Extreme Rules: Randy Orton vs. Kane Predictions


Randy Orton vs. Kane

1. I love Orton. I love Kane. I do not enjoy this feud. Both would do better against other opponents. The feud won’t end here. Winner: Randy Orton

2. They threw Paul Bearer into a freezer. Everyone loses this feud. Winner: Randy Orton

3. Ugh, I so don’t care.  This story is doing absolutely nothing for me, or for either wrestler.  What the hell is the stip?  Falls Count Anywhere.  My biggest hope is that its all over after this.  I know I shouldn’t assume future stories or where people are going, because wrestling doesn’t always make sense.  I’m going to guess Randy Orton.  Brock beats Cena and moves on to another person he wants to destroy.  That person will be Randy Orton, and thus he needs to win here and look strong going into that feud.  Winner:  Randy Orton.

4. is it just me or does no one else realize that kane is still the crazy big red machine? Orton does not need to win to look good… Kane does Winner: Kane

5. THIS is your potty break. Orton gets his win back from WM. Winner: Orton

6. Seeing as I’ve got a lot of faces winning and I’m not quite certain with this one, I’ll go with Kane.

Winner: Kane

7. This feud’s still going on?! Anyways, I predict Orton will win because he always wins his feuds eventually. Winner: Randy Orton

8. They’re doing a good job with this entire feud, bringing in Cowboy Bob Orton and Paul Bearer, and because of that, I think they’re going to stretch this angle for 1 more PPV, which means that Randy will win this.

9. *exasperated sigh*.  Winner: Randy Orton.

10. Damn, this match again. Winner: Orton

11. Kane won at ‘Mania, Orton actually still has a future in the company.  Pretty simple layout.  WINNER: Orton

12. Winner: Randy Orton

13. Orton to win because I want him too lol Winner: Orton

14. Because who cares.. and Kane lost last time on regular TV last time Winner: Kane

15. A year ago the concept of Orton losing two PPV in a row was non-existent but he did to Henry last year.  Still can’t see beyond RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton

16. Winner: Orton

17. Do I care about this match more than I did at Mania?  No.  Is the story any better?  Slightly.  Do I think the feud is going anywhere?  Not really.  Kane hurts Cowboy Bob, Orton hurts Bearer, Kane hurts Bearer in his usual on/off relationship with his “family”.  Kane seems to be the more focused of the pair, as his “dad” isn’t laid up from his injuries.  Orton might be in need of a small breather himself after this match.

18. Winner: Randy Orton

19. Kane winning at WM was a shock, and I doubt he’ll do it again. Orton wins with an RKO ‘out of nowhere’. Winner: Randy Orton

20. Orton will get his win back from Mania. Whatever happens, I’ll be loading up on snacks during this. Winner: Orton

21. Randy Orton gets his WrestleMania revenge. But Kane’s victory is immortalized forever. Sorry Randy. You win here though! Winner: Randy Orton

23. Winner: Kane

24. Kane won at mania, lost on Smackdown, now he’s kind of running from orton. Hard to say who has the upper hand, but I’ll go with Kane for the win.

Winner: Kane

26. Because I want to. Winner: Kane

27. Winner: Randy Orton

28. I honestly could care less about this match. They had a good match on SD a few weeks back tho. I expect this match to be more of the same that we’ve seen between these two just with the FCA stip tho.
Winner : Randy Orton

29. I don’t see this feud going any further, and given the build I think the Orton victory is the obvious outcome. I was surprised Kane got the win at Mania, but now it’s time for Orton to get the win and move onto something new. Winner: Randy Orton

30. Winner: Randy Orton

31. Pretty simple here Kane won one and Randy Orton won one, so the smart decision is that Orton wins with him moving towards feuds with either ADR or the whc.
Winner: Randy Orton

32. Randy Orton. But does anyone really care? I sure as hell don’t. This whole program seems thrown together. It seems like after Cena / Kane they said “hey Kane needs somebody to work with now and Randy gets hurt all the time…… lets throw em together and see how it goes!”Winner: Randy Orton

34. Winner: Kane

36. Will kick fk out of Lesnar soon. Winner: Randy Orton

37. Winner: Randy Orton

38. He lost at WM and needs to look strong. When has he lately lost at a PPV twice in a row? Winner: Randy Orton

39. I expect Orton to win this one, since Kane won at Mania. I think the feud will continue for a while, though. 

Winner: Orton.

40. **Winner: Randy

41. What did I tell you; it was the elemental battle of Wrestlemania! Don’t call me a liar, you’re still wondering what was up with those blue Randy Orton shorts, but you know. That’s right you know, cuz I told you. But at Extreme Rules, this is the stipulation that they should have had at Wrestlemania. Falls Count Anywhere! This match is pretty well evenly matched, the stipulation favors really any of these wrestlers, especially since Randy can pull and RKO anywhere and Kane, well, you know what he can do. This time, I think Kane has the one up here. At least, if they don’t want to totally ruin the momentum they gave him when he came back, he needs to win. Winner: Isaac Yankem, D.D.S. or Kane if you prefer.

42. Leave both Kane and Orton with a win and move on from this pointless feud. Winner: Randy Orton

44. Winner: Randy Orton

46. Winner: Randy Orton

47. Another crapfest? I think Randy wins and we all move on. Winner: Orton

48. Winner: Kane

50. No doubt Orton wins here, I see no point in Kane winning. But what I do hope is that this turns Orton heel, and that Sheamus/Orton is a SummerSlam match.
Winner: Randy Orton

51. Um, because Kane is just…..scary

Winner: Kane

52. Orton goes over in this one maybe an rko off the stage. Winner: Randy Orton

53. My gut feeling tells me that sometime in the future he’ll get tied in with ‘Taker somehow so he can’t be looking weak. Winner: Kane

54. Both of these men have a reason to need to win, revenge for Orton, closure for Kane. Kane, unfortunately, has the weaker of the sides. Plus Randy is more of a psycho than Kane.

Winner: Good ole Soot-Arms Randy Orton.

55. I believe Orton will avenge his loss against Kane. Winner: Randy Orton

56.Orton is obviously upset about what Kane did to his dad, but Kane is a monster who doesn’t care. Winner: Kane

57. Orton lost at Mania and then Kane got his dad involved. Something tells me they’re going to go with the usual Orton overcomes everything and is boring and stale.
Winner: Randy Orton

58. This one is hard for me to determine. It could go either way, but gut instinct tells me Orton will take it. Winner: Randy Orton

59. orton, because they won’t make him lose twice to kane two ppv’s in a row.Winner: Randy Orton

60. Winner: Randy Orton

61. I don’t really care but I think Orton will win to maybe set up a feud with Lesnar. Winner: Randy Orton


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