My Smackdown Live Experience for May 1, 2012


Hey, what a surprise, NXT was my favorite part of the night.

We started off standing in line to get into the Huntington Center and in front of us someone referred to Lord Tensai as, “that Chinese guy.” I had to hold my breath and count to 10 or else I was going to jump on him and pummel him into oblivion. Behind us a woman called Chris Jericho gay, which meant it was Chris’s turn to hold his breath and count to 10.

We were a bit more leisurely walking around Huntington Center as they let people in an hour before hand and the lines moved relatively quickly. Of course, when we have time, there were no Ziggler shirts available to buy. We did buy a program for $10. No Derrick in it and it still had Jack Korpela in it. I love Jack, but perhaps this program needs some updating?

The dark match: Ezekiel Jackson against… Dean Ambrose again! This one really was more of the Dean Ambrose Show. Ambrose talked ahead of time, was booed like crazy, and then won the match. Kids whined. This was a worse crowd than the night before. Let me tell you about the people in front of me before I go on to the show.

A mom and dad brought their two sons and their two friends along to enjoy Smackdown. We were on the second floor (which were actually great seats since it was a small arena). The balcony has just a metal barrier that is easily climbable and the metal “ledge” was about the width of six inches. It’s not a lot to keep someone from climbing right over, and those kids were leaning all over it and around. The mom and dad once each told the kids not to lean on it, but they didn’t listen. Dad got on his phone and never got off of it through the whole show and Mom just didn’t give a crap. So I was yelling at the kids most of the time and whenever someone got up there wasn’t a security guy in sight. Yeah, I was doing anything I could to ignore the Hell out of those kids.

The first thing taped at Smackdown is NXT, likely so they can get the yellow ropes out of the way. Imagine my excitement when Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins walked in and took their seats at ringside. I immediately got on my phone and sent Reks a direct message on twitter, because I had to tell someone he was there, and I’m not about spoilers on my timeline. I said, “I see you!” in my excitement.

Regal acknowledged them first thing before NXT really was rolling by staring them down with that smug look he does so well. Unfortunately you only see the tail end of it on NXT. Actually, NXT minimized Reks and Hawkins being in the audience, which was a shame. Reks and Hawkins were very interactive with the fans, talking to those around them, holding up their signs, and even getting a “Regal Sucks” chant started. Let me explain why that in itself was amazing. Toledo was all about faces. Every time a face walked out the screams were deliriously loud, and the crowd screamed just as loudly when Regal came out before NXT started. So when Reks and Hawkins had the crowd shouting, “Regal Sucks!” it was quite the feat.

At one point Reks and Hawkins held up their tickets for Matt Striker to see when he went over and interacted with them.

Reks was on his phone at one lull during what would be a commercial break and Chris pointed out, “Reks is texting someone.” Wasn’t I excited when my phone buzzed a moment after Reks put his phone down.

Now, all of this with Reks and Hawkins that was going on, besides the end where Regal throws them out of the arena, never made it to air. That’s a shame, because Reks and Hawkins might have been the most exciting part of the show, and I love most of the men on NXT. NXT was not a boring show, but the fact that Reks and Hawkins were in the audience actually gave the audience a sort of buzz, a contact high of greatness because this should have been shown throughout the entire show. Clips of them should have made it on. Their show of support for their fellow athletes as they applauded the wins. They were nothing but entertaining and NXT only showed one part, and that was them being thrown out? Who was thinking what there? They had an excellent storyline, an excellent shot, and excellent athletes and decided it would be in the background. When I mentioned Reks and Hawkins were there as we watched NXT the next night I was asked no less than 5 times where they were. No one saw them until the ending segment unless they knew to look.

I would like to point out that JTG also had a loud pop. Crazy loud. The kids loved him, and I was screaming with the kids. I’ve always liked JTG and he’s a great wrestler. I believe this is the first time we had the chance to see JTG wrestle at any of the shows. He had been at a few of the other Smackdown tapings, but we didn’t get to see him wrestle.

Not the first time we were able to see Kidd wrestle, though, and that’s as exciting as it is every other time.

But where the Hell was Derrick on NXT?

After NXT was over I already knew the rest of the show was going to go down hill. I mean, what was going to top Reks and Hawkins for me? And Kidd? Unless Derrick made it to Smackdown?? That might top it!

Superstars as a taping of Khali and Jinder Mahal where the crowd proved they lacked in intelligence. As the match was going on not once, but twice a “USA” chant was started. I was beginning to get embarrassed to be a part of this crowd! Khali was another those little kids were screaming for non stop.

Time for Smackdown! And since I’ve been asked a few times, no, Lilian did not have any shoe malfunctions and never tripped. Loved her zebra print dress.

The first match of Smackdown ended in a disqualification. The second match of Smackdown, which was Brodus Clay against Jack Swagger, also ended in a disqualification in almost the same way. Later during the show Swagger and Ziggler came out demanding a rematch and this time the ending was Swagger walking out on Clay and refusing to continue the match, which will likely be the ending that makes it to television instead of having two disqualifications in a row.

I don’t get why Clay has children in the ring with him to dance. They don’t look happy, they look freaked out. Or like they have no idea what they are doing in the ring.

To my mixed excitement, suddenly Derrick Bateman came out. YA- shit, this means it’s going to be bad, doesn’t it? At first I thought they were going to feed him to Damien Sandow, which I might have been more pissed about than what it ended up being. After a speech from Sandow it ended up being Ryback. I like Ryback, but Derrick deserved better than a squash match. Now I know why he was barely on NXT, and sacrificing a good match on NXT, or plot, or whatever they likely would have done with him, instead he was thrown to Ryback. Again, I like Ryback, I don’t like his matches and I don’t like they fed Derrick to him. My mood just kept tumbling.

The main event: pretty much another rematch from the beginning of the show. They fit in a re-record, ran a bit over, and still it was probably the shortest taping I would say of Smackdown I’ve seen.

The after dark match was Randy Orton against Kane. This was entertaining in that these two men seem to have a bit more fun with doing things when the camera is off of them. Sure, they were still in character, but they looked less stiff against one another.

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  1. #SaveReksAndHawkins -Must Trend.

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