Extreme Rules: Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show Predictions


Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes

1. I’m going to dare to be different, and hope that the WWE does the right thing (ha). Winner: Cody Rhodes

2. While Show just got the title at Mania, he doesn’t need it. If anything, he kills it by being too big to give him a proper feud. Please don’t let them continue this Bumbling Cody angle. Winner: Cody Rhodes

3. Again, another feud going no where and helping neither man.  Big Show wins, and will probably just go and fight against Kane next.  Because that’s what you do with both guys when there’s nothing else to do with them.  Cody should get out of this story, and away from a title, to set up Money in the Bank.  I really think he’s a lock for winning one of those titles this year. Winner: Big Show

4. I really hope they have bigger plans for Rhodes but after his recent losses they look to be burying him. Winner: Big Show

5. I really don’t know how this will go but I REALLY want Cody to win, so, w/ much wishful thinking…Winner: Rhodes

6. Come on, son.

Winner: Big Show

7. After weeks of “embarrassing” “clips”, Cody’ll get his comeuppan… oh wait, he’s the heel. Nevermind. Winner: Big Show

8. I’ll say it. I don’t like Cody Rhodes. I know he’s good in the ring, and I know bitches love him, but I just don’t like him. I still see him as the jobber who teamed with Bob Holly, and then turned on him to tag with Ted DiBiase, Jr. I don’t think Big Show can lose this match, unless it becomes a TNA Ultimate X match at the last second, or if big brother Dustin Rhodes comes out and electrocutes Big Show.
Winner by WMD (I wish it was a stolen Beautiful Disaster, but that’s why it’s a dream): Big Show

9. This is actually the toughest call, for me.  Did they temporarily hotshot the title onto Big Show at WrestleMania for the feel-good babyface win, with plans to put it back on Cody?  Or, do they have other plans in store for both guys?  I honestly have no idea and I can see it, either way.  I’m going to metaphorically Two-Face it, call heads, and say . . . Winner: Cody Rhodes.

10. I’m going with Cody here. Show got his Wrestlemania win, time for Cody to get his title back. Winner: Rhodes

11. It’s time for Cody to get some revenge, and regain his precious belt. WINNER: Cody Rhodes

12. Winner: Big Show

13. Rhodes I feel will win very unfairly which will embarrass the big show… Winner: Cody Rhodes

14. Because Cody hasn’t won sh** since losing the strap.. oh wait Championship Winner: Big Show

15. Neither result would surprise me.  Because I’ve already picked two title changes I’ll go for Big Show retains.

Winner: Big Show

16. Winner: Big Show

17. Cody gets a measure of victory against the giant.  The feud just feels flat to me.  Belt goes back to David after being the victor over Goliath.
WINNER: Cody Rhodes

18. Here is to hoping Cody will be involved in the world title picture for the summer. Winner Big Show

19. *sighs again* Great. We get to witness the hilarity of the Big Show’s wacky antics even further as IC champion. Winner: Big Show

20. I really really really want Cody to win because Show is just hideously bad. But I don’t think he will 😦 Winner: Big Show

21. Rhodes. Another Invisible Champion falls. But Big Show’s victory is immortalized forever. Sorry Cody. You win here though! Winner: Cody Rhodes

23. Well, this feud is a thing, I’m going to make this simple. Big Show will defeat Rhodes so Cody can go on to bigger, brighter things.
Winner: Big Show

24. I don’t see a reason for Show to lose it right now.

Winner: Big Show

26. Because see above. Winner: Cody Rhodes

27. Winner: Cody Rhodes

28. This is an interesting one. Big Show for some god forsaken reason has won the IC title at Mania and now is basically doing to Cody what Cody did to Show. Embarrass him. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Cody won the title back here.
Winner : Big Show

29. Well, this could be partly due to my general dislike for Big Show, but I want to believe he only got the belt to hit that milestone it gave him. Now they need to put that back on Cody and give him back the momentum he had a few months ago, until they’re ready to make him into something more. Winner: Cody Rhodes

30. Winner: Big Show

31. This is really a throwaway match and this feud really does nothing for either guy. Cody should be in the top mix and the big show should be contending for a world title, because I think there are going in a direction with a solid crop of mid carders, Im going with
Winner: Cody Rhodes

32. Cody defeats the slobbering goon to reclaim the Intercontinental title!Winner: Cody Rhodes

34. Winner: Big Show

36. Re-made white belt to fit around Big Show. Winner: Big Show

37. Winner: Big Show

38. WWE sh**s on the midcard quite often. Winner: Big Show

39. There are a lot of heels on Smackdown right now, so I would expect a face to win. 

Winner: Big Show

40. **Winner: Cody Rhodes

41. Why isn’t Alberto Del Rio in this match? Oh right, we need a rematch, don’t we? Big Show is being pulled in quite a few directions right now. Recently, he teamed with Khali to take on the tag champs in a non title match. He wrestled Del Rio and lost. This match has me so confused! It’s time for Cody to move on to bigger and better things. Is there even a stipulation to this match? I guess not. Is it possible to be DQ’d? I don’t know. Screw it! Winner: The wearer of the biggest shower cap on the planet, Big Show.

42. I don’t like Show having the title, he’s not doing anything with it, so I hope it goes back to Cody and he can get into a decent feud with someone his own size. Winner: Cody Rhodes

44. Winner: Cody Rhodes

46. Winner: Cody Rhodes

47. They need to move Cody on to better things. Winner: Cody

48. Winner: Big Show

50. I’d like to see Cody Rhodes win it back right here. Show is useless with the title, where I think Cody can have a meaningful feud over the IC belt with someone.
Winner: Cody Rhodes.

51. Big Show deserves to keep the title a little longer

Winner: Big Show

52. Forgot this one was here. But the IC title’s fate will be decided via roulette wheel (I am hoping for texas deathmatch a la cactus jack vs Vader back in the day) Big show probably the favorite in at least 90% of the matche types that will be available. Cody wins back the ic championship adding to big show’s list of wwe embarrassments. Winner: Cody Rhodes

53.  Not only should these two never have been paired off in a match in the first place, but they should not be still involved with each other at all. Both need to move on to a new chapter. Winner: Big Show

54. As much as I love Cody, I don’t see him winning this, no matter what the stipulation is. Unless it’s a handicap match.

Winner: Big Show.

55. I believe that Big Show will unfortunately retain. Winner: Big Show

56. I want Cody to win, but at the same time I would rather him be going for the World Heavyweight Championship instead. I want to see at least one title switch hands though. Winner: Cody Rhodes

57. It’s too soon for Show to lose the title. Not much else to say about it.
Winner: Big Show

58. I don’t really see this one going in Cody’s favour at all… Winner: Big Show

59. cody, because big show is never champion for long Winner: Cody Rhodes

60. Winner: Big Show

61. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Winner : Big Show


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  1. Cody Rhodes vs Big Show. Reminds me of when their parents Dusty Rhodes and Andre The Giant used to do battle.

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