Top 4 of WWE Superstars 2/16/12

What WWE needs to realize when it comes to Superstars is that we absolutely do not need the Raw recaps. The people who watch Superstars watched Raw. I can not think of many cases where someone deliberately skipped Raw and then decided to watch Superstars. With that in mind, what in the world possessed WWE to put the entire HBK/HHH segment in the recap. And I mean entire! Not even the entrance of either of them was cut for time. We’ll get this again on Smackdown (please no) and of course Bottom Line. That being said…

4. Santino Marella and Alex Riley vs. Epico and Primo

This was easily the best match of the show with four men I like. Why did they not make it higher up, because I think individually the others are more impressive. Yes, you get to see Rosa jiggle, and Santino go through yet another tag partner, but they are not taking the tag team seriously, not Santino and his tag partners. That sours me more to this match than anything any of the men did. There are too many tag teams in the WWE to treat them like they are the D-Class citizens, like how they treat poor Superstars.

3. Maxine

Maxine faces off against Aksana. If I simply put the match on the list I would not have been able to put this at 3. Aksana is stiff in the ring and appears to not have completely utilized her time as queen in FCW. Her character is fine for the sexy eye candy she is, but she’s worth little in the ring. Maxine has come a long way from her time as a rookie on season 3 of NXT. She no longer has that flat black hair for one thing which was holding back her looks incredibly. She also has learned much in the ring and shows it off with style in her every match. She is a diva to be reckoned with and if WWE does things right you are looking at a future champ.

2. Jack Swagger

Swagger had his match with Mason Ryan. Swagger does not deserve to be punished any longer. He is the United States Champion, let him prove his worth. Instead they put him against Ryan, which is a good match only because this proves to the non-believers how huge Swagger really is. Swagger is a chameleon, blending in to his surroundings, never looking his full imposing height. Here, against Ryan, Swagger looks large and vicious. Forget his lisp, or that he sort of has a face that does not match his moves, and focus on the fact that Swagger is a collegiate wrestler and it carried over into the WWE. The man is fearsome, and Ryan taps to the ankle-lock like it should always be tapped to. When put in a submission where your ankle is being twisted until a possible breaking point, no one, and I mean no one, should ever escape that. Not without a broken ankle.

1. Scott Stanford

You have to admit Scott did an incredible job for being out there alone. Wait? Did I hear you right? Mathews was out there? Well then maybe he should have joined in the conversation! There is hardly any back and forth and it’s not for a lack of trying on Scott’s part. The man keeps throwing things over to Josh and Josh keeps sitting there like a lump on a log. “Yep.” At one point Josh does tell a joke about Lin and all I could think was, “Did Scott pass him his notes to make sure Josh got a joke out there?” Scott once again was doing all of the work in putting over talent, commentating a match and the move set, and refraining from punching his commentating partner in the face. Oh wait, that last part was me. And only because I wasn’t at the taping. Scott did get handed a Valentine from Vickie this episode, perhaps that is why I am extra angry. I can not blame my perfect, handsome, darling Scott so everyone else feels my wrath instead!

But, I doubt that’s the reason.

Scott Stanford’s best lines this episode:

“Wow, he’s got the moves like Swagger!”

“Vickie smelling victory there on the side.”

“Just a freight train, Mason Ryan.”

“Swagger’s gotta let that go!”

“This is what I like about the tag team division, new tag teams being formed all of the time.”

“Let me just say muy caliente. You didn’t know I spoke Spanish, did you?”

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