Top 4 of WWE Superstars 4/5/12

Why does Scott get all of the girls?

This was a really packed episode when it came to matches. Some of my favorite matches of the week were on this show, whether for the skill of the wrestlers or the story they were telling in the ring.

4. The Usos vs. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins

He's Reksy and he knows it.

Out of sheer love for Tyler Reks I would love to have moved him higher on the list. This match lost points for one big reason: it was too short. None of the four looked the least bit winded and this might be the “problem” with wrestlers who are not seasoned or older. They last a lot longer. In the ring. So when the pin comes you can be left wondering what these few could have done in the ring if given more time. Still an excellent match that shows off all of their talents.

3. R-Truth vs. Heath Slater

Did he just kick-- He just kicked Little Jimmy!

This match was hilarious. Okay, before I give you the wrong idea, Slater and Truth worked excellently together, but Truth brought little Jimmy into the ring with him. Scott makes remarks that had so much to go with them that I can not even type them all out. But what sold the beginning of this match was when Truth danced with little Jimmy before the match started and Slater proceeded to kick Little Jimmy out of the ring! How dare he kick Truth’s friend?? And poor Josh Mathews can’t see him unlike the rest of us it seems.

2. Hunico vs. Tyson Kidd

While The Usos against Reks and Hawkins had potential, and Truth and Slater had hilarity, Hunico and Kidd had acrobatics. I do not have words for the moves they did in the ring, and outside of the ring. This match was a match we could have seen on a pay-per-view, as is. The only different is there would be no breaks during the pay-per-view. This is one of those matches there are no real words for, you have to watch it to believe that acrobats and talent of these two men.

A selling machine.

1. Scott Stanford

Enthusiasm and storytelling make this the winning episode of Superstars it was. Scott carries it through the last two matches of the night (3 and 4) and tells a story that completes the show. He’s one of the only men who can tell you to live by the words from the Siva Tau even though he does not know what they translate to and not sound an utter fool. He can see Little Jimmy and convince Josh he’s the crazy one for not being able to. Scott once again brings the storytelling while the superstars bring the in-ring talent and together they make a conglomeration of what wrestling should be about.

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