Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve

Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve


1. Celebrities don’t lose at Wrestlemania. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

2. Yeah, this is going to be awful. That being said, the pointless celebrity usually wins this sort of match, so Maria/Kelly win. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

3. Celebrities don’t come in to lose. Unfortunately, Maria and Kelly get the win. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

4. A celebrity lose? Naw and maria gives 100% into her obligations. Winners: Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly

5. At WM, celebs almost always win so…Winners: Maria & K2

6. Celebrities always win, just like Undertaker. Winner: M2 and K2.

7. Maria “miraculously” wins even with two broken ribs… from dancing. Winner: Maria M. & K2

8. Screw this match. Kharma is going to come and clean house, beat the **** out of Beth Phoenix, and Maria is going to get the pinfall. Winner by **** capitalizing on run-in: ***dumpster Kelly and Extra ***** Maria Winner: Maria Meounos & Kelly Kelly

9. Celebrities always win at WrestleMania.  Always.  Word is, however, that Maria menounos broke a rib while practicing for Dancing With The Stars.  If she’s out . . . it doesn’t matter.  They’ll replace he with another face and Kelly’s team will win, anyway.  Winner: Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos or whoever

10. Maria broke her anorexic ribs at Dancing With Has-beens so I really don’t see her trying to get in the ring. This may actually be the match to watch. Does Vince bring back Kharma to take her place or does he make Kelly suck Eve’s dick? My prediction will include both scenarios.
Winner: Kharma return? Kharma & Kelly.
Winner : No Kharma? Beth & Eve

12. If there’s only one Divas match then the faces are gonna come out on top. The fact they’ve got someone famous (well apparently, I’ve only heard of her through WWE!) only furthers my belief of this! Winner: MM & KK

13. Don’t really keep up with divas wrestling but judging by the match I say Beth and Eve would dominate! But Kharma will get involved during the match! Winner: Beth Phoenix & Eve

14. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

15. As a Brit I have no idea who this Maria is – why we aren’t getting Beth vs Natalya is beyond me.  Hopefully Beth wins and then destroys all three other participants with perhaps Kharma showing up at the end?

Winner: Beth Phoenix & Eve

16. Winner: Beth Phoenix & Eve

17. All my [NOT-PG]s disappeared when I found out about this match. It is impossible to care any less than I already do about this.  

Winner: Beth/Eve because Beth is gorgeous. (Jerry Lawler also wins, but for much different reasons)

18. Maria to pin Eve Winners: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

19. Maria and Kelly will win, as celebrities always seem to win at Mania. Also, it may lead to Kelly v Beth. Yay. Winners: Maria and Kelly.

20. Kelly and Random Sleb for a cheap face pop like last year. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

22. Only streak that matches Undertaker’s is the Celebrity Streak. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

23. Celebrity wins. I wanted a title match at Mania. But i’ll wait I guess… Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

24. Every year, Wrestlemania has some type of celebrity involved in a match, this year it is the divas in a tag team match. And every year, if I remember correctly, the celebrity has won. So Kelly and the chick from Extra will win it via roll up, like every diva’s match. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

25. Celebrity wins lol. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

26. A time-filler match if there ever was one. Folks, ain’t no way Miss Morning Show with a busted rib is going to pin Beth P. Not gonna happen. And at the moment, K2 is not at the top. The company knows EVERYONE wants Beth/Kharma, and Beth will retain the wins and the strap until Kharma comes back (if she ever does). No point in making Beth job to a non-wrestler (again!) right before a monster feud that everyone has been anticipating for over a year. OTOH, the booking fail is strong with the WWE team, so yeah. >8P Winner: Beth Phoenix & Eve

27. Winner: Maria Meounos & Kelly Kelly

28. Winner: No one, cuz this match is horrid on paper. lets hope for Kharma run in! Winner: Kharma

29. Snack break. Winner : Beth Phoenix & Eve

30. Celebrities never lose. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

31. Winner: Beth Phoenix & Eve

32. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

33. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

34. I… hate… this… match!! I understand having Maria in this match because WWE hopes to draw a few non-fan buys with her appearance(see Snooki last year), but I thought that was why Rock/Cena was booked a year ago, for non-fan awareness. That being said, I think someone like Natayla or Tamina Snuka or even Kharma should be in this match, not Maria Menounos. There were reports that Maria broke a few ribs recently, and might not being able to “wrestle”, so maybe there might be a last minute substitution……. we can only hope…… Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

35. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

36. The Babyfaces win… Winners: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

37. I don’t give a sh** I’ll be smoking or eating. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

38. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

39. Because obviously MM isn’t going to be a Diva and I don’t see any reason why Beth should lose the belt. Winner: Beth Phoenix & Eve

40. I don’t think they’d bring MM back to beat Beth’s team a second time, and we haven’t seen a whole lot of Kelly Kelly (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!).
Winner: Beth Phoenix & Eve

41. As much as it hurts to say so, I’m going to have to go with Kelly and Maria on this one. Due to the fact that WWE has put in effort to advertise that Maria Menounos is in this match, it doesn’t seem like they’d let her lose. It could be compared to many fans hyping up The Hunger Games movie, but when they see it, they’re like “Wow… I told everyone that THIS was going to be good? *facepalm*”

Winner: Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos

42. The match I’m least looking forward to, not because it’s a Divas match (I’ve got no problem with women’s wrestling, and when TNA had it’s ** together, had some of the best female wrestling talent that the sport has ever seen!), but because it’s been relegated to this showcase of celebrity, more than it is about wrestling. A similar thing was done last year, with Snooki, and was the worst Wrestlemania moment in recent memory. I’m tired of females being limited to lust more than leg locks, but if the “controversial” pin at December’s tribute to the troops was any tip off, Menounos got one over on Phoenix. I expect more of the same here, as drawing this story line out any longer seems silly. Kelly Kelly delivers her version of the “fame asser” and Menounos comes in for the pin. Winners: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

43. I take back what I said, I’ll look forward to this the least, but I’m sure the celebrity will win, they always do

Winner: Maria Menunos & Kelly Kelly

44. Not too worried, but Im going for Beth and Eve here. I like them better. Perhaps interference from Natalya?
Winners: Beth Phoenix &; Eve

46. It’s a celebrity match at Mania. What do you think? Winners: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

47. Winner: Beth Phoenix & Eve

48.  Maria gets the pin and we all dream of the day when Natalya is used properly. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

49. Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

50. Menounos and KK go over because of Extra publicity. And the world isn’t fair to Beth P. 😦 Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly

51. I don’t think they’d bring in a celebrity just to have her lose a match. Maria Menounos hasn’t even bothered to show up at RAW. This kind of match doesn’t interest me really, but what can ya do? Natalya as a face replacement for Maria would be amazing here.

Winner: Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos

52. Seeing Kelly x 2 and Beth Phoenix before is actually making this a difficult one to choose. Mainly because I normally don’t pay too much attention to these Diva’s as they bore me. It really pains me to have to make a choice with this one, but what has swung it for me is the sheer beauty of one of these Diva’s (and I sure don’t mean Kelly x 2).

Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly x 2

53. With maria menunous having injured ribs I think she will be the one to take the fall in the match either to a beth bearhug or some other submission eve throws on her. Winner: Beth Phoenix & Eve



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