Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus Predictions

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

1. Personal feelings aside, when has Sheamus lost recently in a singles match. I don’t see that momentum being brought down now. They are grooming Sheamus to be one of the guys, not just a guy. Winner: Sheamus

2. They’ve been building Sheamus toward this moment for most of the last year. He gets his first big Wrestlemania moment, becomes World Champion, and takes a stab at becoming the top face on Smackdown. I don’t care what Bryan does next. His AJ abuse combined with his terrible attempt at Vegan Edge Society, with a little Christian tossed on top does nothing for me, especially since both Punk and Christian did it much, much better. Winner: Sheamus

3. Sheamus. He needs this title win to get over. Bryan found himself as a heel, and there’s a lot of fun places he can go after losing the belt. Winner: Sheamus

4.  I think if Danial Bryans character is going to have a big ego and be whiny and conceded then he needs to lose to elevate it farther. If he loses he can then go in an almost Christian method of trying to prove himself and how great you can be as a vegan. Winner: Sheamus 

5. The Royal Rumble winner hasn’t won at WM since ’07 so I really think Sheamus will get this. Winner: Sheamus

6. Cowardly heel is finally going to get his due. Winner: Sheamus

7. I’m going to say Sheamus wins… via disqualification. #YES Winner: Sheamus

8. Daniel Bryan is amazing, and nobody can argue that. Sheamus is a very successful midcarder in my eyes. I don’t see this match lasting as long as a Mania WHC match should.  Winner: Bryan Danielson

9. Sheamus won the Rumble just because they wanted to surprise the fans.  I don’t think they’re going to give him a run as champion, especially since Bryan has been the most entertaining champion  – in AND out of the ring – in a LONG time.  Winner: Daniel Bryan

10. This is a tricky one. Do they continue with a great character & storyline or does HHH’s workout buddy get the win. Logically Shhheamus would win, but Vince will have consumed upwards of 30 energy drinks before this match starts.
Winner: Fave 5 D Bry

12. I see Sheamus taking this one, I’ve not been that in to Bryan recently but think Sheamus has proven he can be a star as a face as well. Winner: Sheamus

13. Reckon that Bryan will get a dirty win and I don’t feel sheamus is quite World Heavyweight Champion material yet! Winner: Daniel Bryan

14. Gonna Stay with DBryan Winner: Daniel Bryan

15. I’m really torn on this one.  Following Rumble Sheamus seemed obvious but Bryan is getting better and better in his role.  Lots of stiff shots will be the order of the day.  I am going to say Bryan wins as I think they will look to unify the titles soonish.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

16. Winner: Sheamus

17. MAH BOY D-BRY versus the Great White Sheamus. I see this one being the most underappreciated match of the night. It won’t have all the panache of Punk/Jericho, the years worth of story of HHH/Taker, but it will be a hard worked match, and the match that surprises us all when we watch it a year from now. As far as how it falls, I see Sheamus being the winner, with somehow Bryan blaming the loss on AJ, furthering (and hopefully soon finishing up) that storyline there.

Winner: Sheamus

18. Sheamus has been on a roll since last summer and it’s a good time for him to run with it. Winner: Sheamus

19. I really, really, really want Bryan to win, and I think AJ will turn heel and help him do it. YES! Winner: Daniel Bryan

20. I used to think Sheamus was going to win, but I think DBD will retain for a bit longer. Winner: Daniel Bryan

22. Really, some heels have to win… right? But then again, what is Mania without a title change? Has that EVER happened before? Oh wait, Big Show beats Rhodes. God damn I hate that match. F***ing title loss bullsh** f*** sh** f***. Winner: Daniel Bryan

23. As much I like his reign, but this year we would finally have a winner of the rumble win. Winner: Sheamus

24. This match is a lot like Kane/Orton, no real rivalry. Sheamus pretty much wants to beat the sh*t out of Daniel Bryan. That’s the rivalry. So, keeping Sheamus momentum up, Sheamus will win the WHC why D-Bry will be screaming NO. NO. NO Winner: Sheamus

25. Sheamus will win, he’s been unstoppable and Bryan needs to get rid of the title ASAP.
Winner: Sheamus

26. It’s time for Sheamus to have a big title again, and he is more than capable of having a nice multi-PPV feud with the YESYESYES Man. Bryan is HOT as a heel, and will be with or without the title around his waist. They finally figured out how to use him properly. BONUS PREDICTION: Sheamus has been giving Certain Looks to AJ, who seems just a liiiiiitle too meek, especially considering how smart she is. Look for either a face turn with her helping Sheamus, or a “special moment” between her and Sheamus where the Great White treats her the way a real man should. Anyway, I look for these two to have a multi-PPV feud and probably exchanging AJ and the title once more before it’s all over. Winner: Sheamus

27. Winner: Sheamus

28. Winner: Sheamus

29. Now I don’t watch Smackdown all that much so I don’t really have a lot of input on this one other than Bryan being a chickensh** heel and Sheamus the royal rumble winner looking to win the title at Mania. No doubt it should be a good match provided they get a good amount of time and aren’t bumped off the card for the dark match. I think AJ Lee will have the deciding factor in this match tho. Winner : Daniel “YES YES YES” Bryan

30. As much as I love Bryan right now, and AJ Lee… This fella isn’t walking away with the belt, maybe some AJ influence in the loss to make it more interesting. Winner: Sheamus

31. Maybe something happens to Aj an Dbry was checking on her. That would be his excuse for losing. Winner: Sheamus

32. Winner: Sheamus

33. Winner: Daniel Bryan

34.  WWE has done a great job turning D-Bry into a great heel, but tonight, I see the storyline come full circle… Winner: Sheamus

35. Winner: Sheamus

36. I think DBD will beat Sheamus… AJ will pretend to turn against DBD by siding with Sheamus but will double cross him costing him the title. Cue Trish Stratus-style heel turn. #BoldPrediction Winner: Daniel Bryan

37. Lobster head. Winner: Sheamus

38. Winner: Sheamus

39. It could go either way for me on this because Sheamus is winning every match since RR and is being built up like crazy, but maybe DB will do something underhanded or dirty to win. SO UNDECIDED.
I guess I’ll pick Bryan. Winner: Daniel Bryan

40. Winner: Sheamus 

41. Nothing much to say on this, since I have no idea.

Winner: Sheamus

42. Sheamus is red hot right now, making a face change, and is in better standing than he was last year, where he wrestled Daniel Bryan to a no contest in a dark match. Well in a rematch of more epic proportions, this year is Sheamus’ time to shine, turning his once mocking blue and red shorts (when he had the U.S. Title), into a united front. Yeah, Bryan may have AJ, but has she really made much of a difference in matches? Not really, hell the only thing Bryan has done for her is increase her power rating, therefore, Sheamus delivers a boot to the face of Bryan, pin and win. Winner: Sheamus.

43. WWE is touring Ireland in a few weeks, so D-Bry isn’t taking the belt out with him, I’m looking for AJ to screw things up

Winner: Sheamus

44. Not too concerned about this one- i like Daniel Bryan but Sheamus needs to capitalise on his win at the Rumble so Sheamus wins this one when AJ turns on Daniel.
Winner: Sheamus 

46. I think AJ’s had enough of D-Bry’s abuse and thus wants revenge. Winner: Sheamus

47. Winner: Sheamus

48. Bryan carries Sheamus to his best match ever, and we have AJ influencing the win. Winner: Daniel Bryan

49. Winner: Sheamus

50. Sheamus wins and solidifies his spot at the top of the card. Winner: Sheamus

51. I think they’ll have the title switch hands here, can’t have no titles being exchanged at ‘Mania. Bryan is a brilliant heel, and Sheamus needs the title so he can get out of the funk he is in. Bryan can still be in the title picture while being a real prick. Sheamus is overdue for the WHC.

Winner: Sheamus

52. It’s time for Bryan to stop caressing his World Champ Belt. Sheamus is well and truly going to put him in his place. He is not going to want his “mini me” upstaging him in front this crowd. Oh and I might also fancy Sheamus a tiny little bit given I have his doppelgänger at home (as in a stuffed Beaker) Winner: Sheamus 

53. the dark cloud over big show’s wrestlemania appearances will finally be lifted as the 7’2″ giant shows the dashing one what it’s like to be a loser on the grandest stage of them all. Winner: The Big Show



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