Top 4 of Superstars 4/26/12

Superstars did… something different! For that it was already a better show this week than it usually is. There was no Jinder winning with the camel clutch and no needless squash matches considering Superstars is all about the wrestling (though they should take out some of the recaps and put in a fourth match again, really). But, despite doing something different there was still something a little… off with the matches.

4. The Usos vs. Hunico and Camacho

Hunico is the best in-ring guy of the four. I like the Usos, I like their entrance, but they just don’t have it yet for wrestling. Camacho was slopping as Marlow in FCW and though he was part of this “tag team” he didn’t do much of anything and when he did it still seemed like he was back in FCW. The only reason this match made it on the list is 1) I like Hunico and was looking forward to seeing Camacho wrestle and 2) there are only 3 matches.

3. Kelly Kelly vs. Maxine

YAY! Maxine! Against Kelly Kelly, but yay Maxine! Maxine makes Kelly Kelly look good, until she gets that Booty Call in the face. Sigh. But still, did I mention, Maxine? Maxine! Maxine!!!!

2. The Miz vs. Alex Riley

I was going to be down on this match from the start. We’ve seen The Miz vs. Alex Riley. So many times. I was going to rant and whine and… well, then I watched it. Alex Riley shows how far he’s come as Miz and Riley put on a match that was well put together and had no botches. This was actually a great match. Let’s watch it again! “Who’s the Superstar?”

1. Scott Stanford

This is a man who sounds happy to be there and excited to see every match. It’s a shame he only does the Raw portion of the matches. This man is music on the microphone and knows how to call a match. There is no bias, even as Striker tells him he sounds like he really likes the Miz and Scott in turn says, “I don’t really like him, but I like anyone on the show that can help with the ratings and Miz can make that happen.” Scott looks at the full picture every time he’s on Superstars with the matches in front of him.
Matt turns to Scott at one point and says, “I don’t think anyone tunes in to hear you or I…” Sorry, Striker, but you could not be more wrong in that. I tune in every week for that voice of Stanford’s, the matches are my bonus.

Scott’s best lines of Superstars:

“If you look up sexy in the dictionary you’ll see a picture of Blake Lively holding a picture of Maxine.”

“She’s making that call! It’s the booty call!”

“Kelly Kelly coming from behind.”

“When I said coming from behind I didn’t mean literally with that booty call.”

“WWE Superstars is about to become must see.”

“You’ll be able to cut the hatred, my friends, with a Ginsu knife.”

“When it comes to Miz and A-Ry, these guys would rather get a root canal with no Novocaine than lose to the other.”

Scott: “Did you say it’s all Mizness?” Striker: “I did!” Scott: “I gotta write that down.”


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  1. Commentary was livelier this week, which is good. I’ve been convinced for a while that Josh doesn’t even try on Superstars. My theory was supported by how much better both parts were without him. Stanford and Striker actually work quite well together, with Striker being the guy who actually breaks things down during a match and Stanford being the most enthusiastic commentator going (in a good way). I can’t even make fun of you for putting Stanford at one this week, because the commentary actually was the best part of the show.

    Miz vs Riley was good, way better than their previous matches. Riley’s at the point where he should be dusted off and used more. The guy’s quite popular, especially considering how the WWE hasn’t really used him in months. The Miz remains a genius character. Both guys deserve better than they’re getting right now.

    As for the rest of the matches, I love Maxine. She’s the best overall diva in the WWE by a wide margin. Kelly remains awful (and always will be, it seems), BUT Maxine made this watchable.

    The tag match didn’t really do anything for me. It was basically Hunico and three guys who aren’t very good wrestlers. As much as I want to like the Uso’s, they’re really slow and sloppy in the ring. Also, their attempts to speak tend to trigger my gag reflex. Camacho has a good look, but he can’t wrestle. He seems so uncomfortable trying to do anything. Hunico’s a top five in-ring guy. Since losing the mask, he’s been fantastic. The man deserves to be in a high profile feud and/or fighting for a championship.

    In closing, I hate the WWE’s sick obsession with Raw recaps. No one watches Superstars (or Smackdown or NXT) without watching Raw. It makes showing us the same thing (four times a week or so) a stupid waste of time that could be used to actually improve the shows.

  2. Brooklyn Brawla

    As much grief as I give Scott on Twitter, I really do enjoy his commentary the most out of all of the guys. You can actually hear in his voice that he loves and wants to be there and it’s not just a “job”. You don’t want him sitting behind that commentary table, you NEED him sitting behind that commentary table.
    Also, I’m sure someone has to keep Matthews from sticking things in electrical outlets.

  3. Watching Superstars firmly restores my faith in the commentators employed by the WWE. Week-in, week-out we hear Scott Stanford on the RAW portion of Superstars not only call the action, but also provide a much-needed element of enthusiasm. When placed into comparison with Jerry Lawler’s abysmal commentary on RAW, it is only natural to wonder if the WWE has the right commentators on the right shows. Lawler frequently makes sick, degrading comments about the WWE Divas, whilst showing that he is nothing but a giant vacuum of intelligence. It is with these views in mind that I firmly believe that Scott Stanford is not only a superior commentator to Jerry Lawler, but also deserves his spot on RAW. Also, Jerry Lawler should be fired.

  4. And… Stanford is no1 again. Its nice to hear a little story put to the wrestling match, as well as a little excitement. Scott interjects a bit of wackiness and charm to the broadcast. He stands out as one of the few positive announcers right now in a sea of “heel” broadcasters. The day Scotty gets his hands on a Ryback match is the day we need to bring our pants to the cleaners.

    … And that’ll do it… NO!!

  5. I must admit, Stanford knows his knives!

  6. Glad to see Maxine getting some much deserved ring time. And against Diva Number One, as well, so great for her!

    And I agree with you and everyone about Scott. Insightful, with his eyes on the prize and witty enough that he doesn’t have to laugh at his own jokes because WE laugh at them FOR him (looking at YOU, Cole!)! Promote Scott! And Maxine, too!

  7. Stephanie Carlson

    The matches are almost always worth watching but the REAL reason to watch is Scott Stanford. I have zero clue why WWE doesn’t use him more. He’s a hundred times better than anybody they’ve got. He does take the product seriously as well as knowing how to have fun with what he’s given. We need more of him.

  8. Scott Stanford is the greatest commentator to hit WWE ever since Bobby “The Brain” Heenan left. He is better than anyone else on the WWE commentating roster… well, aside from CM Punk, but if you’ve heard Punk and Stanford together, it’s EPIC. Ah, those few weeks of Punk on Superstars. Anyways, Scott Stanford IS #1.

    • OMG and here I thought STRIKER and Stanford were the Dream Team. This just trumped my former choice. Totally. #SayYesToTheDream

  9. Stanford is the Scott for the job(s) that Cole, Lawler, Matthews, Striker, Booker (am I forgetting anyone?) are so poor at. Inclusively, I would hope Regal to use Stanford full-time on NXT. No third person. Those two are money and together they would be mega money for sure.

    Further down the line, they could even rise to Raw and make its commentary enjoyable for a change. Maybe one day @JayTheBrainMann’s dream will come true and Cena will job to a broom… and I’m sure Scott Stanford will have something to do with it.

  10. Oh, I was SO GLAD for Scott to be back this week! He’s the best commentator on Superstars, by far. Striker is second, and together they make the Dream Team as far as I’m concerned. Scott can work with anyone — heck, he works with Josh most of the time, who hardly brings his A game to the show — but it’s very special for Striker and Scott to work together.

    Scott always, always has wonderful one-liners that end up as funny conversations, and this week was no exception. My favorite one was during the main event:

    Scott: “Did you say, ‘It’s all Mizness?!’” Striker: “I did!” Scott: “I gotta write that down!”


    I also love the way Scott and Striker both put over ALL the talent. They are not so caught up in being “all that” that they feel they have to bury people week after week. They can elevate everyone without condoning heelish behavior (in Scott’s case anyway!).

    Not having Scott on the show while they were overseas reminded me again what he brings to Superstars. I hope he stays for many years to come, because he brings a bright, positive, fun tone to the show and he knows his stuff. Sorry to wax so poetic about Scott, but truly, he is a very consistent positive on the show and a big reason why I love it so much and watch it each and every week.

  11. Scott Stanford, that man has a lot of talent. Superstars would be crap without him.

  12. I have bin watching wrestling since Bruno was the champ their have bin some great announcers that have come and gone. Vince, Jesse, Lord Alfred, Gorilla and I to think that Scott Stanford has the talent to join that list if given the opportunity. Unfortunately unless someone dies or quits he may not get that chance to shine any time soon.

  13. Psycho Soldier, @OWA_Sephiroth

    Not a bad episode of Superstas, but without the main event, would have been pointless.

    Thankfully, Stanford is there to always chuckle at, and he’s such a company man and hardly doing anything there! This episode he made a couple comments about how he’s concerned with what talent, and even announcing combo, is necessary to help ratings. Does WWE not see the value in Scott, or is Scott perfectly happy doing the small jobs and mainly doing his work as a Sports Anchor? I’m hoping it’s the former, leaving room for WWE to eventually want to promote him to Raw, or Smackdown, or at LEAST have him do NXT where his talents won’t be wasted.

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