Cody Rhodes vs. The Big Show Predictions

Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show

1. My heart says Cody Rhodes, but my gut says Big Show. Rhodes keeps bringing up losing streak after losing streak and the problem is that when it’s purposefully brought up in this way it usually means something is going to change. Winner: Big Show

2. I’m hoping that I’m wrong, but this angle has built to the point where Show needs to win. Fortunately, a loss here won’t really hurt Cody. He’ll hopefully move on to bigger and better things. Winner: Big Show

3. A big WrestleMania win will put him in the world title picture. Winner: Cody Rhodes

4. Big Show needs his Wrestlemania moment and Rhodes has built up this title to the point that a win for Show would be so special and would sky rocket Show up. AlsoRhodes needs to finally move up to Championship contention. Winner: Big Show

5. Not that it’s what I want but I think Big Show will get his payback on Cody so…Winner: Big Show

6. You’ve got to make some heels win, and I’ve got a feeling that this is one of those cases. Winner: Cody Rhodes

7. This year will be the year Big Show finally wins. #WOOHOO! Winner: Big Show

8. At this point, I’m just sounding like a smark that hates everybody, but I don’t care for Cody Rhodes or Big Show either. However, I think it’s time for Cody Rhodes to drop the IC title and make a legitimate WHC run.  Winner, via KO punch: Big Show

9. I don’t know if he’ll win the IC Title, or not, but this is the easiest match to predict.  If Show doesn’t win, his character is forever shamed.  Winner: The Big Show

10. Cody goes over, possibly with a little help.
Winner: Cody Rhodes

12. I think Cody has looked great for the past 6-12 months and I think WWE would be stupid to stop his momentum now, especially to put over someone as old as Show so… Winner: Cody Rhodes

13. Show has had poor WM career and I feel this is the time for Rhodes to shine! Winner: Cody Rhodes

14. Rhodes has to take this. Winner: Cody Rhodes

15. For me putting the title on Show achieves nothing (though it is good it is being defended at WM).  However I feel they have made too much of Show’s losing streak, so I think he wins by DQ or Count Out.

Winner: Big Show

16. Winner: Cody Rhodes

17. Look for Show to take some sort of move (kayfabe) hard/wrong and be out for a while. Cody needs a strong win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

18. If WWE really want to give Cody that last final push to the top Cody should go over Big Show. Winner: Cody Rhodes

19. Big Show has been mocked too much recently to not win. He will, unfortunately, destroy Cody and win the title. Winner: Big Show

20. please let it be Cody. I’ll be so annoyed if he loses to Show. So, Cody. Winner: Cody Rhodes

22. Bummer result of the night. I hate this match so much. Winner: Big Show

23. Cody has been impressive since August. And it’s still growing strong.Big Show is just a fool. Winner: Cody Rhodes

24. Cody Rhodes is currently in the hunt to break The Honky Tonk Man’s record. Since July 12, 2011, we have had 4 WWE, 3 World Heavyweight and 3 United States championship changes. During Rhodes IC title run, he has defeated Ted DiBiase, 2012 Royal Rumble winner Sheamus, John Morrison, and Booker T. But one person is going to be one of Rhodes most difficult challenge ever in the Big Show, but Cody has defeated the Great Khali on an episode of Smackdown. So, I see Rhodes, winning clear or getting DQ’d, winning. Winner: Cody Rhodes

25. Not only is Big Show a joke artist, Cody needs to legitimize himself more because he hasn’t defended his title a whole lot. Winner: Cody Rhodes

26. Show, even though he is aging, is still a bigger star than Cody and he needs the win FAR more than Cody does considering his WM track record (so painfully pointed out). I can see him and Cody having a multi-PPV battle, depending on how this match goes. If Cody proves he can work with Show beyond good promos, they will probably invest further in the storyline. Otherwise, just like Jericho/Punk, what has been the point of all that promo time? Even if it’s a one-shot PPV deal, Show still needs the win the most. Cody could use the momentum of anger to propel him on to bigger and better titles. Winner: Big Show

27. Winner: Cody Rhodes

28. I dont think the title will change, but: Winner: Big Show

29. Cody makes fun of Big Show. Big show cry’s. Teddy makes a match at Mania. While I go take a Big Show. But seriously, I don’t see Show wining here as his track record shows he usually chokes at the show of shows. And Cody is the younger guy who should be put over. Winner : Cody Rhodes

30. I…No, this feels too dirty to type, I love Cody Rhodes! Winner: The Big Show

31. Winner: Big Show

32. Winner: The Big Show

33. Winner: Cody Rhodes

34. A few years ago, Cody Rhodes, Ted DidBiase, & Randy Orton had an epic Triple Threat, and if you told me then that Cody would be in a title match at Wrestlemania within a few year and Ted WOULDN’T, I would’ve laughed at you. But here we are, and Cody has proven me wrong. Big Show, on the other hand, as Cody has pointed out, has one of the WORST records at Wrestlemania of all time. BUT I’d like to point out that the last time the IC Title was defended at Mania was one of the shortest matches ever for the PPV, and it ended with JBL retiring…… WWE usually doesn’t have alot of respect for their flagship #2 Championship, so maybe this year we get a great match, and this is a great match-up Winner: Big Show

35. Winner: Big Show

36. Easy. Big Show will get his Mania moment and Rhodes will go on to better things… Winner: Big Show

37. White belt cant fit around Big Show. Winner: Cody Rhodes

38. Winner: Cody Rhodes

39. I can’t see WWE putting a belt for mid-carders on Big Show who’s had a lot of opportunities in the company already. Winner: Cody Rhodes

40. Winner: Rhodes

41. Looking at Big Show’s Wrestlemania record, I can deduct that he has simply become nothing more than a tool, a “tourist attraction” WWE uses to draw in people hoping they will be “fascinated” by the Big Show’s size. His only purpose, in my opinion, is to lose to up and coming wrestlers to put them over. Considering how many times this is used, I would be interested to see how many superstars in the lockeroom can claim to have beaten the Big Show. Can you say “A Lot?” Exactly. It has no longer become something of accomplishment to beat him, sadly.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

42. Granted that, since Cody Rhodes has become a #HEEL, he has become a way more interesting character, and the fact that he brought back a classic looking title makes him more interesting in my book. This match is less about the Intercontinental title (In fact, the title itself feels more like an innocent bystander), and more about the feud between these two. Big Show’s greatest attribute is that he is able to work with pretty much anybody in a match to make it more believable. Yeah, he’s a big man, and he could probably cave your skull in with one punch. Though I want Rhodes to win, I think this is Show’s ‘Mania; they’ve hyped up the win-loss record enough, to the point, where Show’s got more to prove. Show nails Rhodes with the WMD, pins for the win. Winner: Big Show.

43. Show is still popular with the fans and has had a sh** run at past Wrestlemanias, I look for him to turn it around and teach Cody a lesson

Winner: Big Show

44. Big Show’s woeful win-loss record at Mania continues, with Rhodes getting a clean pinfall. Nuff said.
Winner: Cody Rhodes

46. After this buildup, I think Show’s time has come. Winner: Big Show

47. Winner: Cody Rhodes

48. I almost think we need a wake up call event for Show, leading to a heel turn. Winner: Cody Rhodes

49. Winner: Cody Rhodes

50. Show wins, finally giving him a big win at Mania. Cody goes off to ascend to the World Title scene. Winner: Big Show

51. There would be no point to big Show winningthe IC title off Cody Rhodes here. Cody has been bringing it in this feud, making me care about what’s probably going to be a throwaway match. Show just doesn’t add anything to the IC. Maybe Cody can drop the belt after the draft.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

52. This is a no brainer for me. My heart melted the last time I saw this man, what he did erased any prior thoughts I had of him and he is someone who I look up to (this is because he is tall and I am short). Winner: The beanie wearing except when he gives it to his fan, The Big Show

53. the dark cloud over big show’s wrestlemania appearances will finally be lifted as the 7’2″ giant shows the dashing one what it’s like to be a loser on the grandest stage of them all. Winner: The Big Show




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