Superstars 3/8/12 – A Different Kind of Review

Imagine if you will that somewhere in the first hour of Raw Dolph Ziggler did his thing. You know, where he tells everyone he is the greatest, that there is a reason he is the Showstopper. Could I write it as well as he speaks it, of course not, but you know what he’d say, or have an idea of the tingling feeling you get when he says it.

As Ziggler proves how much of a braggart he is Kofi is harmlessly walking through and gets into Ziggler’s shot. Ziggler tells the “mark” to watch where he is going and Kofi responds with it being time someone actually shut Ziggler up. The challenge made they both walk off screen.

At the first hour mark of Raw Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston awaken this growing tension in the ring. The commentary during this match is almost music to the ears, focusing on the talents within the ring. At ringside Vickie does what she does best, calling out for Dolph to, “finish him,” and getting the audience to applaud Ziggler. Ziggler, meanwhile, does his growing famous headstand in the middle of the ring. And Kofi, Kofi shines. This match lasts around twenty minutes and the men in the ring work non-stop. There are no rest holds. Both men work their asses off and keep up at an almost fervent pace the entire match.

Now, break your imagination. There was no interaction during the show. In fact, the match didn’t even happen on Raw, it happened on Superstars. The reason the commentary was beautiful and focused was because it was done by Scott Stanford and Josh Mathews. It was a twenty minute match. It was highly entertaining and fervent. Event Scott commented, “This is a Pay-Per-View quality match.” And it was.

I do not know if their rash of putting stars who are more popular lately is their way of making room on Raw for The Rock and John Cena or if they are honestly trying to push wrestling. Is it all a test? Smackdown had typical matches leading up to the main event. Heath Slater vs. Justin Gabriel who I will not even tell you who the winner is because if you have been paying attention you would know. The second match is Ted Dibiase vs. Jinder Mahal and Jinder Mahal wins with, what a surprise, a Camel Clutch. Great move, overdone. Wrestlers can have submission finishers, but it should not be all I see. I want to see him put that submission on Mark Henry, or try. I do not see the mechanics working.

No, Superstars this week was all about Ziggler and Kofi. This was a match that should have been seen by everyone, but instead you will have missed it because you don’t watch Superstars. Scott does a fantastic job of calling this match, going with the highs and lows and giving each man an equal opportunity to be the star they are. The wrestlers in the ring don’t do too badly themselves. They are tireless and work for your entertainment. If you watch any match this week, let it be this one. You won’t regret it.


Solace Winter


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  1. I can’t wait for Jericho to leave so Dolph can be put back into a championship contender spot again. People always say Cena is the hardest worker, which is ridiculous if you’ve watched Ziggler in the last year.

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