Top 4 Things About Derrick Bateman

Derrick Bateman. Unless you have been living under a rock, or do not follow me on twitter or read my blogs, you will know that he’s currently my favorite wrestler. Is he perfect at the craft yet? No. But can he be the guy one day? Of course. He has the potential, and here is where that potential lies.

4. Overall Personality

Well, considering I’m in Ohio now, watching the man support the teams that, for the most part, don’t have a prayer, is entirely entertaining to me. Watching him respond to fans, no matter how short, shows he knows how to connect. He wears funny tees and is not against wearing the ones fans give him. His charisma floods over through twitter and in every smile, smirk, and squint of his eyes. He’s one of those men you think you would want a drink with, even if you don’t drink.

3. Mantastic Hair

I seem to have an obsession with hair. Scott’s gray hair, Kidd saying goodbye to the flip, Reks and his dreads, and now making it on a Top 4 list once again is a man’s hair. But look at his hair! Who else can pull off wild curls the way Bateman does? Kudos to the coiffed style.

2. Comedic Timing

Bateman shone as someone who knew about comedy the first moment I saw him. Now, with more to work with, he kind of runs away with NXT every week. Whether he’s saying, “Roll it Jumbotron,” or arguing with Curtis about things are getting weird and lost fiancées, the man always seems to know when and how to deliver a good line.

1. War Cries and Dropkicks

The man can wrestle, but I must admit my favorite part of his wrestling is the dropkicks and the war cries. When he’s doing certain moves he screams out, almost overcome by the excitement of winning against his opponent. The war cry often is a sign he’s going to do a dropkick. It’s become a game of counting how many dropkicks he does while in the ring, and not in a bad way. The man does not simply do one variation so it is always entertaining to see how he’s going to do his at least two of a match.

It all makes a great mix and is four of the elements that make up my love for Derrick Bateman. Have any other thoughts? Don’t like my list? Think I missed something big? Let me know!

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