Top 4 of NXT 2/15/12

I am beginning to worry what WWE is going to do with Striker. Is he being phased out? Is he moving on to other things? Last week he insinuated that he was having a hard time as host of NXT and this week he announced he would have a substitute: William Regal. I love William Regal on commentary, and now I had the opportunity to watch him as host of NXT as well. Side note, they really should stop calling it the “host” of NXT as at this point it is just a General Manager position.

4. The Love Triangle

"It's like stealing candy from a Bateman."

NXT jumped from the love triangle of Maxine, Derrick, and Johnny to the love triangle of Maxine, Derrick, and Kaitlyn. Derrick seems to be mostly oblivious to Kaitlyn’s feelings. Johnny, in typical Curtis fashion, is the biggest reason this is even a triangle. While Kaitlyn goes around being the nice person she is and just being good friends with Sweetmeat, Curtis keeps telling her how much Derrick likes her. Maxine ends this episode needing to be pulled away from Kaitlyn, Derrick carrying her from the ring area. Some might find a continual love triangle repetitive but considering the people involved it just seems to expand and give the four of them more reasons to act out. And acting out is what these four do best.

3. William Regal

William Regal takes his hosting duties to new levels. He decided not to give everyone obvious matches and instead wanted to push the rookies of NXT to fight someone on a higher level than themselves. He also had the best lines of the evening with lines like, “The reason is I just don’t like you you dirty, scruffy, swine,” and, “Do I know how to put a show together or do I know how to put a show together?” There is also the moment where Kaitlyn joins them for commentary and Regal looks to her and says, “On a lighter note, we are joined by…” and has to stop because he is giggling and blushing. His crush on Kaitlyn is great and I would do about anything to see Regal join into The Love Triangle (Square?) and make it… whatever comes next.

2. Derrick Bateman and Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater and Johnny Curtis

You know what was best about this match? No 450 Splash. Instead, Gabriel had to rely on wrestling skill and then Bateman to get the pin on Slater whom he lost to last week. This might have been my second favorite match of the week so far, and that includes Raw and FCW so that is a pretty strong showing. All of the men are intense in the ring, but not quite as intense as…

1. Curt Hawkins vs. Tyson Kidd

Well you had to know if number two was my second favorite match of the week that my number one was going to be the best match of the week. Regal, thinking the loud-mouthed Hawkins needs to face the best in WWE brings out Tyson Kidd. Hawkins had some great offense, first getting Kidd while he was on the edge of the ring. Hawkins, from the floor, swept Kidd’s legs back, forcing Kidd to fall and smack his face on the edge of the ring. Later, in the ring Hawkins does a move I don’t have any clue what the name is, neither did Regal or Mathews. In the end, though, Kidd prevailed with a sharpshooter that looked painful, and it better have been because Hawkins tapped almost instantly.

Titus O’Neil had the first match of the evening against Yoshi Tatsu. After O’Neil won (damn it) he called out Alex Riley, he wants to have a match with him. Riley comes out, looking fly in an all black suit/shirt combo (sorry JTG, I do not mean any character infringement!) and words happen. I kind of tuned out, not because I don’t like Riley, but because I loathe O’Neil’s speaking skill. Percy Watson went up against a, “true WWE Superstar,” (really Regal?), Michael McGillicutty. McGillicutty has the in-ring work but not the personality. Neither of these matches were bad, but they were not top four worthy either.


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