CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho Predictions

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

1. Oooh, I’m so torn. I love Jericho but I haven’t been happy with this feud. It went somewhere completely unnecessary. However, I look forward to it because I’m sure this will be one Hell of a match. Crap. Winner: CM Punk

2. For the feud to continue properly, Jericho needs to win this match somehow. However, this is the WWE. Worse, this is the WWE at Wrestlemania. They’ll have Punk win and then contrive a really stupid excuse to give Jericho another shot (like they already did following the Elimination Chamber). That being said, I’d really, really, REALLY love to be wrong. Winner: CM Punk

3. Jericho just signed a contract extension. Punk wins. They will face each other at least once more, if not 3 or 4 PPV main events. But ‘Mania will not be Jericho’s night. Winner: CM Punk

4. Jericho is a man who puts a lot of thought into everything he does. I hate to say this but I don’t think Punk will win. I think that Jericho will win, but he has to do it dirty so then he still looks like a great heel and Punk doesn’t lose momentum. Winner: Chris Jericho

5. Because Jericho has been SUCH an ass, I hope Punk kicks his teeth down his throat. Punk retains. Winner: Punk

6. I think they’re doing this match to “make” CM Punk, so yeah. Winner: CM Punk

7. The man of 1,001 holds will lose to the Anaconda Vise. Winner: CM Punk

8. I’m not a Jericho mark, nor have I ever been. His return is a whole lot of nothingness to me, and I really could care less. I don’t see him sticking around the WWE for very long after Mania. Furthermore, I believe that Punk will win with Jericho’s finishing maneuver, the Walls of Jericho.  Winner: Punk

9. I figure a face will win one title match and a heel, the other.  I just can’t decide for sure if that means there will be NO Heavyweight Title changes, or if both will change.  I’m going with Punk, here, following my logic in deciding the winner on the Bryan/Sheamus match.  Winner: CM Punk

10. Over rated Chris “I add the word Lion to everything and claim it’s original” Jericho just signed an extension so they can continue the feud. Honestly you could swap Jericho with Carlito since they use the same moves. At least Carlito has an apple.
Winner: Carlito Jericho

12. I think Punk will win but I hope a lot more than I think! Reckon they’ll keep the feud going though until Jericho leaves so it makes it trickier… Winner: CM Punk

13. After weeks and weeks of jerichos comments i just can’t see Punk losing this! Punk to win after hitting the GTS twice! Winner: CM Punk

14. Winner: CM Punk

15. Really hope they get 30 minutes to work with as it should be a masterclass.  For me Jericho doesn’t need the title (in the same way HBK didn’t over the last few years).  Punk needs a big WM moment and to carry on his momentum.

Winner: CM Punk

16. Winner: CM Punk

17. The match of the night, month, year, decade. This will be nothing short of freaking brilliance, and if you could rate a match 6 stars, that’s what this is gonna be. We’re gonna see both these men pour their blood sweat and tears on that mat to get things done, and this is gonna be a match that will get in your head.  We are in for a treat.  All that said, this is the toughest match to call. All Jericho’s berating and belittling of Punk’s family could cause Punk to snap and let Blind Rage Punk come out to play. OR we could have a broken, bitter, bummed out Punk, and Punk is just too weak to fight this one off. The decision is going to be controversial, but it will have a perceived winner.

Winner: CM Punk

18. They will most likely build Extreme Rules around CM Punk since its in Chicago. Winner: CM Punk

19. As much as I would love Jericho to win, Punk will get over even more by beating Y2J at Mania, and then may feud with Kane? Winner: CM Punk

20. Think Punk should win, though there may be a rematch next month more easily with a Jericho win. I’ll say Punk. Winner: CM Punk

22. Winner: CM Punk

23. CM Punk would retain. I really enjoy this tittle run. I like Jericho but. We have a new star. Passing the torch. Winner: CM Punk

24. This match is the one everyone in wrestling has wanted to see. Both men say that they are “Best in the World”, and can back it up. CM Punk is has been a WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, ECW Champion, World Tag Team Champion, and a Intercontinental Champion. But Jericho has been a WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, WCW Champion, Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, Hardcore Champion, World Tag Team Champion, ECW TV Champion, WCW TV Champion, WCW Cruiserweight Champion, and a Unified Tag Team Champion. No matter who wins, this will be one of the best WM matches in recent history. With that being said, I see Chris Jericho winning the WWE Championship. Winner: Chris Jericho

25. Same as Rock vs Cena. Jericho won’t be there full time and he will pass the torch.
Winner: CM Punk

26. There is no point to Jericho getting under Punk’s skin unless it WORKS, at least once. The next PPV (Extreme Rules) is 17 miles from Chicago in Rosemont, and it would be like MITB 2011 off the hook to see Punkles go full throttle for the title in his hometown area again, winning yet again. I know it’s against WWE unwritten policy to let a guy win in his hometown, much less twice in a row, but it works for the storyline and it works for Punk, who is different from the average wrestlin’ guy. Also, if Punk loses the title in Chicago, they might actually have a riot, and nobody wants that. So yes, Jeritroll for the title this time, Punk next time. Winner: Chris Jericho

27. Winner: CM Punk

28. Winner: CM Punk

29. This is the match im most anxious to see. It’s Best in the world vs. Best in the world. CM Punk vs Chris Jericho. Now I would just be happy seeing them have a match at Mania but with the WWE Title on the line makes it all that more important. In recent weeks we’ve seen Jericho talk about Punk’s father, sister, and most recently his mother. Saying that 2 of 3 we’re screw-ups and that Punk is doomed to follow. No doubt CM Punk is going to rip Jericho apart in what should and will be a great technical match at Mania. Winner : CM Punk

30. Jericho’s return may be by far, the worst return anyone could have, vowing change and then failing in every major match he’s taken part in. I wish I had the ability to hope for a different result, but this feud has been booked for Jericho to lose.  Winner: CM Punk

31. Controversy. 2 refs, 2 pinfalls, who is the winner? Jericho jets out with title. Winner: Chris Jericho

32. Winner: Chris Jericho

33. Winner: Chris Jericho

34. As soon as Rock/Cena was made, WRESTLING fan pined for THIS match. Here it is folks, easily the match of the night. So much personal animosity being thrown out there, and we haven’t seen Jericho in the ring as much as we were hoping to see. Winner: CM Punk

35. Winner: CM Punk

36. This is purely to push Punk into the stratosphere.  After a long, tough match… Punk makes Y2J tap out. A G2S wouldn’t have as much effect…. Winner: Punk

37. Cap off a bitchin’ year. I saw Jericho getting stuck into a woman that wasn’t his wife. Winner: CM Punk

38. Winner: CM Punk

39. I see this as a big match to promote Punk as a top level star. I don’t think Jericho’s contract is ending anytime soon, but I know he’s going on tour with his band this summer. Winner: CM Punk

40. Jericho wins and the feud continues. Punk regains the belt at home in Chicago.
Winner: Jericho

41. It’s kind of hard to call this. Will WWE use Chris Jericho to put CM Punk over? But by doing that, wouldn’t that be building CM Punk up to be some unbeatable force? Who else could possibly compete with him? Okay, maybe a lot of people, but who in the lockeroom could match him and even seem like a worthy opponent realistically? How much farther could this feud go, if Chris won? Knowing Punk, he wouldn’t just be like “Dang, I lost. Oh Well. Deuces, Chris!” He would want a rematch. And if Chris lost, his cocky, over confident character (is that his gimmick, or does he have a new one since his return?) wouldn’t leave without a rematch, either. Wow, I just confused myself…

Winner: CM Punk

42. This match should have been like that ROH tag title match where the winner was proclaimed world’s best tag team. Since Punk used truth as a tool last summer, it’s been popping up more and more. Here, Jericho has been getting personal, turning the tables on the “pipe-bomb” extraordinaire himself. Let’s face it, who wasn’t stoked for Jericho to come back (Despite that damn “lite-brite” jacket.), and who isn’t excited to see Jericho take back the title? Given that last year’s RAW main event blew chunks, this years will be nothing short of a miracle. “Code Breaker” to Punk, well a few I would say, but Jericho is coming away with it. Winner: Chris Jericho.

43. Punk is the future where Jericho is the past, but I look for these two to continue feuding until Fozzy goes on tour

Winner: CM Punk

44. Jericho wins the title after a great match, some shenanigans. (perhaps Christian can make an appearance?)
Winner: Chris Jericho

46. Usually at Mania, one champ retains, one loses. I think Punks will shake off the mindgames therefore Winner: CM Punk.

47. Winner: Chris Jericho

48. The return of Jericho hasn’t been what I expected, and while this may steal the show, I expect the ending to disappoint. Winner: CM Punk

49. Winner: CM Punk

50. Jericho wins setting up a feud between the two for the title down the line. Winner: Chris Jericho

51. This is CM Punk’s chance to shine at WM. I think Jericho is the perfect opponent to put him over. Maybe Punk drops the title to Chris at Extreme Rules, but not tonight.

Winner: CM Punk

52. Having seen both of these lads in the ring, this is a no brainer. Punk hasn’t grown on me and I doubt he is ever going to. While Jericho is just well what can I say…..adorable. So I am going with my heart on this one. Winner: Jericho

53. Punk will win and retain at Mania. he has too much to lose where jericho has other stuff he can be doing. Winner: CM Punk



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