Top 4 of NXT 4/4/12

I really wanted to break this into more sections, but I cheat enough during my Top 4, so here’s 4. Ish.

4. All the promos

Darren: “I’ve made reservations at McDonalds!”
Derrick: “It’s getting weird.” Johnny: “It’s my line!” Derrick: “That was my fiancée.”
Johnny: “We are not going to get outdone by a couple of homeless looking guys.”
Maxine: “They obviously don’t know how weird we can make it.”

And oh yeah, Reks and Hawkins were the kidnappers. If you want hilarity, this show has it. Yup, that’s all I’m saying because I think the characters speak for themselves.

3. Natalya vs. Kaitlyn

I expected this match to be good. Natalya is a seasoned wrestler and probably the best one in the diva’s division. She is up against Kaitlyn, who is still green but has improved immensely since her debut. In this match you could not have guessed that Kaitlyn was still a bit wobbly. She and Natalya both move gracefully and I highly enjoyed this match. NXT is the WWE show (that’s not FCW) that knows how to actually showcase their women.

2. Tyler Reks vs. Percy Watson

Okay, so the man I favor in this match lost. That does not stop Reks and Watson from putting on a great match and Reks doing that whole selling thing I talked about in a blog dedicated to him. Okay, so during one part he totally no sold Watson’s move and popped right back up, but I think that is a testament to the move doing no impact. Despite that this match was the second best of the night.
1. Derrick Bateman vs. Michael McGillicutty

Okay, so the man I favor in this match lost. Déjà vu. Still, Bateman and his drop kicks rule this match and McGillicutty, as I’ve said, has come a long way. These two wrestle around each other, against each other, and destroy each other with energy that is lost on the bigger shows. These two are almost tireless which contributes to the how of McGillicutty winning, but it in no way made Bateman look bad, even if Regal was a commentator of little faith during this match.


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