Wrestlemania 28 Prediction Set Up

Thank you for entering! Here are the rules of tonight’s predictions, they are quite simple.

– Whoever has the best predictions wins.

– If there is a tie, and @MarkBilly is within the tie, he keeps his title as Title Holder Advantage.

– If there is a tie and @MarkBilly is not within the tie, it goes to the tie-breaker.

– Please know your number (they are listed again below). I will be giving your scores out during the event according to your number.

In the predictions you will see 52 names and 1 blank spot. 2 people, italicized, have opted out this month but want to return next month. The blank spot is someone who did not get back to me at all and won’t be invited back next month. 50 official predictions for Wrestlemania!

Good luck everyone! And may the odds be ever in your favor. (Sorry, this might be the only opportunity I have to use that line).

  1. @SolaceWinter

  2. @TheSupremeForce

  3. @Team_Hellions

  1. @Right2PlayGod

  2. @StephiOC815

  1. @TheJurn

  2. @JayTheBrainMann

  1. @GlennBullshit

  2. @BizarroDoom

  1. @BrooklynBrawla

  2. @OWA_Sephiroth

  1. @MarkBilly

  2. @badman410

  1. @ZackZiggler

  2. @drustuart

  1. @RegalSays

  2. @WWEThatsNotPG

  1. @AIRFAHMI437

  2. @JoeBewick

  1. @ValkyrieSmudge

  1. @Shawndecker

  2. @BostonMadePunk

  1. @WrestlingNoob

  2. @NickMenger93

  1. @WWECapshuns

  2. @WWFE_Nostalgia

  1. @tolkienite

  2. @Team_Cole

  1. @Paradise_Lost12

  2. @Jbibbsy

  1. @WWEBradWard

  2. @Vadersault

  3. @MasterSolace

  1. @RayLott2

  2. @Samalamalamalam

  1. @heelJAY

  2. @RuthlessRyan84

  3. @MrsZigglesworth

  4. @FightDynamite

  5. @EileenLaFiera

  6. @TheKristoff_rEP

  7. @Melodelish4286

  8. @JamesLeppan

  9. @WrestleDena

  10. @allnewtpir

  11. @ZachDonegan


  13. @bradshawireland

  14. @CraveSam

  15. @TomQWood

  16. @wvawser

  17. @karnuj


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