Top 4 Reasons to Love Tyson Kidd

Cries of “We Want Wrestling” go out through the Twitter Wrestling Community (TWC). If this is really true, Tyson Kidd should be more popular with the fans. Over the last few weeks I have had to concede the number one spot of NXT (previously held for Derrick Bateman) to Tyson Kidd’s matches. I have always been a fan of Tyson Kidd. Maybe not of every character he’s played on television, and I hated that hair flip in the front with a burning passion, but I always had to admit to his wrestling ability.

So, without further ado, the top 4 reasons Tyson Kidd is a man you should be looking out for!

4. Facial Expressions

Tyson Kidd has the most brilliant smile and one that matches his personality if he his a heel or a face. Oddly it works for him without the smile changing. Now, unlike when I was loving Scott Stanford in his blog, the smile is just one of the things about Kidd’s facial expressions that wins him over. His attitude during every match can be read on his face and he stays in character. Cocky, worried, or ecstatic the man wears his mood on his face and tells a story while wrestling.

3. Attitude

Despite the man with the most talent being left to NXT territory, which is all right with me since NXT is my favorite show currently running, his attitude with the company and with the fans remains the right one. At least in the public eye, which is the part that matters to me as a mark-out fan. He does not complain about his need for a better position and while there was a quick stint on MidCard Mafia where they made fun of others getting pushed over them, that was just true. Kidd remains with the WWE and uses his talent to show off the talents others have that they might not have awakened yet and for that I am grateful.

2. Evolving

The former Co Tag Team Champion has grown in ability and character since his debut on television back in 2009. No matter what WWE does with him or how they use him Kidd rolls with the punches, or pushes. Kidd has done what he can to keep up with what the WWE wanted of him, including changing his hair. Looking back it is hard to believe the man has only been on television for three years. He came in with confidence, and in the evolving world of wrestling never lost that confidence.

1. Wrestling Ability

Never have I watched a Tyson Kidd match and said, “I’ve seen this before.” He does his best to make every match unique. There is no set up for a finisher. In fact for awhile it seemed he would gain a new finisher and suddenly someone else in the company was using it. Hell, Kidd even made his stint on Superstars with a new manager every week look exciting because when he steps in the ring you can bet it’s the best part of the night. If you really want wrestling this is the man for it. He wants to entertain you as you see in every strain of his muscle, in every move of his hands or legs. Concise in every move while looking fluid Tyson Kidd is my vote for best wrestler in the WWE.



Solace Winter 


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  1. Kidd never disappoints. Although he’s, by his own admission, still 1-1 vs Japanese Tables. 😛

    He should be pushed to rescue Natalya from whatever it is her gimmick has become and work towards an IC title run soon “enough”.

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