Top 4 of FCW 3/11/12

This episode of FCW was… lacking. It was not a bad episode, but it might have been my least favorite of the WWE shows this week and it is often on the first or second rung. You know it was not a great episode when I’m leaving matches off in favor of promos. The matches that were left off were Sofia Cortez vs. Audrey Marie. Sofia is amazing, but there was a botch that was really both women’s faults and Audrey Marie couldn’t afford to lose any more points in the ring. No matter how sexy she is, she’s still very green. I also left out the Big E Langston and Alexander Rusev vs. CJ Parker and Jason Jordan match. While three of the four are good in the ring the ending was one of those unbelievable endings (Parker pinned a struggling Rusev with a roll-up) that I had to cut it out. Byron Saxton was not on commentary this week which left Chris Russo (who is looking nerdier every week) and William Regal (who is always brilliant).

4. Kassius Ohno

Finally, Chris Hero, er, Kassius Ohno makes an appearance. Unlike what seems like the rest of the world I have never seen Ohno do anything outside of FCW. I’m not a fan of most of the smaller wrestling corporations, despite trying every week with something new. This leaves me a bit more open minded about wrestlers once they come in because I am being introduced to them with what they are going to try to be in the WWE. While others hate the name Kassius Ohno I think it’s just a lot of hating he had to change it in the first place. The man speaks well and announces to the audience that he does not plan on being in FCW for long. He reminds me of a slightly stragglier version of Thor, which is not a bad thing. I look forward to the next show where I get to see him in the ring.

3. Maxine is Fired

Why did I like this so much as a fan of Maxine? Maxine is working NXT and FCW, and it has to be a lot of work traveling between the two. Also, it’s time for one of the other ladies of FCW to take on a larger roll. It seems like they are going to go with Summer Rae, who as a character seems interesting. I love Maxine, and it is sad to see her go, but if it means an opportunity for someone else to move up and for Maxine to make a bigger impact over on one of the main rosters, I’m all for it. Though Norman Smiley did take too much pleasure in telling Maxine she was fired!

2. Kenneth Cameron vs. Colin Cassady

At first Saxton was introduced as Cameron’s opponent, but Saxton mentioned he is still recovering and unable to wrestle quite yet. Instead he is going to have Cameron face… Colin Cassady. I admit, I was disappointed when it was Cassady. I have not seen anything out of him yet that makes me stand up and cheer. I knew that Cassady was going to win this, though, and that he was going to have help from Saxton to do so. Wow, called it. Cassady did his best in this match and Cameron, for a man who looks rather lean, moves fast and has a strength I can’t comprehend. I am looking forward to the day Saxton climbs into the ring with him and this anger culminates.

1. Leo Kruger vs. Mike Dalton

I am slightly biased as Kruger is likely my favorite man currently in FCW. Dalton puts on such a great show when he is in the ring I can not believe that at one point I joked about him being the FCW jobber. Together, in an attempt for Kruger to win back the championship he lost, these two put on the best match of the show. Kruger ultimately wins his title back in this episode and we are left wondering what is going to happen next with Dalton.


Solace Winter


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