Reviewing ‘Cornerstone’ by Misty Provencher


Meet Nalena, a girl that is known as The Waste throughout her high school due to her mother’s slight eccentricity of starting a plotline and never finishing it. Unfortunately, Nalena’s mom also refuses to get rid of any of these papers and all of their money goes to storage and all of their space in their home goes to papers. Being the outcast at school, despite her pretty looks, makes Nalena that much more nervous when Garrett takes interest in her.

Plot: While romance is a heavy, underlying plot to this novel and pretty much takes precedence, it does not overwhelm the novel itself. The story slowly, but not too slowly to make the reader lose interest, evolves into a plot of untold powers that one must choose if born with a sign. Unfortunately, no one expected the sign to be on Nalena for what she is, making everyone a bit more confused.

Characters: Nalena, the main character, is pretty much a typical teen in an outcast situation that does not seem what seems glaringly obvious because she’s been on top of the situation her whole life. Paired up with Garrett, who is extremely patient but perhaps a little dense, the two of them fumble their way through romance, powers, and growing up. Nalena has the typical arch-enemy in Jen who is just as annoying as most outcast novels write the popular cheerleader though Garrett’s real friends seem a little better than the typical males in these sort of novels.

I was prepared to give this novel five stars because the flow was nice and simple but not so overly simple that it lost interest. The characters were great, except for Jen who was almost a little too typical bad-girl-in-a-young-adult-novel, but that could be looked over. What lost this novel it’s five stars were two things. First, Addo Chad. It was mentioned he had died, then later Nalena acted as if she had not already known that. Second, the ending was almost too jarring. It was very out-of-nowhere. It was not bad, the author was brave to go with the ending and it actually suited the story, but to me it was just too much of a sudden shock.

Despite two things that brought it down a star, I recommend this novel like crazy. I enjoyed it and every time I sat to read it someone was interrupting me to the point I was growing grumpy. If I want to read a novel that badly there is something there, a certain spark. Provencher gives us that spark beautifully.

Reasons to Read This Novel:

– Excellent prose, great flow

– Great main characters who work well with each other and seem realistic

– A new twist on a plot that seems tried and true

– Nothing too atypical except one character

Reasons Not to Read This Novel

– Jen

– Shocking Ending

– You do not like Young Adult Novels


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