Top 4 of WWE Superstars 3/22/12

Tonight I’m leaving a match off of this list. The match was Titus O’Neil against Yoshi Tatsu. Both are good wrestlers, but I couldn’t care less about O’Neil and Tatsu is misused. It proves it more when this is the quickest match of the night in which Tatsu loses to O’Neil.

4. Epico and Primo vs. Alex Riley and Mason Ryan

This was a great quality match. Ryan looked dominant and Riley regained some of that charisma that made him a fan favorite during NXT seasons 2. Epico and Primo are, as always, technically sound, and Rosa does what she does best which can be either gaining heat with her sultry attitude and sub-par dancing or gaining the large following for the same things. Despite the perfections in the ring, or at least non-botchiness of wrestlers who were before known for just that, the match itself does not tell a story. Epico and Primo are our tag team champions, they should be going up other tag teams, or men who will be a tag team again next week. The seemingly random pairings on Superstars are what hold tag teams back. That and the lack of booking.

3. Eve and Beth Phoenix vs. Tamina and Natalya

Wait, you really put a divas match over a men’s match? You bet, and for the reason that I didn’t give the match before it a higher score is what helped this one out. It told a story. I was seriously prepared to be annoyed that just because Natalya is a face again, why does that mean that Beth Phoenix and her automatically have to hate one another? It doesn’t. Beth Phoenix offers to allow Natalya to leave the match, not wanting to fight her friend. Natalya, however, doesn’t want to just give up and plays around with Beth in the ring. Natalya shows an attitude that is suiting to her, completely goofy, and no fart jokes. Tamina is a strong opponent that dominates through this ring once she is tagged in. “Tamina now having her way with Eve.” When Eve first shows up for this match she is met with, “Hoe-ski! Hoe-ski!” chants and then the calling taunt of, “Hooooeskiii.” It was an entertaining match that gave the women a chance to tell a story and show off some of their rings skills, without relying on Scott to do all of the work for a match.

2. Drew McIntyre vs. Ezekiel Jackson

This match gets to show off what Drew can really do. Instead of making Drew a joke in the ring, which is not what he deserves at all if we are basing things on talent, he is able to put on what is a great match out of Ezekiel Jackson. When Drew’s music starts there is a cheer that raises through the crowd, a song that still gives me chills every time I hear it. When Drew steps out the crowd gets even louder. Josh announces that this match is, “more of a brawl than we were expecting.” While I’m not sure if that is true, it definitely is a blow-for-blow match-up that has these two men throwing punches, and each other, often. In the end, after a match of decent length and decent strengths, Drew gets to win. On Superstars. This way Teddy Long can do what he normally does and forget it ever happened, Playa!

1. Scott Stanford

You know what the Drew McIntyre vs. Ezekiel Jackson match needed? Scott Stanford. On his half of Superstars he dominates the telling of the story from the commentators side. Once again he spends his time talking up talent that is normally thrown away by the people of the internet. Mason Ryan and Alex Riley, who have of late become jokes to the twitter community, get the Scott Stanford treatment which makes these men shine a little bit brighter. As I said earlier, the women focus on telling their own story and so Scott focuses on their strengths and abilities. There is not a person who walks into that ring that Scott doesn’t have a good thing to say about, even after Eve continually breaks his boy, Zack Ryder’s, heart continually! If he can still go out to the ring and make Eve sound like a great worker then perhaps he’s still being forgotten when he should be at least doing both halves of Superstars.

Here I would normally list Scott’s best lines through Superstars, but there were so many that I just couldn’t keep up! Feel free to leave a comment of your favorite line of his for the night, would love to know what you think!



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