Top 4 of WWE NXT 3/14/12

It is a bit odd re-watching a show that you sat at, but there is a good reason to watch shows that are pre-recorded as opposed to live: what are the changes? This NXT really did not suffer changes, but unfortunately, as usual, our signs and voices did not make it on screen. But, there is still a top four to be had in all of this, so without further ado…

4. The Usos vs. Darren Young and Titus O’Neil

William Regal decided this episode of NXT was going to be a tag match sort of episode. Unlike Teddy Long tag team matches on Smackdown, these were not random. Darren Young and Titus O’Neil are trying to establish themselves as the resident evil doers of NXT. What better way to help prove this than to feud them with The Usos who happen to still be darlings for fans in attendance. I have to admit that seeing Darren and O’Neil try to copy The Usos’ entrance was highly entertaining and the best thing I’ve seen Titus do since he was eliminated from NXT all of those seasons ago. This was a better than good match while still not being great because this was the slowest match of the three. It’s still weird at all to put Titus O’Neil on my list and not completely bash him the entire time.

3. Michael McGillicutty and Tyson Kidd promo

This is a testament to how much Kidd has grown in my estimation, and McGillicutty gets better at cutting a promo every week. I have always wanted to like McGillicutty from when I first saw him as a contestant on NXT, but… he was bland. He’s grown in wrestling but his character was hardly there. Suddenly, he has character, and he shows it while belittling the crowd and Kidd. “I’ll tell you about your rematch, Tyson. It’s not. Going. To happen.” That is when Tyson Kidd comes out to stick up for the poor crowd, “So, according to you, not only am I a loser, but everybody in this arena is a loser as well? But fortunately for you Mikey these people don’t have a microphone, but I dooooo.” And what is it with Kidd’s outfit? He’s been training more, he’s more sculpted, and that outfit, wooo baby. Sorry, what was I saying? Oh yes. Michael and Tyson both show the world that they know how to speak and then go over the ropes and start fighting one another in an all out brawl. This could be a highly entertaining feud while we wait fro Trent Barreta to return!

2. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins vs. Alex Riley and Percy Watson

Regal makes this match when it seems Reks and Hawkins are making trouble for Riley and Watson. Regal tells the MidCard Mafia if they lose the match they will be doing Regal’s laundry. This is where Hawkins and Reks prove why they are a tag team. They wait for the ref to have his eyes in their direction before they make the tag, they give each other tips while the other is in the ring, and they seemingly have the “telepathy” that Regal referenced earlier in the show. I like Riley and Watson, but Reks and Hawkins deserved to win this one because they are more technically sound and have a better flow. These two should be giving the Tag Team Champions a run for their money. All they need is a half-clad woman to join in and dance about and they would easily be the greatest in the company.

1. Derrick Bateman and Kaitlyn vs. Maxine and Johnny Curtis

Now, if the last match was so technically sound, why did I put this one at number one? No, it was not just because I wanted to make sure Derrick was number one again. Stop accusing me! This one continues a longer storyline and brings about a new arch in this love

Go Buckeyes!

mash-up. I happen to really dig mixed up love stories, of course. I’m a woman. I was raised on soap operas and bad romance novels. And these men are better than any men I read about in a novel. No, I will not be using them as characters in my next novel. Despite the WWE having different names for these couples, I will refer to them as Batelyn and Maxis. I like those better. Anyway, after that long description about why I love this storyline, the four of them put on an entertaining show in which Derrick and Kaitlyn win, they both go and hug Derrick’s mom (who I recognized before Regal pointed out who she was, I’m that awesome), and then Derrick tells Kaitlyn, “Tag, you’re it,” and the look on her face right before he kisses her is incredible. NXT’s storylines could be their own sitcom and then you get great wrestling in the middle of it!


Solace Winter


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  1. I would have to agree on the fact that it really is hard to brag about Titus and his performances. I personally think little of Titus from an intangible and tangible-talent standpoint, but that Usos entrance imitation was hilarious. I have always been a fan of Darren Young and what he brings to the table, so I was happy to see him branch out and show more of an “entertainer” side that he does have.

    Despite my skepticism of Titus, I like the Young and Titus pairing. I think with Titus’ push and his power coupled with Young’s aggression and in-ring talent creates an aggressive and intense tag team that the WWE lacks for the most part.

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