Top 4.5 of Wrestlemania 28 4/1/12

How I am going to be hated for this list, but here’s the list, and the whys.

4. Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy

The heels vs. the faces. This match-up actually gives a very good idea of what the future of the company is coming to. Comedic acts, and Kofi, or heels that are strong together but cowardly apart. While there is probably not one man on either team I do not like in some aspect, I was heavily for Team Johnny because I love more of them, and prefer John Laurinaitis and lack of facial expressions. Oh, and that suit. I expected this match to last, oh, five minutes. Instead it lasted at least twice that (okay, more, I’m joking) and did a great job of showcasing everyone. The ending, at least to me, though, was terribly predictable. While perfectly executed (showing off how great of athletes both Ziggler and Ryder are) I knew from the beginning Eve would screw things up for Ryder and that Miz was going to win it, making him 3-0 at Wrestlemania. This puts The Miz in 3rd place for most wins without a loss at a Wrestlemania, if you can believe that. Undertaker first, RVD second, and then The Miz? You got it.

3. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus


Okay, all kidding aside, there is a reason this happened. First, it was supposed to be the new shortest match in Wrestlemania history but, oops, botch. Second, this is better for Bryan’s storyline. If he won this match there was no place else for him to go. Of course his losing in about ten seconds was awful because did not get to see these two wrestle. I hate Bryan and I still don’t mind seeing him wrestle because he can put on a good show, but it makes an interesting twist to the storyline where Bryan can blame AJ and hopefully she can escape this storyline and Bryan can focus on something other than AJ.

2.5 Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins

TYLER REKS AND CURT HAWKINS MADE IT ON MANIA! (okay, so it was a small segment, but they were there, so nyah)

2. Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk

I was rooting for Jericho, but I knew Punk would win this. It allows the feud to continue. (Hmm, how many feuds actually ended at this Wrestlemania?) However, having said that, the two put on a pretty sound match that showcased their moves. Was it botch-free on either end, no? But are these guys great to watch because their personalities shine through even in the ring? Absolutely.

1. Triple H vs. The Undertaker with Special Guest Ref Shawn Michaels

When asking on twitter what everyone’s favorite match was I had no one tell me anything but this match. I was against it, I did not want to see Triple H and The Undertaker again, but to be honest I was proud of Triple H in this match. Besides being the one who needed to be helped out of the ring by Michaels and Undertaker, he did not make this match about him. This was a match between two men who respect one another with a ref who is equally respected, and they left carrying one another through. Michaels helped make this match because he’s the best actor of the three. He looked torn, downtrodden, and as if he wanted to break down any time either man looked broken. Why can WWE not put on matches like this more often? Why is it simply about one man making fun of another? Should they all be about mutual respect? No. But matches like this show that a broadened horizon does work to create storylines. This was the most satisfying match of the night and one I will truly never forget.

Sidenote: What was with Rock throwing around the F-bomb?


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