Top 4 of WWE Raw 4/2/12

What? A top 4 on Raw? Well yes, Raw was awesome!

4. Brock Lesnar Returns

I am not a huge Brock Lesnar mark. Or smark. Or fan. His return was anticipated, it was just a matter of when. What made this appearance so darn special is he shut John Cena up. Cena was giving the most boring promo of the last year and if someone did not come out and shut him up I would have crawled through my television and done it myself. Instead, Lesnar did it, and the thousands of fans who were leftover from Wrestlemania went crazy for it.

3. Alberto Del Rio’s Return

The night of a bit more triumphant returns. Sure, we saw Del Rio a month ago, but what has he done since then? He and Sheamus agreed to a match on Smackdown during their segment together and that’s what Smackdown will need. It gets Sheamus and Bryan away from one another and perhaps a feud for Bryan that will be based on character and not on a title.

2. Santino vs. Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler is a sell machine. Swagger is a beast. Santino is hilarious. This match is well put together and the three move fluidly, even when they are crashing into one another. Santino had to win this, at this point it was the only way it could go. Swagger and Ziggler give him a run for his money but inevitably turn against one another when it seems the other might win the title! Seeing Ziggler’s epic sell job of the Brodus Clay head bump and a potential evolution in character for Brodus Clay (you know, actually doing more than dancing and squashing) makes this extra worth every second.

1. Mark Henry vs. CM Punk w/ Chris Jericho

Mark Henry and CM Punk put on a match that shows both are athletes. Henry may move slow, and Punk might be a little slicker, but together these two were magic in the ring. AND this was not two minute match that Henry inexorably lost because they can’t hurt Punk. Punk loses after a brutal beating (though it’s by count out, but it still gives Henry a win) and then Jericho appears, wearing a new jacket with gold. I love how he sparkles. Yes, he slips in beer, but now is the time when it should become personal and not about the title. This seemed to impress me more than the past two weeks. I hope these two keep up the momentum and I hope that Henry continues to be booked correctly instead of thrown back into the background again.


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