Extreme Rules: Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan Predictions


Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan

1. I think there is more to be done with Bryan if he’s not the winner. His anger is what is driving the character now, anger and ego. Winner: Sheamus

2. Sheamus needs a much longer reign than he’s had thus far. Otherwise, his yearlong push was pointless. Bryan needs to go do something else. Winner: Sheamus

3. 2/3 Falls match.  Which almost always goes all three falls.  Assuming such, we need to figure both men will get pins but who will be the one to get the final one?  Daniel doesn’t need a title to get over any more.  In fact he’s more enjoyable without it.  But Sheamus still isn’t the star that WWE wants him to be.  He needs to get a few wins in a row to look like the new leader in WWE.  Winner: Sheamus.

4. The crowd loves Bryan regardless of a title. Winner: Sheamus

5. Don’t know how this will go but I’m hoping this last longer than the last one. I think Sheamus will take Falls 1 and 3 while Bryan will get the middle one. Winner: Sheamus

6. Sheamus’ll win, but at least it’ll be a worthwhile match this time.

Winner: Sheamus

7. First, I hope it doesn’t go under 18 seconds. 😛 I predict D-Bry will lose in some screwy way, making C-Town pissed. Winner: Sheamus

8. Yo dawg I want mah boy D-Bry to win this sh** (He in mah fave five) but I think they gonna try and kill da buzz around da man who lost his title at WRASSLEMANIA. Sheamus (who also in mah fave five) is gonna win, but mah boy is not holdin’ the title for very long.
Winner: Sheamus

9. I would LOVE for Daniel Bryan to win the World Title back.  And he will.  But, not here.  The stipulation favors him and he’s been SO confident that he’s going to win.  Over-confident heel = losing heel.  Winner: Sheamus.

10. If the WWE was smart, they’d put the belt back on Bryan. This looks like an opportunity to give a big fk you to the fans. Winner: Sheamus

11. Either Sheamus wins this cleanly, or AJ helps D-Bry regain the title.  I guess the latter.  WINNER: Bryan

12. Winner: Sheamus

13. Hate to say it but think sheamus will win as I can’t see him losing after he didn’t tap out to the Yes lock on RAW! Also think Bryan will say yes 8 times YES!  Winner: Sheamus

14. We’ll stick with Sheamus, cuz people love him, and Bryan doesn’t need a belt as long as he has YES!! Winner: Sheamus

15. I think if Bryan wasn’t getting such good reactions this would be a foregone conclusion.  However I think they may now be having second thoughts about Sheamus.  Therefore I’ll go with Bryan to win though it is just as likely that they make Sheamus win 2-0 in about a minute!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

16. Winner: Sheamus

17. Sheamus has had a bland title run so far, because the most compelling character is his opponent, Daniel Bryan, and DB’s ex(?!) AJ.  They could have given the belt to anyone, and it still wouldn’t be what we need to make me care about anyone other than Bryan in this feud.  However, someone needs to come to AJ’s rescue (watch for a run in), and get the belt focus off Bryan for right now.  Sheamus deserves a little more spotlight than this.
WINNER: Sheamus

18. Winner: Sheamus

19. *sigh*. Daniel-san ain’t gonna win this. Sheamus wins 2-1, with Bryan cheating to get a fall. Winner: Sheamus

20. Sheamy is going to win. Don’t think they were even going to give DBD a rematch initially until Yesamania. Winner: Sheamus

21. Bryan. Post-WM he has reached the zenith of his powers. Sheamus is an invisible champion, and right now everyone but Punk is an invisible champion. Look for Bryan to get pinned in under 30 seconds in the first fall, though! Winner: Daniel Bryan

23. Just like Rhodes/Show, this is something that is happening. But unlike Rhodes/Show, this entertaining. With Bryan wanting revenge from him losing in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania and Sheamus proving he is better than Bryan, anyone could win this so…
Fall 1: Sheamus
Fall 2: Bryan
Fall 3: Sheamus
Winner: Sheamus

24. Bryan will win a fall, then Sheamus will brogue kick him, and then sheamus will win the last fall.

Winner: Sheamus

26. By 2 falls to 1, because DBD fans of old and new are not pissed off enough yet. Winner: Sheamus

27. Winner: Sheamus

28. Sheamus in 18 seconds managed to win the world title back at Mania… (sad face here) He’s only held the title about a month so I see him winning here possibly 2 straight falls.
Winner : Sheamus

29. As much as I’m a fan of Sheamus, Bryan is insanely over right now and they should try to capitalize on it by giving Bryan the title. I don’t see that happening though, and I think we’ll see Sheamus hold the belt through the summer. Winner: Sheamus

30. Winner: Sheamus

31. Anyways, I see them doing a 10 min match where Daniel Bryan gets the first fall.

For the second fall I see Sheamus hitting a Brogue kick for the second fall. The third fall I see Bryan going for a Brogue kick of his own. He will miss and Sheamus will counter with a Brogue Kick.
Winner: Sheamus

32. Daniel Bryan for the win. Should not have lost at WM. Crowd in Chicago will be SUPER hot for this one and Sheamus will hear about it.Winner: Daniel Bryan

34. Winner: Sheamus

36. NO! Winner: Sheamus

37. Winner: Sheamus

38. He needs to develop as the face of Smackdown, and Daniel Bryan is more over after WM than expected. Winner: Sheamus

39. Sheamus wins via interference by AJ, playing up her emotional volatility and portraying her as the crazy ex-girlfriend. 

Winner: Sheamus 

40. Not much to say. I can’t see Sheamus dropping the title quite right now.

**Winner: Sheamus

41. I thought about making this blurb last 18 seconds, but I think that’s overused. Or is it? This is the match that was taken away from wrestling fans, and this time with a 2 out of 3 falls match, you’re guaranteed at least 15 minutes, hopefully. Amid a barrage of yeses, kicks to faces, boots to…no wait, not those. How’s that championship title run going there Rock? Oh wait…did that hit below the belt? This match is practically guaranteed to be good. Casting it as a 2 out of 3 falls match would seem to serve Bryan better, considering his fighting style. With that said, It’s not Sheamus’ time to give up the championship yet. Which then suddenly breaks into a who’s really Irish match against John Cena, where he is decimated. Yeah I know I’m grasping at straws, but green is my favorite color. Winner: “The Real Irish Guy” Sheamus…

42. Bryan is doing an amazing job as a heel and as much as I’d like to see him take the title back, Sheamus has just started his run and I don’t think it’s time for him to lose just yet. Winner: Sheamus

44. Winner: Daniel Bryan

46. Winner: Sheamus

47. I think they wise up and Bryan wins in questionable fashion. Winner: Bryan

48. Winner: Sheamus

50. To say the least, so far it’s been a pretty uninspiring run by Sheamus. Especially compared with how over Daniel Bryan is right now. Sheamus has been a victim of booking here, as Bryan getting screwed over is the storyline over Sheamus rising to the top. I think they end the feud here for now, but Sheamus needs to step up his game.
Winner: Sheamus

51. I find Bryan annoying and just love The Great White.

Winner: Sheamus

52. 2 out of 3 falls I see bryan coming to the ring with king bookers broom, falls go bryan sheamus Bryan. Winner: Daniel Bryan

53.  Daniel Bryan should win so that A J can begin to stalk him with challengers who she represents somehow, but that’s too much logic for WWE. So Sheamus for the win. Winner: Daniel Bryan

54. Daniel is completely over with the crowd. The title coming off of him is what set it off. On the reverse side, Sheamus is still over, but not as much as Daniel. Keeping the title away from Daniel while giving the pair a much better match than WM could get both of them up there.

Winner: Sheamus

55. Winner: Daniel Bryan

56. Daniel Bryan is over no matter what. I’m think Daniel will get the first fall and Sheamus gets 2 and 3. Winner: Sheamus

57. Sheamus is being given quite a push at the moment so I think it’s too soon for him to lose the title, plus Daniel Bryan is the most over guy right now, with or without it.
Winner: Sheamus

58. I’ve got Sheamus winning this one. I don’t see him losing the title just yet. If it’s 18 seconds again though, I’ll flip my sh**. Winner: Sheamus

59. because he is already in his next feud with ADR.Winner: Sheamus

60. Winner: Sheamus

61. Unfortunately Sheamus. Very early into his run as champ so I can’t see him losing this. Winner :Sheamus


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