Top 4 of FCW 2/19/12

Another weaker episode of FCW this week and yet I was still working hard to narrow it down to simply four things. What did not make the list was a great interaction between 15 Minute Champion Richie Steamboat and Damien Sandow. Sandow, again, has a great entrance but I still can not figure out what it is I hate about his delivery. His voice? Maxine announced during the show that everyone on the roster would need to go and see Dr. James Bronson, the psychologist, at some point. It was mandatory. Meanwhile the stick, I mean, Danielle, made faces and noises.

4. Xavier Woods vs. Antonio Cesaro

I went into this match expecting to be bored. Neither man has been overly impressive and Cesaro, while great at offense, could not sell the defense. Woods, well, “Good job” comes to mind. Instead these two decided to wake me up so I would pay attention. Cesaro looked brutal and sold well when Woods did a dropkick from the top rope. As Russo was exclaiming it had to be done Cesaro broke from the pin and Saxton quipped, “Don’t get ahead of yourselves, it’s just a 2.” Cesaro ultimately won, which was predictable from the beginning, but it was a tense match-up which was the first Cesaro really had since joining the roster.

3. William Regal

During the first match of the night Regal regales us with a story of Bo and Husky that is hilariously delivered in the way only Regal can. He admires the brutality and bloody aspirations and sounds a little misty-eyed for a moment there. Regal is the best commentator to step into FCW and he proves it again during this episode. Regal likely would have made it high on the list if he had not walked out during the Woods vs. Cesaro match and left us to the likes of Road Dogg. Road Dogg surprised me by not being awful, but given the option… Road Dogg wouldn’t even top my list of 10 commentators I could listen to.

2. Brad Maddox and Eli Cottonwood vs. Bo Rotundo and Husky Harris

Everyone always hatin’ on ol’ Mustache, but Cottonwood moves well for being an oddly built giant. Brad Maddox, after a promo that had me wincing with his over use of the word, “tragic,” told us of Briley Pierce’s injury that will have him out for at least two months. Out of everyone on the roster Maddox chose Cottonwood to be his new tag team partner. Here is where FCW did it right. Instead of forcing a storyline about the tag titles they simply forced Maddox and Pierce to vacate the titles as Pierce was injured and could not defend it. Rotundo and Harris fought again these two and ultimately won the titles. Harris did very little in the match, maybe that is why I enjoyed it so much? Either way I enjoyed this double-pairing and look forward to it again. I doubt Maddox and Cottonwood will carry over again, though. Maddox blamed Cottonwood for the loss, even though Maddox was the one pinned, and in retaliation Cottonwood chokeslammed the smaller man who took a nice bump. Put Cottonwood in Ascension, it needs members suddenly and I don’t want to see it disappear!

1. Leo Kruger vs. Mike Dalton

Sadly, I knew how this would end, if just because of spoilers that people can not avoid tweeting. Despite that they did not ruin this match completely because Kruger is still a star on the mic and that accent, oh yes, pure girly moment every time I hear that voice. The match was excellent and showed off how far Dalton had come. Mike Dalton was trained by Lance Storm and in a hurry it has shown. Dalton ultimately wins this match, even when Kruger nearly walked out of it, which still would have had Dalton winning. This match was not for the championship, but stipulations had if Dalton wins Kruger will give him a match for the title.

All right, so looking back, this was a better episode than I gave it credit for!

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