Top 4 of FCW 3/18/12

No matter what the rumor mills are saying, FCW still aired this week and I’m sticking with it until I can find shows no longer! The writers of FCW experiment and play around with plotlines and do things that WWE seems to have forgotten how to do.

4. Leo Kruger Promo

“I hate to be the person to tell you I told you so, but I told you so.” Leo Kruger is back with his title and standing about letting the crowd know why he is worthy to be their champion. I do not need to listen to his words, his voice is magic. For a man from South Africa that can have the best accent he actually covers it well. If I didn’t know where he was from I would never be able to place the accent. But, really, listen to him speak, let him soothe you and tell you why he’s worthy and you are nothing if you do not believe in him. I fall for it every time!

3. Kaitlyn and Audrey Marie vs. Sofia Cortez and Paige

Sadly, the less talented side on this one stars a WWE diva. Kailtyn is a great character who has grown in the ring and out, however she still does not have what two of the other women in the ring do, and that is just a natural born ability. Sofia Cortez and Paige dominate this match-up and Paige does a submission move to Audrey Marie that is so impressive I was wincing from at home. The problem, however, is that they do not want to push their new girls too fast and of course can not have Kaitlyn losing. For whatever reason Audrey Marie does not tap to the painful submission the small Paige has her in and instead Kaitlyn makes Paige tap out. The submission was a good one but this is almost typical WWE booking. Someone new comes in, they want the person to look good, so first they must lose as much as possible. Of course Paige should not win every match, but she is not established and is trying to get a step up. Putting Sofia in the submission would have done no harm as we already know that Sofia is worthy of being in that ring. After Audrey Marie and Kaitlyn win this match there is a bit of a rumble that Raquel and Caylee Turner get involved in. Regal mentions the “Anti-Divas” but I think it’s a pretty weak term. Sofia Cortez, for example, is gorgeous, but she knows how to wrestle. Paige and Raquel may not be traditionally beautiful, but they are beautiful and know how to move in the ring (though Raquel might be the greenest). Anti-Diva is not three beautiful women who know how to wrestle, but they might be a good step in the right direction.

2. Antonio Cesaro vs. Richie Steamboat

This match almost could have made it to number one except for a huge glaring flaw: the ending. It is obvious they do not want Cesaro to lose but also obvious they are not stripping the 15 Minute Champion from Steamboat yet. What do you do in this case? You give them a tie. Okay, this would not be so bad if the ending did not copy the last ending Steamboat had defending his title. During what could have been his second pin he rolled Cesaro up and one, two, bzz, three! Oh, but the three count came after the bell so it doesn’t count as a second pin. It still makes him the winner since it was a tie, but this is where FCW gets a little weak. They take a good idea and keep running with it (Ala Road Dogg throwing Kruger in the ring two weeks in a row).

1. Xavier Woods vs. Kassius Ohno

Considering all of the great things I’ve heard about Cesaro and Ohno, and then not being able to fully embrace the Cesaro love, I had my trepidations about Ohno. Especially since he was up against Xavier Woods who had not really wrestled an impressive match so far. I felt like someone was trying to surround me with big words but nothing to back them up. Oops. I spoke too soon. Ohno is a beast in the ring and he brought out some of the best in Woods. This match, to me, should have been the main event, even if I understand why it wasn’t.

What did not make it on the list this week was a match between Dante Dash (who is too large for a last name that insinuates speed) and James Bronson. There was no back and forth, it was pretty much the former psychiatrist beating up on Dash. Raquel gave a promo that was splendiferous but no better than Leo’s so… had to go with Leo this time! There was also some Summer Rae interaction. Summer looks like she should be a bubbly face and not a self-centered heel so it should be interesting to see where she goes with the character and if she can pull it off.

The other thing I should be putting on the list, but is silly since it was just an internet rumor, is that FCW is not being shut down. Huzzah! But stay tuned, because there is something going on with FCW that we should keep an eye on.


Solace Winter


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