John Cena vs. The Rock Predictions

John Cena vs. The Rock

1. There is a lot of back and forth debate with two main points, so it depends on which you believe. That since The Rock signed a contract extension he’s going to win so Cena can win later OR that this is the Hogan/Rock match of 10 years ago so Rock can pass the torch. Rock is not sticking around, but Cash Cow is. Winnter: John Cena

2. There are two ways they can go with this match. Cena can actually lose and possibly undergo a little character development, or Cena can win and nothing changes. Considering that Cena has undergone zero actual development in more than half a decade, that probably gives him the edge. Then again, he could lose, be angry for two months, and then reset back to the usual Goofy Mindless Hypocrite status that he’s done throughout his career. For my own sanity, I’m going out on a limb and picking the Rock. My sanity is worth more to me right now. Winner: The Rock

3. Cena will still be there Monday. Cena needs to win. Much like Rock had to win vs. Hogan 10 years ago, this must be Cena’s match. Winner: John Cena

4.  When the Rock talks he backs it up. I don’t see him coming back to job to Cena, he is worth more than that. But if he is leaving then you cant have your “headliner(which we have seen in the past few months that he is not needed for a good raw or  a good ppv)” be cut down by such a sh** talker. No one can win for everyone to save face (but I still root for the most electrifying man in sports entertainment #teambringit) Winner: Neither  (no contest)

5. Cena is the face of the company and “needs” this more. Winner: John Cena

6. It’s the whole passing the torch deal, there’s nothing to gain if Rock wins. Winner: John Cena

7. TBH, I couldn’t care less, but I’m going to say the movie star wins. Winner: The Rock

8. This is the most anticipated match of all time, in my estimation, and I think it will be a major letdown. I believe that they are going to milk this Cena/Rock feud for as long as they can. I predict that there will be a run-in that makes it a no contest. My prediction for the run-in is Brock Lesnar. Winner: No Contest.

9. This is the most unpredictable WrestleMania main event that I can think of.  Cena lost last year.  Cena is the full-timer.  Cena wins.  Winner: John Cena

10. Cena’s in-ring ability has never improved beyond OVW. His promos are the same tired cadence & goofy faces. If WCW had won the “war” he’d still be mid-carding & tagging with Disco Inferno.
Winner: The Rock

12. I think Cena will win this one. I just don’t see any scenario where Rock wins here so. Winner: John Cena

13. Feel the rock will win well I just hope he wins and kicks cenas candy ass!! #TeamBringIt Winner: The Rock

14. Cena all the way… but what sets up the next story?! Winner: John Cena

15. I’m hoping that this can be Cena’s Wrestlemania moment – whilst he has always performed he has never come close to stealing the show.  Rock showed at Survivor Series he still has it in him so I expect this to be great especially with the frenzied crowd.

Winner: John Cena

16. Winner: John Cena

17. The feud we’ve all been waiting…*snore*  There’s no way Cena doesn’t win this. It’s literally Rock/Hogan 10 years down the line. And we all knew who won that one. The one whose career wasn’t over (yes, Hogan came back and did WWE again and TNA, but his late career has been a bigger snore than this match is). So when we get to WM 38, Cena loses, but for this time, Cena wins.


18. To keep this going up to Wrestlemania 29. Winner: The Rock

19. Cena vs Rock has been built up all too like Rock v Hogan, and I think it will end with a similar ‘passing of the torch’ Winner: John Cena

20. has to be Cena. Maybe heel turn, maybe not, but shouldn’t got any other way even I’d prefer Rocky! Winner: John Cena

22. Batista runs in and screws Cena. The Rock gets the pin. He doesn’t see that Batista dropped Cena. When he realizes it, he rock bottoms Batista. Batista retreats. Cena and Rock shake hands, shrug their shoulders. Rock puts over Cena as a stand up guy and worthy opponent. He hates that the match ended that way. They both still suck at what they do. What a constipated, year long feud. So glad it gets flushed here. Winner: The Rock

23. The Rock has done it all. I really don’t see rock winning. He needs to pass the torch like Hogan did. Winner: John Cena

24. This match has been made a year in advance, pinning two future legends, who have both had several title reins. In this Once in a Lifetime match…

*Stalling, Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling.*

the winner is…

*Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling,  Stalling* Winner: The Rock

25. Cena will win because Rock will pass the torch like Hogan did to Rock. Rock isn’t there full time anyway. Winner: John Cena

26. SuperCena strikes again. And, when Rock leaves for another three to six months, John shouldn’t look like a big loser. OTOH, the Cena Haters will probably inundate the ring with warm beers and CENA SUCKS shirts, if not full-out riot. Good thing they put this stinker at the end so the arena burning down won’t make the PPV — just the evening news. Winner: John Cena

27. Winner: John Cena

28. Winner: John Cena

29. The most hyped match in double double e history. Yet to me the hype has been lackluster. Im torn between the hometown hero and the franchise player. The Rock or John Cena? Both make good points on why they should win but at the end of the day who’s there to stay? Cena. So for that reason….. Winner : John Cena

30. Rock simple isn’t meant to win this match, I entertained the thought of this being more than just a one off, but I can’t bear the thought of Rock’s promos for another year. So I have to hope Cena pulls this off. Winner: John Cena

31. I hope we can get a clean win here. If not I think Miz may be involved. Winner Cena

32. Winner: John Cena

33. Winner: The Rock

34. At first, I hated this idea of this match, but after a year of talking about it, and seeing the events unfold, the more I want to see John Cena kick The Rock’s ass all over his own hometown… But I didn’t fully get on the bandwagon until AFTER the last Raw before Mania… John Cena made you believe… Rock made you understand……. and here it is… Winner: John Cena

35. Winner: The Rock

36. I’m gonna risk losing by posting a bold yet awesome prediction. This past Raw, John Cena said he HAD TO BEAT THE ROCK… who was the last person to say that? Steve Austin… and what happened at Wrestlemana x-seven after he said that? He turned heel with a little help from Vinnie Mac, thus turning heel…

 Vinnie Mac will not interfere but I’m gonna out on a whim and say that Cena will turn heel by beating the living tar out of Rocky… thus him finally “embracing the hate”… plus this is the only place you could really turn him. At Wrestlemania in front of Rocky’s hometown crowd.

 Winner: John Cena.

37. I DON’T KNOW. I want to say no contest but I can just see the shi*** handshake of respect. Winner: John Cena

38. Winner: John Cena

39. Because Rock beat Hogan 10 years ago. Then, Rock was in Cena’s position, & Hogan was the “legend” like Rocky is now. Winner: John Cena

40. Winner: The Rock

41. This is a tough one to pick… *Eenie meenie miney moe*… Well, Moe never lies

Winner: John Cena

42. I’ve joked that the promo image for The Rock/Cena match looks like a stage screen for Mortal Kombat III, but in reality it’s Wrestlemania 18 all over again, and strangely enough exactly ten years later. Cena is pulling out his “truth” card with this match while The Rock is trending world wide. If there is one match that I care the least about on this card, besides the Diva/Celebrity match, it is this one. It’s bad when you have to hype a match one year before it occurs. In a way, the WWE’s move to do so ruined it for me and most likely for a lot of people. I enjoy the epicness this match has to bring to the table, but The Hogan/Rock match wasn’t as hyped as this. This leads me to believe that it won’t live up to all the hype. Banter aside, these competitors are really well matched up, and for the fans, The Rock has to win. You better believe that there will be a lot of kicking out of finishers, which the Rock pioneered. In the end, the Rock wins. Winner: The Rock

43. Cena needs to win to remain “the man” and Rock is leaving and probably not returning for another year

Winner: John Cena

44. Actually looking forward to this one, dont particularly care for either but I know How important each of them is and how significant a meeting like this is – same as Hogan/Rock, Hogan/Michaels etc. Im going with Cena because he needs the win more…Rock will get a rematch and win (maybe at Summerslam) and next year’s the rubber match. Wishing Cena would turn heel (perhaps an alliance with the Miz to help his win) but I know its unlikely. Winner: John Cena

46. As much as it kills me to say it, based on the promos… Winner: Cena.

47. Winner: John Cena

48. I fully expect some sort of twist involving a third party. Winner: John Cena

49. Winner: The Rock

50. Cena has to win or his character is utterly ruined. Winner: John Cena

51. Only way that Rock has a chance here is if there will be a re-match next year (DEAR GOD NO!!!!!1). I see this happening though. If they make enough money here, they can have Rock win, and Cena win next year.

Winner: The Rock

52. The Rock has returned to WWE to appease his loyal WWE fans and to face new blood. But alas, I’m afraid he is going to find it tough going up against the “guns” of John Cena. The backing of the fans and the more recent WWE exposure will get Cena over the line. Winner: Cena

53. You cant stop the rock, You cant see me. tough call but i see john cena showing the rock why the wwe will still be his stomping grounds.  Winner: John Cena



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