either it was going to be terribly predictable, or be terribly predictable. The direction they chose was terribly predictable and seemed implausible. Without any development it just seemed like a reach.

Patterson and Charbonnet relied too much on telling us what characters were like and when they decided to show an emotion it was always extreme. Jane was always extremely passive, Vivienne was extremely self-centered, Hugh was extremely short-tempered, Michael was extremely soft-hearted. There was very little fluctuation. Or point.

You would think I would have given this less stars the way I am ranting, however the novel was still a good flow. I read it quickly and did not feel bored to tears, but the moments I’m ranting about keep me from being able to say it was a great novel. I found myself at halfway through thinking how angry I would have been if I had paid for this hardcover novel instead of receiving it for free.

Reasons to Read:

– Quick Flow

– It’s Patterson

– What could be a touching story

Reasons Not to Read:

– No dimension to the characters

– Very Predictable

– Flat story

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