Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy Predictions

Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny


1. I was going to go with a “No Call” on this one because I can’t see either man stepping down. Then they put The Miz on Johnny’s team. I actually think there’s something to Miz being undefeated at Wrestlemania and I’m betting everything here that I’m right! Winner: Team Johnny

2. Team Johnny is stacked. Team Teddy is a comic gimmick team. Teddy is also terrible, a sad stereotype from the past, and needs to go. As the result, I’m really worried that his team will win. That being said, surely the WWE needs to do the “right” thing once in a while, doesn’t it? Team Johnny. I’m hoping that Drew gets the victory, since he has the longest running issues with Teddy. Winner: Team Johnny

3. The band of misfits winning, plus Johnny’s team wanting some payback later on is a more interesting future booking. Winner: Team Teddy

4.  I honestly think Teddy has the better team with better fan favorites. But Heels tend to run the WWE so I have to go with Johnny running it for a while until Teddy gets a rematch. Winner: Team Johnny

5. Johnny Ace is a better overall character and Team Teddy is full of idiots: Winners: Team Johnny

6. Teddy is done and Johnny’s over as hell, seems like an easy decision. Winner: Team Johnny

7. I’ve already stated that neither man’s team will win, so… Winners: Draw

8. Team Teddy is a bunch of jobbers, and Team Teddy is made up of a bunch of awesome mother****ers. David Otunga is going to get the final pinfall, and Mark Henry is going to do the most damage. MARK HENRY IS GOING TO SWEAT.  WInner: Team Johnny

9. Miz finally gets a win and proves his worth.  And, with the exception of (poor, poor) Kofi, Team Teddy is a joke.  Winner: Team Johnny

10. Teddy’s team consists of comedy acts, a broadcaster, and Kofi. Johnny’s team is stacked with past champions & future champions. This storyline has at least 1 more month before it feels like the “invasion”.
Winner: Team Teddy

12. Laurinitis is gonna win this, I would be surprised if Teddy/Johnny didn’t get involved and I wouldn’t be overly surprised if Rey (Teddy) and ADR (Johnny) made an appearance. Winner: Team Johnny

13. Think Team Teddy will win because TL has been in the WWE to long to just lose and give smackdown to JL having said that I dont think TL could manage raw properly! Still want Team TL to win tho! Winner: Team Teddy

14. Winner: Team Teddy

15. This match will be far too short, on paper Team Johnny should walk this but you never know with WWE booking.  Still I think Johnny Ace being in charge of both shows is a far better story so I’ll go for them winning with Miz getting the pinfall.

Winner: Team Johnny

16. Winner: Team Johnny

17. Eww. This match just bothers me, because the story just isn’t that great. You’ve got the face GM that likes to make tag matches, and the heel GM that likes to have bromances with a walking coffee pot. Neither are great. This match needs a third choice. Anyway, I love Teddy Long, but I also love that Vickie-level crowd reaction that Johnny gets. Well, I can make more NOT PG jokes with BIG JOHNNY, and I’ve got to pay the bills here… so Johnny it is.

Winner: Team Johnny

18. Just because of the goofiness of Team Teddy. Winner: Team Teddy

19. As much as I would love Johnny to become GM for both shows, and as much as I hate Teddy, I don’t think it’ll happen. Winners: Team Teddy

20. I think Team Johnny. Teddy’s team is pretty jobbertastic. Winner: Team Johnny

22. Too many other “good guy” victories. Winner: Team Johnny

23. Booker and R-Truth on team is crazy. But Laurinaitis is pure gold on TV. Sometimes I love to Hate on him in November. But he’s really good at it. Plus everyone on his team are pure gold as well. Winner: Team Johnny

24. Now, what I am about to say will shock hundreds of people, but at WrestleMania 28, Teddy Long… will be booking more tag team matches. Even though Johnny’s team has 5 world champions and team Teddy has 2 world champions, the faces rarely ever lose at Mania. So Teddy Long will be booking tag team matches for more years to come. Winner: Team Teddy

25. Team Teddy looks like crap and I have the feeling WWE wants to keep Laurinaitis on TV.Winner: Team Johnny.

26. They put serious wrestlers on one team, and mostly zany guys on the other team. Plus, Clown Shoes is very over as a heel, while Teddy Long is a face who has been around a little too long. BONUS PREDICTION: Aksana heel turn to become Johnny’s GF and perhaps winning his team the match through the shock of it all. Or her giant fake boobs. One or the other. Winner: Team Johnny

27. Winner: Team Johnny

28. God, I hate Johnny. Winner: Team Johnny

29. Winner : Team Johnny

30. I’m holding out hope here, as disappointed as I was with Booker being the last man, Johnny has a STACKED team… So much so, that it has to lose. Winner: Team Teddy

31. Winner: Team Johnny

32. Winner: Team Johnny

33. Winner: Team Johnny

34. Who doesn’t know that this match is only here because the originally planned Money in the Bank match was cancelled due to Wade Barrett’s injury? How else were they going to put a bunch of random names together? Well? Winner: Team Johnny

35. Winner: Team Teddy

36. Oh now this is though… Normally these matches tend to favour the babyfaces but I can’t see Teddy being the GM for both shows so I’ll go for Team Johnny. Winners: Team Johnny

37. John Laurinaitis. Winner: Team Johnny

38. Winner: Team Johnny

39. Because they seem much more powerful than the goofiest gimmick babyfaces on Team Teddy. Winner: Team Johnny

40. I realize this is a counterintuitive choice, but I’m choosing to believe that Teddy’d team is the result of more than just sh*** booking. Having such a rag-tag team of faces win would appeal to buyers who din’t regularly watch wrestling, a demographic that the WWE tends to cater to at Mania. Beyond that, the loss would give the members of Team Johnny something to feud over for weeks after Mania.
Winner: Team Teddy

41. Teddy Long has been around for a LONG time, whereas John can be considered a fairly new face in WWE (storyline wise). Having him lose would essentially bury him as being a credible character, where I feel that Teddy’s gimmick has run it’s course. While I’m not saying that he should completely disappear, someone needs to replace him.

Winner: Team Johnny

42. How did David Otunga become a captain in this group with a lineup of champions (Nobody cares about that tag title run you had, hell, Santino has two singles titles!). I like that they’re giving more wrestlers a shot with this ‘Mania, but Team Johnny will be defeated. As cliched as it would be, I see badly dressed lawyer vs. guy who wears a sock on his hand.² Champion defeats non champion via “Cobra,” and Teddy, who has been a GM for 7+ years will rule them all! Winner: Team Teddy.

43. Teddy dresses better and Santino is better then Otunga

Winner: Team Teddy

44. Unfortunately Team Teddy has a few superstars, a commentator and a barely mobile giant. No chance in hell. Team Johnny takes it. Miz gets the winning fall.
Winners: Team Johnny

46. Me thinks there’s a fox in the henhouse; a betrayal is inevitable. Winner: Team Johnny. 

47. Winner: Team Teddy

48.  I fully expect a clusterfuck, with a big showing from Ryder and Santino (#santinowins), but it feels like Team Johnny gets the win here with some involvement from Eve. Winner: Team Johnny

49. Winner: Team Johnny

50. Team Johnny wins it because a heel GM is more interesting and sets up more feuds than it squelches. Winner: Team Johnny

51. WWE may be insufferable if Teddy Long wins here. The guy is so stale and adds nothing to the show in his current form. No one cares if the faces get all the advantages under Teddy, but people will care if the heels get advantages under Johnny. Johnny Ace is awesome right now, and I love it when faces need to overcome real odds, instead of goddamn Teddy Long.

Winner: Team Johnny.

52. I’ve looked at who is in both teams and can’t get past the strength that appears in Team Johnny. I really want to go for Team Teddy as I just love Teddy……Bears.

Winner: Team Johnny

53. I think Miz will bring team Johnny the victory miz worked hard to get into this match and i think he is going to be on top of his game sunday night. Winner: Team Johnny


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