Randy Orton vs. Kane Predictions

Randy Orton vs. Kane


1. This could have been a much more interesting feud but seemed rushed. I know, I’m just never satisfied. I think they could look good in the ring together, but Orton’s not losing at Wrestlemania. Winner: Randy Orton

2. The Big Red Jobber returns to Wrestlemania. I’m not even a Kane fan, but I’m rather disgusted that they gave him back the mask just to feed him to Cena and Orton immediately. Naturally, Orton shall prevail via a “RKO out of nowhere.” His matches are almost as predictable as those of Steve Austin. Yep, I went there. Winner: Randy Orton

3. Orton will be fine, but Kane has nothing going for him. Winner: Kane

4. Why are they fighting again? Lol Orton is packaged as a Cena and no lose wrestler. As much as he needs to lose, he won’t. Winner: Orton 

5. This match is filler and I don’t care Winner: Orton

6. The match sort of seems like filler(although I like the story), so I think the face’ll take it. Winner: Randy Orton

7. Yawn, another obvious Orton feud. Winner: Randy Orton

8. I think this match can steal the show. I think that the winner of this match is going to be in the title match at the next PPV, and I think it’s going to be Randal Keith Orton. Winner by RKO OUT OF EFFING NOWHERE: Randy Orton

9. Orton wins with a La Magistral Cradle.  Or maybe an RKO.  Winner: Randy Orton

10. I just don’t care.
Winner: Kane

12. I’m not a fan of Randy and he’s a death wish to the immediate career of anyone he’s supposed to be putting over (Kofi, Barrett). However I don’t see him putting over anyone, it’s Mania after all, he won’t want to! Winner: Randy Orton

13.Orton to win as if he were to lose it would make him look weak. Winner: Randy Orton

14. Orton FTW Winner: Randy Orton

15. Again these two will work well together but I can only see one outcome – Orton wins with some form of super RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton

16. Winner: Randy Orton

17. Meh. Contrived match is contrived. I know Kane’s not terribly far away from retirement, but if this could lead to his last big push, let’s do it.

Winner: Kane

18. No point, no brainer. With an RKO OUT OF NO WHERE. Winner: Randy Orton

19. WWE won’t have Orton lose to Kane, just like he didn’t lose to Punk last year. Chokeslam countered into RKO for 3. Winner: Randy Orton

20. Am I allowed to say who cares? Probably Orton to keep him sweet. Winner: Randy Orton

22. Dumbest fake feud ever. Winner: Randy Orton

23. Kane has been gone from Hate and rape too…Well a short live feud with Orton. Poor Kane 😦 Winner: Randy Orton

24. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? No real storyline between the two besides Kane shaking Orton’s hand after a street fight back in the summer. Using that logic, I should be having a Wrestlemania match with my next door neighbor Steve over getting his mail for him one day last summer. THIS FEUD MAKES NO SENSE. So, I see Orton winning. Winner: Randy Orton

25. *sigh* This is going to hurt me so much, but Orton won’t lose to Kane at freaking wrestlemania. Winner: Randy Orton

26. Uhm…DUH. Of COURSE Randy is going to win. Kane’s last big run is over, and he is still wrestling because he loves it and his role now is to put over younger talent. He is essentially a veteran who can work with anyone, and right now he’s serving as a placeholder guy. Randy is coming off multiple injuries and needs a nice win to regain momentum for his inevitable run back to the title picture. In Internet speak: YOU GONNA GET RKO’D. Winner: Randy Orton

27. Winner: Randy Orton

28. Winner: Orton

29. Im convinced Vince Russo has a job in WWE again. Why is this a Mania match? I get that both of them have nothing to do and they had a thing goin during the summer. But I dont see this being an instant classic. Kane most likely will eat a few RKO’s and possibly a punt. Winner: Randy Orton

30. It’s Kane, losing is apparently his thing. Winner: Randy Orton

31. Winner: Randy Orton

32. Winner: Randy Orton

33. Winner: Randy Orton

34.  I really really like this match. Their styles mesh well enough together that this match could easily be #2 or #3 on the best match list for this Wrestlemania. This match could possibly end in a countout or DQ just to keep the feud going. Winner: Kane

35. Winner: Randy Orton

36. Orton will win via “out of nowhere” RKO Winner: Orton

37. ‘Cos he has nothing better to do. Winner: Randy Orton

38. Winner: Randy Orton

39. With an RKO “out of nowhere”. Winner: Randy Orton

40. I really don’t understand the point of this random-ass match. I’m basically just randomly guessing.
Winner: Orton

41. I honestly didn’t even know these two were feuding… I’m going to say Randy though, because the last time I remember him loosing a match was… Ummm… I got nothing :/
But I will say that knowing the Viper’s (is he even still called that?) temper, I can only assume that a wrestlemania loss would not set well with him.

Winner: Randy Orton

42. This story line has improved over the last few weeks. When the WWE introduces/re-introduces the “unstoppables,” which are men like Umaga, who for many months in WWE was unbeatable, the story line tends to lack or pack on the lame sauce. With Orton’s return and someone to challenge Kane’s dominance (diggin’ the mask by the way.), I’m more excited about this match (though this feud kind of just sprung from nothing.), but would have preferred someone more entertaining than a one-on-one, maybe like a no-DQ or another street fight would have been more appropriate (shades of Wrestlemania XII.). In a way, this is Wrestlemania XXVIII’s elemental battle; fire and ice, and as fire can get out of control, Kane will end up being disqualified for using a weapon of some kind. Winner: Randy Orton

43. The match I’m looking forward to the least because the feud has a stupid basis, but Kane needs to turn around his losing streak and show he’s still a monster to be reckoned with

Winner: Kane

44. Another match Im not too worried about – obvious Orton is almost untouchable and he’s probably going to win but Im rooting for Kane since he’s about to retire – they could always have a rematch next month with Orton getting the upper hand. Make this match interesting by making the winner no.1 contender to the Smackdown champ – setting up Sheamus/Kane matches.
Winner: Kane

46. Eh, don’t really care. Winner:: Randy Orton

47. Winner: Randy Orton

48. This almost has to continue, does not have a blow off feel to it.  Winner: Kane

49. Winner: Kane

50. Orton wins to remind everyone he’s awesome. Kane is never hurt by losses. Ever. Winner: Randy Orton

51. Sad they brought back Kane to job to Cena and Orton. A neat spot for an RKO I imagine will finish this match. Too bad because maybe Kane should be in the title picture.

Winner: Randy Orton

52. Another match I am at a disadvantage with as I have not seem either of these two in the ring. But, thankfully the world wide web came to my rescue again and I have determined a winner, based on pure looks and scariness.

Winner: Kane

53. I think with all the ways Orton can pull out the rko and put the big red machine out of the match He will have enough of an edge to be victorious. Winner: Randy Orton



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