Top 4 WWE NXT 2/22/12

Originally I left what is number four off of this list and made it simply one of the promos, because promos ruled this episode of NXT for the most part. However, upon speaking to one of my favorite chicks on twitter I realized I could not leave it off. So, sigh…

4. Titus O’Neil and Alex Riley

Fine, I’ll say more. Titus O’Neil does NOT speak. Phew. In the ring he’s a much stronger character and moves well. As it was my friend’s first time watching in a while she did not understand why there was so much hate on Titus. She did not hear him speak! But, in the ring he’s decent. And Alex Riley is decent. I just think these two could be so much better… away from one another. Darren Young joining William Regal and Josh Mathews on commentary for this match gave it a bigger boost because Young does have fun while out there.

3. Promo Trois

The third promo of the night was Tyson Kidd on the phone with Trent Barreta, who is injured, at least in the storyline. They are talking about when he comes back that the two of them will be the best tag team and Kidd wishes him a speedy recovery. Kidd then is confronted with McGillicutty, who complains about Striker forcing him to come in when he doesn’t even need him to wrestle. This is positively the most personality I have seen out of McGillicutty yet and when Kidd and McGillicutty agreed to wrestle on next week’s NXT I found myself looking forward to it.

2. Promos Un and Deux

Why are the numbers in French? Because I felt like it. The first promo involved, you guessed it, Derrick Bateman with Maxine, Kaitlyn, and Curtis. “How did it go with Maxine?” “How did the Bay of Pigs go?” “I’m just here to go on to Smackdown, win the Intercontinental Title, hold if for 100 years.” Yeah, Bateman is brilliant. Kaitlyn has a good quip to Curtis at the end that is better off seen than described. In the second promo Kaitlyn goes up to Striker backstage. Striker’s greeting of her, “Hey, pretty girl, hi!” made my night and became funnier when Maxine barged in and he grumbles, “No, no need to knock.” Kaitlyn later tells Striker he rocks and he is excited because someone thinks he rocks. Striker has a strong personality that comes out when he’s working as host. All five people in these two promos have a sort of comedic timing that would go well in a sitcom. WWE Network, take note. A Derrick Bateman sitcom should be in the works.

1. Tyson Kidd vs. Tyler Reks

When I had yet to watch NXT yet and said, “I am waiting to see NXT so I can put Derrick at number one,” Derrick responded with, “It’s going to be Kidd and Reks this week. My stuff is too brief.” Now, brief, no, though I guess when I jump around for joy every time Derrick is on screen anything would be considered too brief. But upon watching this match I had to conclude that my favorite wrestler might just be right. Kidd is incredible, as I have been saying for awhile.  Kidd ultimately wins with a wicked Sharpshooter that he rolls Reks into. This match easily should have been the main event as there was no botching, no dead spots, and constant fluid motions. It also helped that Hawkins came out originally wearing that Change shirt of his. I want one. This might make match of the week out of the WWE shows.

Honestly, NXT is my favorite show consistently. Better wrestling, better promos, and great commentating. (Notice I did not say best commentating as it is lacking a certain Scott…) I still think you should give it a try and realize this is not a competition show, but a storyline show. And so far none of the stories have just been dropped because the writer’s don’t know what they are doing.


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