Extreme Rules: Santino vs. The Miz Predictions


Santino Marella vs. The Miz

1. Since this was thrown together, and they are using Miz horribly lately Winner: Santino

2. Let’s give it to the Miz in a desperate “shock” attempt to get people to buy the ppv. Also, Santino should be on Smackdown anyway. Winner: The Miz

3. To air live on YouTube and thus the “dark match” still counts for this show’s picks.  The Miz struggled to get on the WrestleMania card.  He was last seen on Superstars.  Meanwhile Santino is crazy over and no one expected him to hold on to the US title this long.  Miz is going to get over confident, treat Santino as a joke and Santino will rally back.  He will however, lose the title to David Otunga soon.  Winner: Santino

4. hes awesome and really over right now Winner: Santino

5. My, how far Miz has fallen. At least it’s a title shot but too bad he won’t win. Winner: Santino

6. Santino. Miz winning wouldn’t be logical at all.

Winner: Santino Marella

7. You know, Miz isn’t doing well. Also, who wants to win the US belt after being WWE champ? Win: ‘Tino

8. I enjoy Santino, and I enjoy the Miz on the mic, which not a lot of people can say. I think they give the win to Miz, because he never really received the push he may or may not have earned by winning at Wrestlemania.
Winner: Miz.

9. The Miz’s losing streak is done.  It looks like WWE is going to go with Santino and Brodus as a tag team.  And this is the first preshow on YouTube, so they’ll want it to feel important so that people will watch future YouTube preshows.  So, that leads to one thing: new champion.  Winner: The Miz.

10. I was going to go with Santino, but I feel a swerve. Winner: Miz

11. It’s on the pre-show, and it wasn’t built up…so I’m gonna guess Santino defends here.  WINNER: Santino

12. Winner: Santino

13. Miz to win US champ back because he deserves it! Winner: The Miz

14. Gonna go out on a limb here, and say Miz, because if you missed watching it on YouTube you missed something great. WWE’s way of getting more traffic to the YouTube Page. Winner: The Miz

15. No feud, in fact no interaction between the two since WM.  Makes complete sense then that they will put the title on Miz.

Winner: Miz

16. Winner: Santino

17. Santino’s stock is on the rise, and as I like the fact that we have at least one good comedy wrestler on the show, I don’t mind Santino winning.  However, Miz is too darn good to be doing this sorta job.  I’m thinking that Miz wins this, and starts the rise again (just like he did the first time he won the belt).
WINNER: The Miz!

18. Winner: Santino

19. As much as it bitterly pains me to admit it, at Extreme Rules, #santinowins. Winner: Santino Marella

20. Santino, just because a title change offscreen would be stupid (which is why it may well happen, but still) Winner: Santino

21. The Miz. Because he needs the belt again to get going, and all Santino needs is the deadly Cobra! Winner: The Miz

23. This match will be the preshow, which is pretty sad because this match could be good. So with no build up, Santino will keep up his momentum and defeat Miz.
Winner: Santino

24. Santino. I honestly don’t see a reason for Miz to win at all. Winner: Santino Marella

26.  Because Miz is a cancer. Maybe that’s why he fake tans himself to look like he’s undergoing chemotherapy. Screw you, Mizanin. Winner: Santino

27. Winner: Santino

28. As much as I love Santino I think The Miz could benefit more from winning this match because he needs some sort of momentum at the moment.
Winner : The Miz

29. Miz hasn’t been prominent at all on television recently, despite getting the fall in the Wrestlemania tag match. I think this could be what Miz needs to get back into the mix of things, not to mention I really want Santino and Brodus to resume the team that was forming there. Winner: The Miz

30. Winner: Santino

31. I think Miz wins this one as Santino and Ryder are slated for a tag title run.
Winner: The Miz

32. Santino all day long. No reason to take the title off him. Especially to give it to Miz! Only alternative is the “Cobro” tag team of Zack Ryder and Santino. Maybe they do take the belt off him? On a side note….. Tag team division is awful! I miss the late 80’s early 90’s era. It was much more exciting. Winner: Santino

34. Winner: Santino

36. Miz didn’t catch R-Truth. Winner: Santino

37. Winner: Santino

38. Because I think he needs some momentum lately after getting lost withing the storylines. Winner: The Miz

39. As much as I completely despise The Miz and wish he would disappear, he did win for Team Johnny at Mania. I don’t see why they would include this match at all if not for the belt to change hands. 

Winner: Miz

40. Putting this as a “free” preshow match” can basically be translated to WWE saying “We Don’t care enough about you or the title, to put you on the PPV” to Santino. Let’s play real or not real. Santino is nothing more than a comedy act. Real. He is a wrestler who has resorted to using a puppet- yes, a puppet- to get a reaction from a crowd. Also real. He’s holding a championship. Sadly, also real. Santino is over. He can’t go anywhere. Miz still has a long career in front of him. We haven’t seen much of him, and this would be the perfect opportunity to give him a little push. A Little love tap 🙂 ❤ So, why not have him win? Because, it’s an online, preshow match, and what good would that do? Nothing! If they wanted to have him win, they would put it on the PPV card. Wheras putting Santino on the card only to book him to win would be a slot gone that could be consumed by something far more entertaining. End rant.

Winner: Santino

41. Since Santino has won the U.S. championship the title hasn’t become the mockery that I thought it would. I still don’t like him as champion, but I don’t think he’ll lose it here either. This match seemed to just be thrown together as quickly as possible, and it’s pretty sad when a title match is pre-show bullsh** for what could be something slightly better than mid-card. By way of an accidental celebrating trumpet dance thing that accidentally hits Miz in the and becomes Santino’s new finisher. Winner: Santino,

42. The Miz has fallen way off the radar and I don’t think winning the US Championship would give him a boost, he needs an image change. Winner: Santino

44. Winner: Santino

46. Winner: Santino

47. Santino wins! because this loss has to be where Miz’s push begins. Winner: Santino

48. Winner: Santino

50. I think the WWE starts this off with a big. Like Team Rosa winning the tag titles at a live event. Miz winning here would give quite a bit of wow factor for YouTube matches. Plus I want to see Santino and Brodus have the tag titles.
Winner: Miz

51. The Green Glove will make a successful appearance…..again.

Winner: Santino Marella

52. Team cobra vs Team Awesome due to the rules of reverse momentum i see Miz winning this match. no real build to it just a filler for the freebie, why is it not ziggler or swagger but miz? because miz won at wrestlemania for team Johnny. Winner: The Miz

53. Because if Miz is back in good graces, he’ll be involved in something a little bigger. Winner: Santino

54. This one’s a toughy, and it’s only the first one. I’m gonna go with Santino. He’s gotten pretty over with the crowd lately and Miz has just been kinda there. I don’t even remember the last time he was on tv.

Winner: Santino

55. I’m voting for Santino due to Miz’s recent demotion. Winner: Santino

56. Going with Santino. Don’t see them changing the title during a pre-show match online and Miz hasn’t been winning jack anyway. Winner: Santino

57. I like Santino as champ but I think Miz may win and get himself on Big Johnny’s side since he got the pin for his team at WrestleMania.
Winner: Miz

58. I don’t really see Santino losing the title right now, especially on a pre-show match. Miz doesn’t have any reason to win anyway since WWE aren’t doing anything with him right now.Winner: Santino

59. Winner will be santino just so the WWE can piss of its fansWinner: Santino

60. Winner: Santino

61. Santino. Miz is nowhere at the moment and I doubt the title will change hands off of tv.
Winner : Santino


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