Top 4 of WWE NXT 2/29/12

After watching this episode of NXT my boyfriend and I debated which show was better so far this week, FCW or NXT. He went with NXT and I went with FCW. The reason I went with FCW…

4. Alex Riley and Percy Watson vs. Darren Young and Titus O’Neil

Oh hai A-Ry! Alex Riley does the majority of the work in this match and not a single botch to be had. Riley is a different wrestler than the one who feuded poorly with the Miz last year. O’Neil, though, is the same ol’ O’Neil and after this match he speaks. His speaking drops any solid moment down a few pegs. Darren Young wins against Watson with a move that looks brutal, and sloppy this time. I think it’s time Darren Young tried out a new finisher. Still a solid match, I found myself wishing Watson had been able to show off a bit more in the ring instead of rushing in to lose.

3. Striker’s Announcement

Twitter was actually abuzz with curiosity over what Striker was going to announce, though I found it fairly obvious. He had been giving hints for weeks that this was where it was going. So the man, in a moment of being choked up, in a moment of being interrupted by Hawkins and Reks (hilarious by the way), and in a moment of being honest with the crowd Striker makes his announcement: William Regal will now be the host of NXT. Striker has been great in this roll and it has been great to see him interacting week after week, but it is time for him to move on. William Regal assured us today (3/1/12) on twitter that yes, he will still be commentating for NXT.

2. Kaitlyn vs. Maxine

Kailyn and Maxine are two lovely women. While these women wrestle Regal and Mathews are joined on commentary by Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman. Between the four men on commentary and the two women in the ring this is one of the highlights of my week. No, this is not my way of getting Derrick Bateman on the list! Even if the men had not been on commentary this match would have made it to number two. These two women have come a long way since “that match” in season 3 of NXT.

1. Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillicutty

In the past year Tyson Kidd has only been in what one might deem a bad match, and that is because it was Brodus Clay squashing him. Kidd brings out the wrestler in McGillicutty (who trimmed up a bit for this episode, thank you!). I have been hard on McGillicutty in the past but this man knows his stuff in the ring. When Tyson Kidd is on the screen I can not tear my eyes away and I am glad of it because it made me remember that while McGillicutty’s character had been bland in the past he shines in the ring. McGillicutty ultimately wins this match-up which makes me hope for more interaction between the two, if just for the sake of storyline. Or for Trent Barreta’s return!


Solace Winter


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