Top 4 of FCW 3/4/12

Welcome to another edition of the FCW love fest. This time I’m going to start off with the things that did not make the list. First was a match with Antonio Cesaro and Alexander Rusev teamed up against the tag team champions, Husky Harris and Bo Rotundo. While not altogether a bad match it did focus entirely too much on Rusev who was just sloppy. At one point when he was holding his opponent down, and knew it was only supposed to be a two-count, he began getting off of him before the two was even counter. Next was a Dean Ambrose promo, which was excellent while he called out Regal once again and Regal stared him down. However, the matches were the more important aspect of the show and therefore Ambrose missed out by an inch. Last was a segment involving Abraham Washington. Yawn.

This brings us to what could not be left off of the list:

4. Sofia Cortez vs. Audrey Marie vs. Raquel Diaz

Audrey is a bit of a mess in the ring. She does dropkicks that only get to about waist-high and a lot of back-handed swats that make her seem like she’s shooing away a fly. Sofia and Raquel, on the other hand, are where the continuous improvement lies. When the two of them are fighting each other it is easy to forget Audrey Marie is out there and just enjoy the match. What forced this match, though, on the list when Dean Ambrose was left out was the ending. Raquel went to pin Audrey Marie, who kicked Raquel off of her, and over onto Sofia’s prone body where Raquel monopolized opportunity and pinned Sofia instead!

3. Kenneth Cameron vs. Jiro

I’ll admit the match itself was not the greatest. The ending was obvious, the match itself was obvious, and why do the two Japanese men in the company keep getting jobbed out? They are excellent wrestlers? But, on the other hand, I mark out every time Cameron steps out to the Ascension theme, and I get giddy as he holds the light in his hand before extinguishing it. Jiro ultimately loses in what is a near squash and then during this disappearance it is announced that Saxton has left the commentator table. Saxton reappears behind Cameron and takes the ethereal man out with a hard smack… and a roll of quarters. This is the first time since I began watching that it would appear anyone from Ascension had what could actually be dubbed a feud and I can’t wait for it to happen. For now Saxton is only at 65% healed (at least his sling says so and he remarks about it again later).

2. Mike Dalton vs. Leo Kruger

Where the endings of the last two matches on the list won them over, the ending of this match is what forced it to 2. No, I’m not whining because Mike Dalton won over Leo Kruger (maybe a little, but I like Dalton and see big things for Kruger in the future). Once again Road Dogg interferes as Kruger tries to leave a match that he’s losing. Dogg throws him in and for some reason this renders Kruger unable to keep moving and Dalton gets the pin. It was bad enough last time Dalton and Kruger faced up that Road Dogg interfered in what had to be the most contrived manner because it was stupid for Kruger to have tried to leave, but then again this week a simple toss renders Kruger defenseless to the pin? Otherwise, the match itself was A quality and Kruger brutally took a post to the neck that should have just seen him lose it right there. Great match up.

1. Seth Rollins vs. Brad Maddox

This made number one because it was the best match up and did not have an ending that made or broke the match. The ending only added to it with Summer Rae (Danielle Moinet) trying to interfere, then Paige (or “Enchanting Raven Haired Lady” as Regal calls her) interfering for Rollins to get the pin. Maddox was serious in this match and not trying to be an absolute goof, which helped his in-ring style, I think. Rollins actually gets to speak before this match as well! It’s one of the first time I’ve heard Rollins cut a promo that was longer than three or four seconds. It sold me on him even further.

And that is this week’s FCW!


Solace Winter






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