Unknown by Rachel Caine

3 out of 5

This book was almost as good of an idea as SOPA.

Sorry, the dig had to come as Rachel Caine was one of the authors who was outspoken enough to claim that she supported SOPA. Having read this book after her comment, and owning it before her comment, I will not hold that against her but I did have to get at least one dig in there.

Plot: This is book two of her Outcast Season series. Book two comes after book one, obviously, but sometime around seven or eight of the Weather Warden series. Probably was not the best bet to write a book that is taking place simultaneously with another series and not be honest about the order they actually go in. This is Cassiel’s continued attempts to take down Pearl as a human after having refused the conduit Djinn, Ashan. Teamed with Luis and an assortment of others along the way Cassiel has to save Isabel, Luis’s niece, from Pearl.

Characters: Cassiel is still learning to be human, growing in her caring for other humans, and getting a grip on her powers. Cassiel is a contradictory character in the fact that as a Djinn she was indifferent to humans to the point of not caring, but refused to destroy them all. It is little wonder she grew attached so quickly, but a larger wonder why she did not just simply destroy them. Luis, her partner in more ways than one, is flat in this novel but it could be he barely makes any appearances and when he does he is being ordered around by Cassiel though he pretends often to have a will of his own. They are joined by Rashid, a New Djinn, who barely acts like a New Djinn. He is infuriating, but a character that is true to his self the whole way.

What this novel does right is continue a storyline. It also moves away from relying too heavily on the characters from the Weather Warden series. With mentions to the characters that are typically needed this novel achieved what the other could not: being a novel unto itself.

What the novel misses on is contrived reasons for Cassiel to keep fighting. There is a betrayal that leaves Cassiel fighting and dragging things out about twenty pages longer than necessary. The betrayal at this point seems entirely unnecessary. They were after the same goal. The other down side to this novel was how in the world were they ever recovering powers? They kept fighting to the point of exhaustion, but never resting.

Reasons to read this novel:

4. A Fan of the Weather Warden Series

3. Want to know what is happening with Cassiel

2. Still well told despite flaws

1. Djinn are awesome

Reasons not to read this novel:

2. Forced plot turns

1. Takes too long to get to the point



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