Top 4 of FCW 4/15/12

This week’s FCW was all about the matches. There were three promos, but they were relatively short, and one of them (Husky’s) was a re-run of last week’s. Mercer’s was interesting, and the way he had him made-up and with the gray-scale he appeared like a less tattooed Orton, though in pictures I’ve never been able to make the comparison. The third promo slides in because it was the after effect of a match.

4. 6 Man Tag Match

Now that Xavier Woods has gained control of his hair, he seems to have gained control of his talent as well. Or maybe he just decided to stop giving those, “Good job, good job,” promos. I don’t know. He didn’t annoy me this week. He teamed up with Jason Jordan and CJ Parker, all guys whom I like. But, and it’s a big one, they went up against “Beefy” Brad Maddox, Jake Carter, and Corey Graves. Oooh, this is the team I am rooting for, even if they appear to be managed by Abraham Washington, who only seems to be good at being loud.

3. Jiro vs. Big E Langston

In this match, Regal notes that he would like to see Mark Henry take Lagston under his wing and be his mentor. I would love to see this. As I have never heard Langston speak, only seen him in the ring, it would be nice to see what else Henry could teach him. And really, once Henry was finally given the opportunity that he was meant for, he was incredible. It would be nice to see him pass that one to Langston. Jiro was destined to lose this match from the onset, but Jiro does a great showing against the big man that holds up. Another great thing about Langston as the big man is that because he moves well it’s almost believable when someone takes him down, unlike say Big Show or Mark Henry. These men stand in place and do not need to or try to move much, making it hard to take them down. Langston in motion would be easier to take down for that reason.

2. Benicio Salazar vs. Kassius Ohno

My comparison of Ohno is not to other men in the WWE, but to Cesaro alone. Ohno and Cesaro, in case you live under a rock, used to be tag partners under other names under another company. Cesaro has now been passed through and is on Smackdown. I was never a big fan of Cesaro. When Ohno finally debuted my thought was, “Okay, is he like Cesaro?” and no, he’s not. He’s better, in every way. This match was also the tv debut of Benicio Salazar, a masked luchador. He was fascinating. Together they put on quite a great match, but no one really compares to…

1. Dean Ambrose vs. James Bronson

Bronson is great in the ring. Though I may have had no clue what they were actually doing with the whole psychiatry thing, in the ring he’s stellar. Then they put him against Ambrose and Ambrose still managed to steal the show. This match, while excellently conducted, is about the ending. Ambrose gets Bronson in a Regal Stretch and William Regal gets up and walks about as Ambrose is applying the finisher. The look on Ambrose’s face is enough reason to watch as you see some of the best acting in sports entertainment. After he wins he goes backstage and flips out on the camera, mentioning that Regal has broken his heart and is just like everybody else. Epic.

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