Top 4 of WWE Superstars 3/15/12

This has nothing to do with Superstars, I just want to show it off again.

Superstars was filled with… good matches this week. And not because they used people who are a little more mainstream and not just the “jobbers”. Or people that the internet crowd would complain about because they aren’t on television every week. These were excellent matches to watch in person and better to watch again because my favorite part can be heard: the commentary.

4. Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix

This is when they remember they need to let Beth Phoenix wrestle to defend her championship and put her on Superstars. Unfortunately, they put her against Kelly Kelly who is all looks and no real wrestling ability. Kelly Kelly is eye candy and nothing more and her only move in this particular match is the stink face. Which I hate. And want to hit her every time she uses it. Instead, Beth does the hitting for me to win this match and announced to the audience she will have the title, “Forever.” Beth did a good job, she could have done better with someone a bit more talented to work with.

3. Justin Gabriel vs. Hunico

When Justin Gabriel came out everyone assumed it was going to be another Heath Slater match. Instead, out came Hunico! (Where was Heath Slater this week, by the way. No appearance on anything!) Hunico and Camacho came out riding a new pimped out bike. I was not expecting much from this match. My bad. This match was incredible (even if our “Use the bike!” chant never made it on television). Justin Gabriel did not wrestle the same style because he was not wrestling the same guy for the billionth time this month. (This may or may not be a slight exaggeration). Hunico proves why he was a better wrestler than he was given credit for and the two have a smooth, entertaining match.

2. R-Truth and Kofi Kingston vs. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins

All right, so I’m a huge Reks and Hawkins fan (and Glenn, which now has a twitter account @WWECaneBigGlenn). Reks and Hawkins are the way tag teams should be. They have style (seriously, look at the cane) with matching outfits while losing their own personal touches. Watching this match, twice now, has been one of the most exciting things I have been to. Reks and Hawkins once again prove how well they work together. They are a seamless tag team and against Truth and Kofi it is more obvious. Truth and Kofi are great, don’t get me wrong, they work well together, but Reks and Hawkins are what I would consider a “true” tag team. Truth does his spinny move though (I don’t know what it’s called, so sue me) and I enjoyed seeing that in person! Even though Reks and Hawkins lost to Truth and Kingston you can bet Reks and Hawkins will one day be tag champs.

1. Scott Stanford

Come on, did you hear this man this week? Of course you didn’t, you are likely reading this without having watched this epic episode of Superstars! Well, this man knows how to do commentary. This week as Reks and Hawkins and R-Truth and Kofi Kingston beat each other up Scott focuses on the talents and advantages each man has. He lets you know why every man is worth watching in the ring and what they bring to the table. During Beth Phoenix against Kelly Kelly his tone changes, he mellows, and he calls this match like it is the main event of a PPV, instead of just being a main event of Superstars. He explains why these women deserve their position and for a moment, even if you do not like the Diva Division, you fall for every line and let him convince you that this is the best idea for a main event. His words are magic for these stars who are regaled to the “D” show. Watch for the talent, stay for the man who will explain to you exactly why they are worthy to be watched.

Scott Stanford’s best lines of the week:

“Sitting here by the star of ‘Are You Serious’.”

“Had a little conversation with R-Truth myself with Little Jimmy.”

“Little Jimmy decided to call Kofi and Truth the Hip-Hop Express. I like that name.”

“Apparently the kid was there. Truth wasn’t talking to himself.”

“He’s Reksy and he knows it.”

“The road block that is Tyler Reks standing in-between!”

“Curt Hawkins just got Little Jimmied.”

“Like it says on the back of those jeans, you gone get got”

“I’m like the Extra inside.”


Solace Winter


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  1. I’d agree with your points. I probably would have placed Hunico vs Gabriel higher, not because I didn’t really enjoy the tag match, but because Hunico/Gabriel was one of the best matches of the year. Hunico should be in a title picture, and Gabriel’s been on a roll lately. I do wish that Stanford had done commentary for that one, as well, since Josh/Striker seemed half-asleep for most of it. Listening to those two guys go through the motions every week does detract from the experience. The sad thing is that I used to really like Striker’s commentary. I wonder what happened to him.

    “He’s Reksy and he knows it” still makes me laugh. The reference to Josh’s (largely unfunny ) YouTube show was also good. I like the way Stanford goes out of his way to give purpose to a match, since most commentators don’t bother.

    In closing, Reks/Hawkins for Tag Champions!

  2. Scott really does deserve more than he’s getting. He’s intelligent, funny, knowledgeable, insightful, likeable, and has his own personality. So, why is he never on TV? It makes no sense.

    I’m not as down on Kelly as a lot of people are. She’s not fantastic, but she’s one of the best options left. She’s certainly improved over time, but has seemed to plateau. Still, Beth has no other challengers. Kharma’s status is up in the air. Tamina has been dispatched and hasn’t had enough airtime to be over, yet (imagine that. A woman who can wrestle not being given air time!). And the only other quality female wrestler’s credibility has been completely destroyed by a senseless losing streak (normally taking somewhere between 30 and 60 seconds, each) and an absurd, unfunny, and insulting farting gimmick. The great female wrestlers that they DID have are gone (Gail, Melina, etc.).

    I think Hunico has talent, but needs a new gimmick. The stereotype is doing nothing for him and is, frankly, boring. He, HIMSELF, is not. But we’ve seen this a million times, before. He needs a way to stand out.

    Wasn’t Truth’s spinning elbow called “The Lie Detector”?

  3. I enjoyed all of the matches, the only thing I could have done without was watching Kelly try to run the ropes. She doesn’t weigh enough to make them move and you can tell she really doesn’t want hit them full speed.
    I love Hawkins & Reks as a tag team. I know Truth & Kofi are being groomed for a tag title match, but they really shouldn’t be. I’d rather see them going after the singles titles while Reks & Hawkins go after the tag titles.
    I like Superstars. It’s a show where story lines are not the main attraction and you get to see some of the under-utilized talent. Stanford actually calling matches is a nice touch. Being bombarded with Cole and his “I’m a dickhead” schtick has passed being old.. and I realize that he’s being told what to say by a bunch of bitter assholes in gorilla, but it’s still pathetic.

    In closing: Hawkins & Reks for tag champs, Kelly needs to learn how to run, Stanford is a silver tongued devil.

  4. I agree with you, on aspects, Beth Pheonix needs better competition, it was a great match with Gabriel and Hunico I have a soft spot for Hunico , he reminds me of some of my friends growing up:) Solace you always do such a great job !!!

  5. Stephanie Carlson

    WWE is supposedly looking to build up their tag team division and boggles my mind why they wouldn’t pull up guys like Reks and Hawkins who are a seriously good team. Not just wrestling wise but personality wise as well. Would love to see those guys get a chance.

  6. I admit that kelly kelly is eye candy but at least she did step it up while she was champ. And she actually defended that championship more than 1 time in 3 months oh im sorry this would be 2 I think. But then again divas matches are so short I might have blinked and missed it. The lack of ginger in this article and show is unnerving. I like the tag teams and actually enjoy truth and kingston together and wish that reks and hawkins would get put into the tag division. Well written but I must ask.. isn’t scott always number one on these? 🙂

  7. The only way to go with Beth Phoenix is to have her and Natalya go at it. I can’t think of anything that would make me excited for Divas at this point, besides Kharma coming back. Certainly isn’t Kelly Kelly and the World of Rull-Up Pins.

    I’d like to see Hawkins and Reks emerge too. Especially if Kofi and Truth eventually win the Tag Titles. Gotta invest in the tag team scene if you’re going to have tag belts.

    I wish they’d give up the Latino gangster gimmick for Hunico though. Seems so silly, especially now that Sin Cara is injured. Just doesn’t suit a high flyer.

    Scott Stanford needs to be given a shot at a TV commentary role. Dude is silky smooth and funny. Just get him and Regal on TV, and get Lawler off it please!

    Great blog Solace!

  8. Brilliant read.

    Really though I caught a glimpse of Justin Gabriel and Hunico and while entertaining the way they work it’s amazing they don’t get more chances on Raw or Smackdown.

    Note to self: Must watch Superstars more.

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