The Undertaker vs. Triple H Predictions – Including Tie-Breakers

Triple H vs. The Undertaker

1. I swore on twitter if Triple H wins this match I will stop watching Raw. (Not NXT, Smackdown, or Superstars, but I will give up on Raw, at least for a few months while I simmer down). However, no matter how good HHH wants to look he can’t kill Taker’s streak. He’s already killed the momentum of Wrestlemania. Winner: The Undertaker

2. This is a stupid match that does nothing for the company going forward. Triple H simply wanted a major match at Mania. For that, I say “screw him.” Regardless, Taker isn’t losing the Streak, especially not to another part-time wrestler. Winner: The Undertaker

3. Taker wins. It will be brutal. Shawn will either refuse to do a 3 count with Hunter as the winner. Or he’ll superkick Hunter because he doesn’t want Triple H to achieve what he couldn’t. Winner: The Undertaker

4.  The streak can be broken when someone worthy, someone who will be around for a long time deserves it. Triple H already has a legacy that will follow him. Taker has the streak and no one on the roster deserves to take down Taker because he is a legend and no one is better than him right now. (I would love to see Paul Bearer too lol) Winner: The Undertaker

5. Triple H does NOT need the help someone else would get by breaking the streak. Winner: Taker

6. Never bet against the streak. Winner: The Undertaker

7. Are you serious, Solace? Winner: Undertaker

8. It there is anything sacred in the WWE anymore, it is Undertaker’s record. I can’t see Triple H winning, unless Undertaker withstands a horrible injury during the match that leaves him unable to compete. Winner: Taker

9. I so badly want HHH to win this, as I’ve been tired of the predictable Undertaker WrestleMania victory for about seven years, now.  He won’t, however.  Winner: The Undertaker

10. People are worried about Trips winning to appease his ego, but they forget Vince alone controls everything about Mania. He’s so protective about Taker that if you even mention the words “American Badass” to him he’ll flip the fuck out.
Winner: Undertaker

12. Are we really even gonna bother predicting this?! Taker 20-0! Winner: Undertaker

13. Taker has to win his earned every right for the streak to stay intact and i feel that HBK could screw over HHH! Winner: The Undertaker

14. Taker… completely clean win. when the undertaker sits up the place will explode. Winner: The Undertaker

15. There is only one outcome – Taker wins but I have no doubt that once again these two will tell quite the story and HBK won’t want to be left out of the action.

Winner: Undertaker

16. Winner: Undertaker

17. The End of an Era. We shall see two legends go at it in such a way that we’ve never seen it before. Both men will put forth every last bit of effort to win the match, but you can’t kill someone who is already dead.  The dead can only rise from the grave to win.

Winner: Undertaker

18. Undertaker looks like he going out big in this Hell in The Cell match. Winner: Undertaker

19. It may end with HBK kicking him, but not even HHH will end the streak at 19-0 Winner: The Undertaker

20. Has to be Taker or we riot! Winner: The Undertaker

22. Winner: The Undertaker

23. Easy enough the streak would stay 20-0. I can see Shawn screwing Triple H or Undertaker. Winner: The Undertaker

24. When this was announced.





This makes Taker’s last match (Maybe) to another level. During this match, I trust HBK to be fair during this match, no matter what he says. To keep Taker’s streak at a perfect 20-0, Taker will defeat HHH in a blood-bath. Winner: The Undertaker

25. Nobody will end the streak. Maybe HBK will superkick HHH or something, who knows.
Winner: The Undertaker

26. If it was anyone young and hungry and not Triple H, I would say Taker was passing the torch. But uhm…this isn’t even close to that. It’s going to be brutal and probably one of the shorter HiaC matches we’ve ever seen, because I don’t think Taker has been training that much for the match based on some very recent photos of him looking thin and with a little pot belly. BONUS PREDICTION: Shawn will TRY to help Trips and end up superkicking him instead of Taker, who will win and go home for another year, satisfied that Shawn’s still bettah. LOL Winner: The Undertaker

27. Winner: The Undertaker

28. Winner: The Undertaker

29. With the inclusion of HBK has the special ref during this match I except it to be nothing less than a 4star matchup. The “End of an Era” match is to be decided inside Satan’s playground, Hell In A Cell. These 3 helped make this matchup what it is today. Hopefully with the limitations of Taker in the ring doesn’t stop this from being as brutal as I think this match can be. The key factor in this match also is HBK. Will he screw Taker and help his long time friend HHH win and finally end the streak? Will HBK side with Taker and screw HHH? Or will he call it down the middle? The only person who knows is HBK himself. Winner : Taker

30. WWE missed the boat to end the streak with HBK, who really should have been the one to succeed. H doesn’t need this at all, the build has been alright and I got far more excited upon the announcement of the stip. I just don’t believe Triple H is pulling this off. Winner: The Undertaker

31. After HBK superkicks HHH Winner: Undertaker

32. Winner: The Undertaker

33. Winner: The Undertaker

34. When this match was made, I marked. I marked not only for the Hell in a Cell at WM28, but because the match was used properly. For the HIAC PPV, you KNOW the main events will be inside it, but this one came out of nowhere, and that is what made this match so amazing in it’s prime. The Hell in a Cell match was thrown into a feud to give it finality, and when it was made, it was designed to give chills to the opponent AND the live crowd. This time… the crowd: YES. Opponent: NO. But it was a shocker, and THAT is what this type of match was made for……… and the men inside all made it famous…… Winner: The Undertaker

35. Winner: The Undertaker

36. If HHH beats Taker I will disown the whole organization. Winner: The Undertaker

37. Obvious. Winner: The Undertaker

38. Winner: Undertaker

39. Because DUH. Winner: Undertaker

40. As appalling as it is, I don’t think Taker’s streak will ever be broken. I think he’ll retire without losing at Mania… Unless he dies first.
Winner: Undertaker

41. Undertaker. Can you imagine the outrage if someone broke the streak? Especially Triple H.

Winner: Undertaker

42. The streak vs. a man hell bent on breaking it, who thinks he has his friend in his corner. I feel like this match is very predictable, but it has entertainment value. After all, it is the only non-straight up match on the card. I think this will be the most entertaining match of the night and both competitors will put on a hell of a show, however, with Michaels there it’s going to work against Triple H. Will Michaels get involved? I think with the way his character is right now, yes I do. Regardless, there is no DQ and sh** in this match so anything goes. Streak remains intact.Winner: Undertaker.

43. Taker needs to go to 20-0 before he rides into the sunset and retires

Winner: Undertaker

44. Undertaker goes 20-0. With or without interference from Shawn Michaels. Perhaps a tombstone for the special ref after the match? This time Trip will be unable to leave the ring unassisted. Undie’s been one of my faves since ’90, he should never lose the streak…
Winner: Undertaker

46. Based on the interaction between DX as of late, me thinks HBK might want to show how much “better” he is. Winner: Undertaker

47. Winner: Undertaker

48. I still am not sure what the goal is here, but I think he wins this one, as they are not having a “pass the torch” sort of match with a younger Superstar. Winner: The Undertaker

49. Winner: The Undertaker

50. Undertaker wins it to go 20-0, bows out for a career. Winner: The Undertaker

51. I think this match will set up Shawn Michaels vs Triple H at WM 29. Shawn Michaels will screw Trips out of jealousy or something, building on the Shawn vs Trips subtext being built within this match. Plus, 20-0.

Winner: Undertaker

52. I’m at a bit of a disadvantage on this match-up as I haven’t been able to view either of them in WWE. But, based on the knowledge I have gained from my WWE friends by reading their blogs (thanks Solace, Shawn and Kevin) and also the investigation from the world wide web, I have come up with a preferred winner. Actually, the reason for this pick is because his current get up scares the bejesus out of me. Winner: The Undertaker

53. Undertaker keeps his streak forever embedding his legacy at wrestlemania. Winner: The Undertaker

Tie-Breaker Part 1:

1. 19

2. 10

3. 14

4. 10

5. 10

6. 13

7. 20

8. 22

9. 12

10. 8

12. 15

13. 11

14. 5

15. 17

16. 17

17. 17

18. 8

19. 28

20. 37

22. 13

23. 13

24. 12

25. 9

26. 12

27. 23

28. 8

29. 17

30. 10

31. 12

32. 10

33. 12

34. 13

35. 10

36. 10

37. 32

38. 8

39. 5

40. 7

41. 16

42. 15

43. 8

44. 10

46. 18

47. 7

48. 11

49. 10

50. 6

51. 13

52. 10

53. 13

Tie-Breaker Part 2:

1. Triple H

2. Triple H

3. Triple H

4. Triple H

5. Triple H

6. Triple H

7. Triple H

8. Triple H

9. Triple H

10. Triple H

12. Triple H

13. Triple H

14. Triple H

15. Triple H

16. Triple H

17. Triple H

18. The Undertaker

19. Triple H

20. Triple H

22. Triple H

23. Triple H

24. Triple H

25. Triple H

26. Triple H

27. Triple H

28. Triple H

29. Triple H

30. Triple H

31. Triple H

32. The Undertaker

33. Triple H

34. Triple H

35. TIE

36. Triple H

37. Triple H

38. Triple H

39. Triple H

40. Triple H

41. Triple H

42. Triple H

43. Triple H

44. Triple H

46. Triple H

47. Triple H

48. Triple H

49. Triple H

50. Triple H

51. Triple H

52. The Undertaker

53. Triple H



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