Elimination Chamber Predictions Part 3: Smackdown Chamber

Elimination Match for World Heavyweight Championship:

Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Wade Barrett vs. The Big Show vs. The Great Khali vs. Santino


1. SolaceWinter Prediction:

I want the winner of this match to be Rhodes or Barrett, or a surprise from Drew! BUT this is WWE and they have no idea what they are doing with this match anyway, so inexplicably it will be: Winner: Daniel Bryan


2. TheSupremeForce Prediction:

For the love of God Daniel Bryan had better not win. Winner: Wade Barrett


3. Team_Hellions Prediction:

Khali destroys Santino and then stands there looking stupid until the next entrant.  Cody keeps Khali off balance and then hits that springboard kick for the elimination.  Show comes in, because he is a face, and Cody is skilled enough to hold his own against the giant.  Wade comes in and its two on one.  Show pins Bryan.  Wade and Cody team up to eliminate Show.  Wade immediately turns on Cody and becomes new World champ.  Wade vs. Sheamus at Mania. Winner: Wade Barrett


4. Right2PlayGod Prediction:

To me Khali is the only questionable guy in this match. Santino, in my opinion, has earned some recognition. He jobbed for everyone, he has played a comedic role and has done well with it and he does have some decent wrestling ability. I think with Show rumored to be against Shaq at Wrestlemania and Cody already champ they are out. My choice is from my heart and i go with Winner: Wade Barrett


6. TheJurn Prediction:

Winner: Wade Barrett


7. JayTheBrainMann Prediction:

I predict that Christian will win the SD! EC by taking out Santino before the match. Winner: Christian


8. SirTweets_ALot Prediction:

It’s a feel good moment to have Santino in the main event, until Alberto Del Rio runs him over with a car that costs more than the arena they’re in. He takes Santino’s pod, enters second, and goes on to win the WHC. ADR vs Sheamus at Wrestlemania. Winner: Alberto Del Rio


9. BizarroDoom Prediction:

This is the trickiest match to predict, in my opinion.  I see only two possibilities: Daniel Bryan or Wade Barrett.  At first, I thought Orton’s injury might have been a work, but it’s pretty clearly not, at this point.  Still, I don’t think he’ll be gone long.  He’ll want revenge against Bryan.  So will Sheamus for being duped into getting himself DQ’d on SmackDown.  And Bryan’s been too perfect in his role as champion.  It will come down to him and Santino and Bryan will make the crowd think that Santino will actually win.  But, he won’t.

Winner: Daniel Bryan


10. SolacesSock Prediction:

would love to see a false finish between santino & bryan. winner bryan.


11. OWA_Sephiroth Prediction:

There are 3 or 4 realistic options that this match could result in, and I’d be happy with most of them, but at the rate Bryan’s been going, I’m thinking he might stick around ’til Mania. Winner: Daniel Bryan


12. MarkBilly Prediction:

I’m not that into Daniel Bryan, he can wrestle but the whiny heel just annoys me! I wanted him as champion because I thought he deserved it but he’s just not done much with it… Having said all that, I expect he’ll walk into Mania with it. (Out of interest I’d choose Barrett to win if I could cos I want to see a British champion! I also think he could make it work with Sheamus at Mania. Rhodes would be deserving of a title run but don’t see where he’d go from here so I’d wait until they have a path for him as champion until they give him it)


13. badman410 Prediction:

Daniel Brayn vs sheamus are being advertised for WM Revenger Tour in England. Winner: Daniel Bryan


14. ZackZiggler Prediction:

Winner: Daniel Bryan


15. drustuart Prediction:

I want to see Khali and Santino start just for the hatred the internet would spew over that 5 minutes! Mark Henry to get involved somehow, Bryan to use sneaky tactics to win again.  If Orton was in this I think he would have been the winner.

Winner: Daniel Bryan 


16. RegalSays Prediction:

Winner: Daniel Bryan


17. WWEThatsNotPG Prediction:

There’s only three people that can win this match and WWE not lose all credibility. There’s only two that have enough crowd appeal that they can get over. To me, that’s Bryan and Barrett, because Rhodes has lost his heat with the crowd after dropping the bag man gimmick and the mini feud with Goldust.  Even though Rhodes with both belts would be awesome, and it’s totally his time, he’s got no place to go after he wins it. Barrett and Sheamus would make a nice cross-the-pond feud, and could sell for ‘Mania.  Look for Barrett to get the gold, Bryan would split off to feud with Show until he goes away again (hopefully soon), and Rhodes to go towards his Goldie feud again. Winner: Wade Barrett


18. AIRFAHMI437 Prediction:

My secret pick is Del Rio some how entering the chamber and winning but my actual pick, Winner: Daniel Bryan


19. JoeBewick Prediction:

Sheamus is going for the WHC, so it will be a heel that wins the Chamber, and I think Bryan will sneak it, somehow. Winner: Daniel Bryan


20. ValkyrieSmudge Prediction:

Sheamus going for WHC=heel winner. Henry injures rule him out, Cody is IC & Bryan retaining makes more sense than Wade. Winner: DBD


21. JerrySorrentino Prediction:

Winner: Santino


22. shawndecker Prediction:

Winner: Daniel Bryan


23. BostonMadePunk Prediction:

It wouldn’t make any sense if any of these wrestlers Vs. Sheamus at WrestleMania. Daniel Bryan is the only one.. That could have a great program into WrestleMania. Rhodes sorry but my boy D-Bryan is winning this. Winner: Daniel Bryan


24. WrestlingNoob Prediction:

D-Bry will find a way to avoid all attacks and will use the Chamber towards his advantage. (Climb the chamber most likely) Winner: Daniel Bryan


26. WWECapshuns Prediction:

First of all, while I ADORE Santino (so funny!), he can’t be considered anything but filler in this match. (I’m SO unhappy Randal isn’t going to be in it, BTW.) Santino will give Cody something to do while we wait for the giants to come out of the pods. Big Show has been shown to be increasingly angry and crazy, so it’s best to leave him to stew until last. Khali can’t wrestle, so putting him in first and letting  the smaller guys get rid of him, probably just before Show comes tearing out of his pod, is best. As for Wade…SIGH. I want him to win SO MUCH but it isn’t going to happen. The current storyline with Bryan/Show is still making money and they won’t drop it yet. They MAY elevate Wade to an “equal player” in the storyline AFTER the Chamber for a WM28 Triple Threat, but again, I doubt it, because Sheamus needs SOMEONE to fight at WM and it is likely going to be for the WHC. So while Wade will make a decent showing, I predict that he is going to be eliminated by Big Show during his initial WMD rampage after he gets out of his pod. At that point they could go with Bryan as the champ – which I think is the more interesting story – or they could go with the predictable thing and put the strap on Show, who would defend at WM28 against Sheamus. Considering his WM losing record, that would storyline logically cause Sheamus to choose that strap over the one held by Jericho, which they need him to do, because EVERYONE wants to see Punk vs. Jericho at WM28. WINNER: BIG SHOW

27. WWFE_Nostalgia Prediction:

WHAT: Daniel-san over Wade Barrett
HOW: After being released last, Daniel-san will get another chickenshit type of win and make Barrett submit to the LeBell lock.
WHY: Daniel-san vs Seamus with an ‘h’ at Wrestlemania. Go on, tell me there’s a better prospect for the WHC title match at mania than that… yeeeeahh, I think Barrett’s missed the boat, but I hope I’m wrong. Winner: Daniel Bryan


28. tolkienite Prediction:

Winner: Cody Rhodes


29. Team_Cole Prediction:

Only person who should win this match is Daniel Bryan. Show’s got Mania plans with that one guy….. And Cody/Barrett will most likely be in the MITB if they do indeed bring it back for Mania.  And as far as Khali and Santino…..  I hope the Chamber collapses on them both….. Winner : Daniel Bryan


30. Paradise_Lost12 Prediction:

I don’t see Khali spending too much time in this, I can really hope he’s not in it altogether but I’m not going to bank on a surprise appearance by ADR or Christian. I imagine we’ll see Christian at WM, Del Rio might make a cameo Sunday, but I don’t think we’ll see him in action again just yet. So Bryan takes this, to give Sheamus a heel to face at WM Winner: Daniel Bryan


31. Jbibbsy Prediction:

Winner: Big Show


32. WWEBradWard Prediction:

To be honest this match is probaby the weakest of any of them on the ppv, even though this match is surrounded by the Elimination Chamber. I just can’t really get into Santino Marella, Great Khali, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, and Daniel Bryan as a legitimate main event match. I see Santino not making it in the match thanks to Christian or Alberto Del Rio, I think Christian would be the better bet as Christian and Sheamus could continue their feud leading into Wrestlemania and add a bit of Daniel Bryan and you got a hell of a 3 way of main event or show opener for WWE Wrestlemania 28. Winner: The one who takes over for Santino


33. vadersault Prediction:

Winner: Cody Rhodes


34. mastersolace Prediction:

Seeing D-Bry going into WM as champ would be cool, but seeing Barrett/Sheamus would be a better match-up… Winner: Wade Barrett


35. RayLott2 Prediction:

Winner: Big Show


36. Samalamalamalam Prediction:

I think Show eliminates Khali and Santino quickly. Rhodes and Barrett try to over power show and eventually eliminate him. Barrett and Rhodes battle it out until D-Bry comes in steals a victory. Totally Bold Prediction because I have no idea. All I know is that I want a Sheamus/Bryan WM match. That or a Sheamus/Barrett match. I think Cody and Goldust are still on for WM. Winner: D-Bry


37. heelJAY Prediction:

No title changes at this PPV, folks. Mah man D-Bry got this one LOCKED Winner: D-Bry


38. RuthlessRyan84 Prediction:

Winner: Daniel Bryan


39. MrsZigglesworth Prediction:

With any hope Winner: Wade Barrett


40. FightDynamite Prediction:

Big Show can’t be paired with Khali for any extended period at the risk of the audience falling asleep, so Khali and Barrett will start the match off. Khali will hit Barrett with a few slow-mo slaps and chops, boring everyone. He’ll avoid being eliminated immediately sheerly by virtue of his mass. Rhodes is released from his pod and teams up with Barrett to eliminate Khali. Big Show, Rhodes, and Barrett will all still be in when Santino enters. Hijinks will ensue and Santino will eliminate either Rhodes or Barrett with the cobra sock puppet as the audience pops. Big Show will somehow be eliminated before Bryan enters. Daniel Bryan will retain with the help of some kind of interference.   Winner: Daniel Bryan


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