Elimination Chamber Predictions Part 5: John Cena vs. Kane

Kane vs. John Cena in an Ambulance Match

1. SolaceWinter Prediction:

It is about time for them to start rushing this storyline, after all, Wrestlemania is coming up and Cena is going to have to face The Rock. So why am I still not convinced they are ready for him to win this? Winner: Kane

2. TheSupremeForce Prediction:

He has super powers that are beyond those of Kane. And he’s not losing right before Wrestlemania, come on. Winner: John Cena

3. Team_Hellions Prediction:

Cena has to look strong going into ‘Mania.  I’ll say Zack Ryder comes out and tries to hit Cena with a shovel, or a pipe, or something like that. Cena ducks, Zack hits Kane.  Cena loads the unconscious Kane into an ambulance and wins Winner: John Cena

4. Right2PlayGod Prediction:

This match is a throwaway match. WWE has buried Cena to the point and booked him so far in advance that they had to come up with some dumb scheme for him to even be on tv. Cena doesnt even matter right now. Cena needs this match to be in the public eye for his match with the Rock. This being said I go with the person who SHOULD win this match Winner: Kane

6. TheJurn Prediction:

John Cena. Gotta make Cena looks strong for ‘Mania. Derp. Winner: John Cena

7. JayTheBrainMann Prediction:

I’m betting Cena will win it just the little Jimmies in the audience can be happy before they get Jeritrolled. Winner: John Cena

8. SirTweets_ALot Prediction:

Cena, because Zack Ryder is gonna hobble his ass to the ring, try to screw Cena, and end up helping him. Winner: John Cena

9. BizarroDoom Prediction:

So, it’s time to wrap this up and move on to Cena/Rock.  Which means that Cena wins. Winner: John Cena

10. SolacesSock Prediction:

i know cena will probably win,but i’m going with kane with assist from ryder. Winner: Kane

11. OWA_Sephiroth Prediction:

It was a fun, albeit hit-or-miss feud, and this match is sure to cap it off niceley. That being said…we know who is bound to win.  Winner: John Cena

12. MarkBilly Prediction:

I predicted Cena would win at the Rumble because I thought he’d be in the Raw Chamber and therefore it’d be the last PPV match between Cena and Kane. This IS going to be the last PPV match between Kane and Cena and therefore I can’t look past Cena.

13. badman410 Prediction:

Cena to win as he cannot lose because of the rock match at WM28. Winner: John Cena

14. ZackZiggler Prediction:

Winner: John Cena

15. drustuart Prediction:

I think we may see the double switch here like Austin/Hart in 97.  Cena to destroy Kane but keep up the beating instead of putting him in the ambulance.  Kane refusing to give up and we get the switch-a-roo, Eve to be involved too unfortunately.

Winner: Kane

16. RegalSays Prediction:

Winner: John Cena

17. WWEThatsNotPG Prediction:

The hate finally rises above Cena as Kane wins. Look for Cena to further that heel turn tease until he absolutely destroys Rock at ‘Mania, blowing off the year long feud and going to the dark side. Winner: Kane

18. AIRFAHMI437 Prediction:

Winner: John Cena

19. JoeBewick Prediction:

With him and Eve on Raw, the ambulance match may be Cena finally embracing the hate. Either way, Cena wins. Winner: John Cena

20. ValkryieSmudge Prediction:

Cena isn’t going to lose a feud going in to Mania season and this has to be the end of the feud. Winner: John Cena

21. JerrySorrentino Prediction:

Winner: John Cena

22. shawndecker Prediction:

Winner: John Cena

23. BostonMadePunk Prediction:

John Cena would win this. Please for the love of god don’t continue this feud to The Rock’s return. Winner: John Cena

24. WrestlingNoob Prediction:

This match, no doubt will be the best match, (Which isn’t saying much since this PPV only has 4 matches). I orginally thought Ryder would have something to do with this, AKA Heel turn, but just like before the Royal Rumble, Kane raped Ryder. So most likely Cena will begin to put Kane in the ambulance, and Kane will be reverse it at the last second, to win. Winner: Kane

26. WWECapshuns Prediction:

OMG. The fail on this one…I’m almost tempted to just say “meh” and move on, but yeah, gotta do a prediction. John’s gonna win. DUH. Why? Cuz he isn’t wrestling KANE at the next PPV, is he? Yeah. Got that shit in one… WINNER: JOHN CENA

PS: Wouldn’t be shocked to see Ryder interfere in the match or otherwise show up to start getting his revenge on Kane. I have the feeling we’re going to see a darker twist on Ryder’s character shortly. Kane is a great person to do a long program with for Zack, so I’m really hoping they go with that. As for Eve…oh for heaven’s sake. PLEASE someone just put her back in the diva’s division already. SMH

27. WWFE_Nostalgia Prediction:

WHAT:Kane over Cena.
HOW: Chokeslam finisher, after interference by Zack Ryder and/or Eve Torres.
WHY: This should piss off Cena enough for him to turn into red-hulk again and hold on to that rage until Wrestlemania. It won’t be a heel turn, rather a temporary “no more mr nice guy” kind of phase. Winner: Kane

28. tolkienite Prediction:

Winner: John Cena

29. Team_Cole Prediction:

Would like to see Kane win this feud since I think he could use it more…. But WWE prob doesn’t want Cena going into Mania with a loss, So I’ll have to pick Cena to win in a decisive manner in this match. Winner : Cena

30. Paradise_Lost12 Prediction:

I think we’re going to see a bit of an edge to Cena for now, and it’s going to come out in order for him to beat Kane. Kane has really gotten the better of Cena for most of this feud, the rest of it has been an experiment in how many ways Kane can destroy Zack Ryder. Winner: John Cena

31. Jbibbsy Prediction:

Kane over Cena I guess, maybe Cena will take a couple weeks off. Winner: Kane

32. WWEBradWard Prediction:

Lets face it this has feud has been pretty ugly to watch, badly acted skits, underwhelming action between the two and just not what you expect from the WWE leading into Rock vs Cena with the John Cena, with that said. I think that anytime you put either guy in a match in which weapons or brawling is involved outside the square circle is where both men excel. It should be a really fun smash mouth brawl between the both and even though Triple H said otherwise there is still guys who leave it in the ring and superstars that are still capable of smashmouth. I can’t see anyone but John Cena winning this one, but I would not be surprised if either Zack Ryder or Eve Torres gets involved in this one but I think when its all over your winner John Cena. Winner: John Cena

33. vadersault Prediction:

Kane with the win. Beats that ass after Long Island Iced Z distracts Cena I hope. Winner: Kane

34. mastersolace Prediction:

As much as I’d hate to say it, WWE will give Cena the win so he doesn’t look as bad going into WM28… Winner: John Cena

35. RayLott2 Prediction:

Winner: John Cena

36. Samalamalamalam Prediction:

This will be a really close fought battle although I think Cena will win. Not by his usual superman tactics but I believe he will “embrace the hate” and snap midway through the match. Using everything in his path to stop the monster. Thus stemming a heel turn at Wrestlemania which is playing heavy in my imagination. Plus Cena has to be on Raw to sell the WM match. Winner: Cena.

37. heelJAY Prediction:

Cena is gonna rise above batin’ and kiss the face off of Kane. In an Ambulance. BIG MANIA MOMENTUM. Winner: John Ceeeeena

38. RuthlessRyan84 Prediction:


39. MrsZigglesworth Prediction:

Winner: Kane


40. FightDynamite Prediction:


Match will begin in a relatively straight-forward way — that is to say, both men will actually be in the ring wrestling. Just as it seems Cena has the upper hand, a diabolical distraction from the dastardly demon Kane will present itself! (You know, the injured Zack Ryder tied up and slowly being lowered into a furnace/shark tank/vat of boiling oil… Eve tied up on some train tracks just outside the arena… whatever.) Cena will play Superman, as usual, costing him the match and pissing off his ex-bbf (best broski forever) Zack Ryder.


It’s too far out from Wrestlemania for Cena to “embrace the hate” yet. He’ll resist a heel turn until right before WM, increasing Kane’s frustration and volatility, and allowing time for more upsetting things to happen to Cena. When he does “embrace the hate,” it won’t be a full-fledged heel turn, of course, but fans won’t accept anything even remotely RESEMBLING a heel turn for Cena unless he has been given AMPLE reason to be act like a bad guy. Winner: Kane

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