Extreme Rules – How to Win Predictions

First, you should all be rooting AGAINST @TheSupremeForce. He’s the title holder, meaning this prediction challenge can be a lot easier for him.

Whoever has the most matches correct is in the running for the title. If @TheSupremeForce ties with the most matches correct, the title defaults back to him without going into a tie-breaker. If he does not have the most matches correct and it’s a tie otherwise, then the tie-breakers come into play.

Tie-breaker 1 is up first. If that does not make the final decision, then tie-breaker 2 will be the settling factor.

So you should all boo @TheSupremeForce, cross your fingers, and hope you made the right choices!

Don’t forget, the winner gets a copy of Shawn Decker’s My Pet Virus for the Kindle. If you do not have a Kindle there is a free app for your computer or most phones. If @TheSupremeForce wins or Shawn Decker wins, Shawn will be holding an alternate contest on his blog so that the book can still be given away!

Thanks everyone for participating, all 53 entrants!


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