Top 4 Reasons to Watch Tyler Reks

I missed Tyler Reks when he first appeared on ECW. My first experience with this man was on Smackdown when he went up against Kaval and took his spot during Bragging Rights back in 2010. Sadly, I disliked Tyler Reks then, but mostly because I had gone through NXT Season Two with Kaval and had been rooting for the man with the deep voice. Reks took the spot and I couldn’t say I was thrilled.

As time went on I stopped blaming Reks for Kaval’s treatment, and subsequent seeming bad attitude, and decided to give Reks merit for what he actually brought to the screen. Unfortunately that was short-lived as he once again seemed to disappear. Then, on September 27th, Reks made his return to being someone to watch on the computer screen as he and Hawkins debuted as a tag team on NXT. While NXT is often the lesser of the shows, this has proven quickly to be an improvement and Reks has branched out. Now, months later, as a staple of NXT Reks has proven he is a man not to be REKoned with. (Man, that was bad)

The Top 4 Reasons the man with the dreads and great taste in clothing is worthy of your adoration:

4. The Dreads

Okay, so really it’s his whole look, but I wanted to say the dreads because it would annoy so many people. The biggest reason I see for people not liking Reks is the dreads. I think it is a pretty asinine reason not to like someone, especially when he makes it work. Unlike what Regal says on a recent episode of NXT, Reks’ dreads are clean and a part of his entire look. The man knows fashion and works it around his brawn. The sculpted beard adds a flair of a crisp clean to his face and makes this man look like he belongs on the cover of magazines.

3. Fan Engagement

Even as a heel he can coax you into a reaction. Besides what he does on twitter, which is engage in conversations and encourage people to watch the shows he is on, which is a brilliant way to gather a following, when standing in the middle of that ring he knows how to make you react. He also knows how to react to it without being whispered to by someone. When he’s booed he will take it and explain why he knows you are booing him, all while not completely insulting the fans. Reks is the most engaging, non insulting heel, while still maintaining that aura of dark anger when he needs it, usually in the ring. He looks for reactions to what he is saying and knows how to work the mic to those reactions.

2. Articulation

Speaking of knowing what to do with the microphone, damn can this man speak. Reks goes from goofing off and talking about being the Xbox King when feuding with Tatsu and Barreta to in the ring with a microphone, seriously telling Regal where he can shove his janitorial duties. Reks does it all with a lilt in his tone that suggests he takes everything as seriously as needed while taking nothing too seriously. He speaks eloquently while not sounding like he’s trying too hard. This man’s voice matches the attitude and the looks, and there is so much more about him I could go on about. But really, let’s get to the main reason he deserved a Top 4.

1. The Ability

Tyler Reks does something a lot of men seem to have forgotten how to do when it comes to ability: he throws a punch. AND he makes it look good. When he fought Curt Hawkins on Superstars back in 2011 he threw two subsequent punches that looked like they landed hard and he pulled his hand back and reacted like a man who had just pummeled someone instead of simply brushing off two strong punches. But wait, there is more, because Reks does far more than punch guys. This man kicks, clotheslines, and slams the best of them with a proficiency that should make others jealous. He is calculating without moving slow, he is destructive without ending a match too soon. He seems tireless in the ring. Yes, this man is at the top of his game.

Oh, in short, Tyler Reks is more than he’s being given credit for. Whether alone, or pair with the ever fabulous Curt Hawkins, this is a man to look out for. He is already a king of NXT, in a year he will be taking over every television screen as a main eventer on at the very least Smackdown. He just needed the opportunity, and he has taken it and run with it.


Solace Winter


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