Elimination Chamber Predictions Part 6: Beth Phoenix vs. Tamina Snuka

Beth Phoenix vs. Tamina Snuka for the Divas Championship

1. SolaceWinter Prediction:

Some believe Phoenix was suddenly starting to look good again for a feud with Kharma, but considering Kharma is still on baby-leave and likely will be for at least another month, despite the appearance at the Rumble, I think it is for Tamina. Might as well make the champ look good right before someone else takes the title from her. Trying to make the divas division legit again, or too little too late? Either way, Winner: Tamina Snuka


2. TheSupremeForce Prediction:

Beth’s going to win even though she’s been absolutely terrible as a diva champion. She makes me miss the Brie Bella era. Winner: Beth Phoenix


3. Team_Hellions Prediction:

 Beth.  Its not even a question.  Beth vs. Kharma at Mania. Winner: Beth Phoenix


4. Right2PlayGod Prediction:

Phoenix has done nothing relevant with this title and complains that she has no competition. They have built Tamina up to be a great opponent and even a champ. Winner: Tamina


6. TheJurn Prediction:

Beth Phoenix. The storyline’s fun and all, but I think it’s just there to set up Beth/Kharma. Winner: Beth Phoenix


7. JayTheBrainMann Prediction:

Normally I wouldn’t care about a Diva’s match… and this is no exception. Where is Maxine? Anyways, I predict that Beth will win. Winner: Beth Phoenix


8. SirTweets_ALot Prediction:

Beth, by DQ, because Kharma will come to the ring and kick her ass, setting up at Beth v Kharma match for Wrestlemania. I WILL EITHER GET FIRST PLACE, OR I WILL GET LAST PLACE GODDAMNIT. Winner: Beth Phoenix


9. BizarroDoom Prediction:

I think this is being used to build Tamina and make the casual audience more familiar with her.  Beth is overconfident, but I think that will lead to a NEAR loss for Beth, not an actual loss.  Tamina will come thiiiiiiiiiis close.  But . . . Winner: Beth Phoenix


10. SolacesSock Prediction:

beth wins, with kharma making her return. it’ll be your basic 5 min divas match. Winner: Beth Phoenix


11. OWA_Sephiroth Prediction:

Tamina has been booked like a beast for a couple months now, even further if you pay attention to Superstars.  Beth’s time is up, Tamina’s time is now.  Winner: Tamina


12. MarkBilly Prediction:

I’ll be honest, I really don’t care about this match or the Divas division as a whole. Unlike most I respect them and think some of them really can go but they don’t get enough TV time to make me care and challengers are just thrust in front of the champion with little regard for how terrible they have been portrayed in the past. Has Tamina actually won a singles match in her WWE career? If so, I doubt it was on Raw or SmackDown! Why are the WWE trying to convince us that she’s suddenly a worthy challenger?!


13. badman410 Prediction:

As I do not follow the divas division! Beth’s the stronger woman so my money’s on her! Winner: Beth Phoenix


14. ZackZiggler Prediction:

Winner: Beth Phoenix


15. drustuart Prediction:

Beth to win in a short but competitive match.  Tamina will do enough to warrant a Raw rematch before Phoenix moves onto Karma and WM.

Winner: Beth Phoenix


16. RegalSays Prediction:

Winner: Beth Phoenix


17. WWEThatsNotPG Prediction:

The Ultimate Diva versus the new powerhouse of the divison. Beth picks up the win, but Tamina looks good in defeat. Possibly we’ll also see some Kharma distraction, leading to a ‘Mania feud with Beth (PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE). Winner: Beth Phoenix


18. AIRFAHMI437 Prediction:

Winner: Beth Phoenix


19. JoeBewick Prediction:

It’s too early for Tamina to win a title, although I’m not sure Beth will win cleanly. Winner: Beth Phoenix


20. ValkyrieSmudge Prediction:

Beth has no reason to lose it, which means she surely will. Winner: Tamina


21. JerrySorrentino Prediction:

Winner: Beth Phoenix


22. shawndecker Prediction:

Winner: Beth Phoenix


23. BostonMadePunk Prediction:

Beth Phoenix would win. Tamina is not ready yet to win the title. Even though it’s someone new challenging the title. But hopefully after the match Kharma comes out to save Tamina or something. To make some build up for WrestleMania. Winner: Beth Phoenix


24. WrestlingNoob Prediction:

Blah blah blah womens wrestling. Stuff happens and, just like all of her match, will hit the glam-slam and get the one, two, three. And then Natalya will fart. Winner: Beth Phoenix


26. WWECapshuns Prediction:

I think Beth is going to drop the strap due to involuntary interference from Nat – probably a giant fart, since that is what they are going with as a feud catalyst. (Still can’t quite get over the booking fail on that…) Kharma will NOT show up because she’s not ready to come back from giving birth yet. Beth and Nat will feud after Beth loses the strap, and Tamina, after a nominal rematch with Beth (which will be ruined by Nat, I’m sure) will take on all comers. WINNER: TAMINA

27. WWFE_Nostalgia Prediction:

WHAT: Phoenix over Snuka
HOW: after a delightfully stiff match, Tamina will be GlamSlammed and done with.
WHY: I don’t care why. This title is meaningless and so is this “divas” division. Tamina is still improving but they’re over-pushing the legacy thing. That Snuka splash is still taking ages to set up. This pony needs more tricks. Winner: Beth Phoenix


28. tolkienite Prediction:

Winner: Beth Phoenix


29. Team_Cole Prediction:

If given more than 5 minutes this has potential to be a good divas match. Both can hold their own in the ring as far as putting together moves. Kharma will prob have a factor in the outcome of this match to setup Beth/Kharma for Mania.  Winner : Beth


30. Paradise_Lost12 Prediction:

I don’t care about Tamina, not even a little bit, adding a last name has done nothing to change that. I want Kharma/Beth at WM for the belt, and I’m going to run with the idea that if I wish hard enough, I’ll get it. Winner: Beth Phoenix


31. Jbibbsy Prediction:

Tamina over Beth, Kharma interferes. Winner: Tamina Snuka


32. WWEBradWard Prediction:

Really looking forward to this match , they have done a really good job over the past month or so of solidifying Tamina Snuka as a contender for the Divas Championship on the Smackdown side of things and even sometimes on Raw. I see it as Xena vs Wonder Woman and it should be a pretty good match but I see Beth retaining here, as I see some how after its over Kharma getting Involved. Winner: Beth Phoenix


33. vadersault Prediction:

Tamina Snuka with the win. I wish that Kharma would be involved somehow…… Winner: Tamina


34. mastersolace Prediction:

Beth & Tamina could easily be the best Divas match in a while, but I’m looking for Beth/Kharma in the future… Winner: Beth Phoenix


35. RayLott2 Prediction:

Winner: Tamina


36. Samalamalamalam Prediction:

A Close fought match but Beth wins with a glam slam without too much trouble but after much gloating, Khama comes out and stares down Beth. Thus creating a mammoth Diva match at WM. Winner: Beth.


37. heelJAY Prediction:

I didn’t know Jimmy Snuka had a daughter. Winner: Beth Phoenix.


38. RuthlessRyan84 Prediction:

Winner:Beth Pheonix


39. MrsZigglesworth Prediction:

Winner: Tamina


40. FightDynamite Prediction:

This one’s a toss up for me. Tamina has been getting a big push lately (I mean, as “big” as anything is in the Diva’s division… so, not very big at all, really). Beth is the perennial dominant diva with very little competition, a fact which she goes out of her way to boast. It’s obvious that Tamina is intended to provide competition for Beth and pose a threat to her position, both because of her similar physical type (not a tiny Kelly Kelly pretzel stick with boobs) and her pedigree… So, Tamina could win, challenging Beth’s dominance. Or, Beth Pheonix could retain the belt, further exhibiting both her supremacy and creative’s complete lack of interest in creating cohesive storylines for the Diva’s division. Whichever.

Either way, my guess is that Beth and Tamina will battle for the belt repeatedly up to and at WM, at which point Kharma will smash them both, along with a few innocent bystanders. Winner: Beth Phoenix

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