Extreme Rules: CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho Predictions


CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

1. They do not know how to use Jericho properly, they didn’t when he was about to leave the last time and they aren’t going to do it this time, whether he’s leaving or not. He’s here to put someone else over. Winner: CM Punk

2. I can’t stand Punk anymore, but I don’t see them taking the Title away from him just yet. It’s too bad, because Jericho is six thousand times better. Winner: CM Punk

3. I think Jericho has to win this one so there’s somewhere to go.  If Punk beats him again, then Punk has no story and Jericho has no reason to move on.  I really think Chris Jericho has to win this match and the title just to justify this current WWE run.  Winner:  Chris Jericho.

4. Did they pay Jericho all the money to come back to be a glorified jobber? Come on they have time to put the belt on him and have a nice heel run before he drops it again. That and please this feud with Punk is getting old. Winner: Chris Jericho

5. I hate to say it because there WILL be a riot because Punk is going to lose in Chicago, not that I want him to, but I’m calling hijinks. Winner: Jericho

6. Jericho came back to “make” Punk, so yeah.

Winner: CM Punk

7. Jericho lost at the last PPV, so I’m going to hazard a guess and say he wins here, just to piss Chicago off more. Winner: Chris Jericho

8. I’m leaning towards Y2J on this one, for the simple fact that I don’t think they would spam us with Y2J PPV WWE Championship matches and not have him win one, but I think CM Punk is going to win, for the sole fact that they want to bring legitimacy back to the title, after changing hands like 94 times in 2011.
Winner via stolen Walls of Jericho: CM Punk

9. I believe Jericho came back mostly just to solidify Punk as a mainstay in the main event scene.  I don’t think it was ever in the plan for him to win the title, and I don’t think he wants to.  He’s always been selfless that way, and I think we’ll see that play out, here.  Winner: CM Punk.

10. Punk is going over. Jericho is just hanging out until his sh**ty band tours, I don’t expect anything from him. Winner: Punk

11. If Jericho didn’t win at ‘Mania, the chances of him winning here are slim.  WINNER: CM Punk

12. Winner: CM Punk

13. Would make sense for punk to win but I think Jericho will snatch it and win! Winner: Chris Jericho

14. Because… who knows.. Punk in Chicago Winner: CM Punk

15. The crowd will be amazing for this one.  I can’t see a reason to take the title off Punk and Jericho doesn’t need it

Winner: CM Punk

16. Winner: Chris Jericho

17. These two are at it again, in what’s going to be the top of the card as far as quality.  Compelling story being told here, especially with the inclusion of Punk’s family into the mix of the storyline as well as the fact that they will be in attendance.  Expect this to “go yard”.  I see Jericho winning this one after verbally and physically wearing Punk down to a nub over the past two months, and while Punk may slink off into his cubby hole for a couple of weeks to heal, he won’t be gone or down for long.
WINNER: Chris Jericho

18. Winner: Chris Jericho

19. Last year’s MITB established that Punk will not lose in Chicago. Punk wins with GTS on steel steps. Winner: CM Punk

20. Punk has to beat Jericho after being beat down so much. Winner: CM Punk

21. Winner: CM Punk

23. This feud has been really good. With Jericho calling Punk a bastard and proclaming he is Best in the World and Punk wanting revenge, in Punk’s hometown in a street fight, Punk will defeat Jericho to retain his belt.
Winner: Punk

24. Jericho will leave soon.

Winner: CM Punk

26. Because Chicago will riot otherwise. I sincerely thought this crappy family matters angle was merely the dues the Punk family had to pay for their Wrestlemania tickets. Now they’re pushing it further, it’s even more stupid. Just give me the match and skip the stupid soap opera. Winner: CM Punk

27. Winner: CM Punk

28. Punk’s walking into this match the champion and hometown guy.  I expect the crowd to eat Jericho alive and then some.  I think this match will top their Mania match with the street fight stip and all the pent up rage Punk has with Jericho. 
Winner : Chicago Made Punk

29. I want Jericho to win, but I can’t see it happening, as much I feel it needs to. Jeircho came back in January, and has done nothing but fail this entire time. He didn’t win the Rumble, he didn’t win at Elimination Chamber and he didn’t win at Wrestlemania. This feud has really run its course, and while WWE has been known to drag feuds out, I think there needs to be a new challenger at this point. Winner: CM Punk

30. Winner: Chris Jericho

31. These guys should go out there and have a pretty good long match. Not only can these two guys work their ass off but they can get you involved in the story they are telling very well. I think we see Punks family get involved and it costs CM Punk the championship.
Winner : Chris Jericho

32. CM Punk. Chicago crown super pumped! No way Jericho walks away with the title. Winner: CM Punk

34. Winner: CM Punk

36. To make me come. Winner: Chris Jericho

37. Winner: CM Punk

38. They need to further the feud for Over the Limit PPV. Winner: Chris Jericho

39. Last year, Punk won in Chicago in front of an extremely hot crowd. This year, he’ll lose to Jericho in his hometown in front of his family, bringing the intensity of the Punk-Jericho rivalry to a fever-pitch. 

Winner: Jericho

40. **Winner: Chris Jericho

41. Wow, this feud as quickly become the best the WWE has to offer right now (Fk Lesnar/Cena.). Jericho has made this match super, super personal, and every fan knows that we’re in for a Summer of Punk. Jericho has Punk angry, and I think that strategy is going to get the best of Punk this time, but really they’ve set in for a long feud, at least until Jericho’s contract runs out this summer (I don’t care if it’s in Punk’s hometown and it’s a street fight, fk that!). Winner: Lite-Brite CEO, Chris Jericho

42. I’m kind of tired of this feud and it’s known knowledge Jericho has side projects, I don’t see him getting the title for a short run. Plus it’s in Chicago and I don’t see Punk losing in a Chicago street fight (Kind of bummed it won’t be as epic as previous street fights.) However, I hope this is the end of this feud. Winner: CM Punk

44. Winner: CM Punk

46. Winner: Chris Jericho

47. This has been a confusing little mess that they have been put into. Stupid story, saved only by great storytellers. Winner: Jericho

48. Winner: CM Punk

50. The toughest one of the night for me. Not sure why their worst promos are for the take-home shows before PPVs but the sobriety test was brutal. I’d love to see Jericho win here. Maybe have Punk or another face take the title back as soon as Fozzy goes on tour.
Winner: Jericho 

51. Punk has showed the “smarts” over Jericho….much to my dismay. My liking of Jericho has waned somewhat too.

Winner: It hurts to say this but CM Punk

52. Anyone else think this feud should have been a bar room brawl? just me? chi-town streetfight doesn’t really sound like an anaconda vice or walls of jericho will be the deciding factor. I predict punk makes jericho go to sleep sending the ayatolla of rock and rolla back to dream land where his  peer pressure actually works. Winner: CM Punk

53. Jericho has other projects coming up soon. Perhaps he can come up with more viral videos or clever catchphrases for his 2020 return? Winner: CM Punk

54. If they really want to bring more heat on Jericho AND extend one of the better feuds they’ve had in a while, what better way to do it than in front of Punk’s home town and his entire family?

Winner: Jericho

55. Winner: CM Punk

56. Punk has the intensity and I just don’t see him losing. Winner: CM Punk

57. Jericho is leaving soon to go on Tour with Fozzy so I don’t think giving him the title right now would be a very smart move.
Winner: CM Punk

58. I don’t see Jericho winning this, but it’s gonna be a great match nonetheless. Winner: CM Punk

59. because punk’s family will turn on him.Winner: Chris Jericho

60. Winner: CM Punk

61. Punk again. An epic Chicago Street Fight should favour the champ, but you never know with perverse Vince. Still, Jericho has Fozzy to attend with this summer so Punk it is. Winner: CM Punk


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