Elimination Chamber Predictions Part 1: Raw Chamber

Another PPV is on its way and the people of my twitter feed have decided to try their hand at stealing the belt from heelJAY.  Two newcomers this month with FightDynamite and MrsZigglesworth while StephiOC815 opted out (but will hopefully be back next PPV) and one person disappeared on me completely.  Everyone has a number by their name this month, as we go through the PPV I will be giving your score by your number (ie: 1 – 1/2 means number 1 has gotten 1 of 2 matches correct). Yes, I am missing two numbers, one of those spots is Steph’s reserved spot for when she returns and my disappearing friend. Please look over your predictions, if I have made a mistake or missed you please let me know so I can get it fixed before the PPV starts! However, no editing of your predictions are allowed!

Elimination Match for WWE Championship:

CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho vs The Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Kofi Kingston

1. SolaceWinter Prediction:

Let’s not confuse the issue by having six men in it. The truth is this is about CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler, and I do not think they are ready for Ziggler to be champ yet. Winner: CM Punk


2. TheSupremeForce Prediction:

I’d like to see them shock the world and see Ziggler win, but I don’t think anyone other than Punk or Jericho are an option. Winner: CM Punk


3. Team_Hellions Prediction:

CM Punk will keep the title, but barely. Jericho will use this momentum to get a WWE title match at ‘Mania. Winner: CM Punk


4. Right2PlayGod Prediction:

I honestly think that Kingston and Jericho had a nice match on monday and I think that Kingston could build off the comments Jericho had said. We all know that Miz will not win and I do not think that R-truth has what it takes to be champ. I also do not see Kingston or Ziggler headlining Wrestlemania. As much as everyone wants Jericho to win. i will go with Winner: CM Punk


6. TheJurn Prediction:

Winner: CM Punk


7. JayTheBrainMann Prediction:

I say that Chris Jericho will win the Raw EC Winner: Chris Jericho


8. SirTweets_ALot Prediction:

I think we all know that it’s Punk v Y2J at Wrestlemania, so it’s either Punk or Y2J winning, and I just can’t stand Y2J. Winner: CM Punk


9. BizarroDoom Prediction:

This is either going to be Punk retaining or Jericho winning, since we know they’ll have a match at WrestleMania.  My gut says one thing and my brain says another.  My gut says Jericho wins to re-establish him as a true threat and give Punk a chase for WM.  My brain says a heel will likely win the SmackDown EC, so a face should probably win this one.  I think Jericho needs continuing momentum, so . . .Winner: Chris Jericho


10. SolacesSock Prediction:

i’d like to see dolph go over, but they’ll be safe & give it to jericho *gross Winner: Chris Jericho


11. OWA_Sephiroth Prediction:

Jericho could easily be winning the belt here to piss of Punk, but I think Punk carries the strap to WM.  Winner: CM Punk


12. MarkBilly Prediction:

Punk needs some big wins, going coast to coast will achieve this. I want it to come down to the final three – Punk, Jericho, Kofi* – Kofi and Jericho take each other out and Punk crawls over and pins Kofi, then on the following Raw, Jericho comes out, asks why Punk chose to pin Kingston and not Jericho and Punk says something along the lines of ‘I knew I could beat you on my own so I left you for later’.
*It doesn’t have to be Kofi, it works just as well with The Miz (but I don’t like him) or Truth (but I think Kofi comes across as ‘easier to beat’ (meaning Chris Jericho is even easier in Punk’s mind)), but I don’t think it would work with Ziggler because Ziggler beat Punk 4 times in a month.
Winner: CM PUNK


13. badman410 Prediction:

as it would make sense for him to win it and build up a feud for WM involving him and punk! Winner: Chris Jericho


14. ZackZiggler Prediction:

Winner: CM Punk


15. drustuart Prediction:

The mark in me wants to say Ziggler but it’s not happening.  Final two will be Punk and Jericho, 10 minutes or so one-on-one,  Punk to win and set up WM rematch.  Ziggler and Kofi to both have strong showings.

Winner: CM Punk


16. RegalSays Prediction:

Winner: CM Punk


17. WWEThatsNotPG Prediction:

 Even though Jericho’s going to be taking that title, now’s not the time to do it. He wants to show he’s the best in the world in a straight up one-on-one with Punk at Mania, not in Satan’s Structure. Look for Punk to retain. Winner: CM Punk


18. AIRFAHMI437 Prediction:

Winner: Chris Jericho


19. JoeBewick Prediction:

Jericho v Punk is obvious for WM now, and I think Punk will win the Chamber to fuel the best in the world feud. Winner: CM Punk


20. ValkyrieSmudge Prediction:

If Bryan retains and no change last year, I think the title has to change. Punk/Jericho at Mania so Winner: Jericho


21. JerrySorrentino Prediction:

Winner: Chris Jericho


22. shawndecker Prediction:

Winner: Chris Jericho


23. BostonMadePunk Prediction:

There gonna give the belt to Jericho at WrestleMania. It would make the feud more interesting. Winner: CM Punk


24. WrestlingNoob Prediction:

The ending will most likely end with punk going through everyone besides Jericho. Then, out of nowhere, Jericho will do Lionsault and go for either the pin or Walls of Jericho. Winner: Chris Jericho


26. WWECapshuns Prediction:

The feud everyone wants to see if Punkles vs. Jericho. All the other guys are side stories at best. Miz and Truth need some time for their feud, so I think they’ll go first. I also think that Punk is going to drop the strap on Sunday, so to make sure he’s at a proper disadvantage, he will be the first man released from an actual pod. I predict he will make short work of whomever is still in the ring when he is released. Kofi and Dolph will proceed, and give him one hell of a fight before Jericho comes out and picks up the pieces. I think it would be VERY interesting if Jericho set Punk up for the pin, but Dolph actually did the pin. Why? Because then Jericho, although winning the strap, would have a legit storyline weakness (as all heels should). Punk could rightfully say Jericho had never beaten HIM for the strap, and that would set them up for WM28, which I have little doubt they will be facing off at. Kofi, poor man, is going to be pure filler. WINNER: JERICHO


27. WWFE_Nostalgia Prediction:

WHAT: CM Punk over Chris Jericho 

HOW: by pinfall via GTS
WHY: Punk is still owed a lot of WWE Champ time. This should continue hyping the true main event at Wrestlemania. Winner: CM Punk


28. tolkienite Prediction:

Winner: Chris Jericho


29. Team_Cole Prediction:

The only person who should win this one is CM Punk. Id be fine with Jericho winning but rather it be Punk going into Mania as champion. Should be the better chamber of the two overall as far as talent goes.  Look for Kofi to set up some nice spots. Winner : CM Punk


30. Paradise_Lost12 Prediction:

The only thing I’m not too sure about here is where I put Miz, he and R-Truth are sorta interchangable here in my eyes. Jericho winning works with what they’re doing, and him losing the Rumble did nothing to help his case for being best in the world. I see this as a match Jericho needs to win, just in order to keep the feud with Punk interesting. Winner: Chris Jericho


31. Jbibbsy Prediction:

Ziggler wins new champ. Winner: Dolph Ziggler


32. WWEBradWard Prediction:

This match should be pretty good as far as in ring goes but just doesn’t have the star power that most chamber matches have had in the past with guys like Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Triple H and the such.  So we got R Truth , Kofi Kingston , Dolph Ziggler , The Miz and CM Punk. Here is my problem with the match there is too much comedy for what this match means ultimately, we have R Truth who is a clown, Kofi Kingston who was stuck in the position where he was barely above a midcard talent, Dolph who has been beat like a drum , miz who is a clown , so we are left with Chris Jericho and CM Punk. Everyone else just really feels like a back drop to these two. For anyone else but CM Punk or Chris Jericho to win this would blow my mind. My prediction is CM Punk gets eliminated early and Chris Jericho wins in some cheap way and then Punk challenges at WWE Wrestlemania 28. Winner: Chris Jericho


33. vadersault Prediction:

Winner: CM Punk


34. mastersolace Prediction:

When Jericho comes out, they will gang up on him, leaving the door open for Punk to leave still champ… Winner: CM Punk


35. RayLott2 Prediction:

Winner: CM Punk


36. Samalamalamalam Prediction:

Punk and Y2J will be the main story in this match so they’ll get the most offence. Miz will get eliminated by Kofi to prove that he isn’t an after-thought. Ziggler, Punk and Y2J are the last three. Jericho will win outright to sell the Punk/Y2J match at WM. Winner: Y2J


37. heelJAY Prediction:

Of course he’s going to win. Let’s not beat around the smelly bush. Winner: CM Punk


38. RuthlessRyan84 Prediction:

Winner Chris Jericho


39. MrsZigglesworth Prediction:

Winner: Chris Jericho


40. FightDynamite Prediction:

Punk and Ziggler start off the match, with a great showing from both men. Kofi enters next, and that weird period where the match turns into an awkward three-way ensues… you know, everyone breaking up everyone else’s one-and-a-half-count premature pin attempts, not a whole lot happening… R-Truth is released from his pod and the men necessarily pair off — probably Ziggler-Punk/Kofi-Truth — with occasional deviations to prevent pins. When Miz joins the match, the other four men gang up to eliminate him first, proving that he’s as irrelevant as the current zeitgeist of the WWE Universe seems to indicate. Truth will be the next to go, followed by Kofi (Happy Black History Month from the WWE!) — but not before Jericho and Kofi exchange a few blows. Ziggler is eliminated, leaving a very tired Punk and a much fresher Jericho. Jericho capitalizes on Punk’s exhaustion and wins the WWE Championship, gloating to mixed audience reactions. Winner: Chris Jericho


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