WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions Format

To make it easier on myself, and all of you, this PPV I’m going to make this simple. I am going to list the matches that require your predictions, and the tie breakers. I am going to give you an idea of the format I want with examples. Please try to follow these as best as possible, it would be doing me a huge favor! You may get your predictions to me through direct messages @SolaceWinter or @SolaceSummer or through email SolaceWinter@yahoo.com .

If you would like to opt out this month and did it last month, please just send me a message on twitter, otherwise I am assuming you are in!  Predictions may be changed up to midnight on Saturday, after that they are locked and posted.  You may wait until you have seen Smackdown to put your predictions in, just let me know! Good luck and take that title from @heelJAY!

Elimination Match for WWE Championship:
CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho vs The Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Kofi Kingston

Order they will be released from their pods: This one seems to be getting a lot of confusion. I want the order of who will be in the match first to last. So let’s say CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler start the match, then Kofi is released from the pod. It means 1. CM Punk 2. Dolph Ziggler 3. Kofi Kingston, and so on. 

Elimination Match for World Heavyweight Championship:
Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Wade Barrett vs. The Big Show vs. The Great Khali vs. Santino

Order they will be released from their pods:

Kane vs. John Cena:

Beth Pheonix vs. Tamina Snuka:

(These are not my actual predictions)

Chris Jericho lost at the Rumble and has not looked dominant yet and it is time he did. Winner: Chris Jericho

1. CM Punk 2. Dolph Ziggler 3. The Miz 4. R-Truth 5. Kofi Kingston 6. Chris Jericho

You have two monsters in the match who both can’t wrestle and Daniel Bryan needs to keep the title, but Cody Rhodes has been looking dominant for a while now. Seems to be his time. Winner: Cody Rhodes

1. Daniel Bryan 2. The Big Show 3. Khali 4. Wade Barrett 5. Santino 6. Cody Rhodes

It was a No Contest last time and this time one of them needs to win. They are continually making Cena look bad. I think this is the time when they make up for his shortcomings. Winner: John Cena

Beth is continually being buried by the WWE and they did not seem to want to stand behind her once they made her champ but they seem to be really pushing Tamina. Winner: Tamina Snuka

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  1. Elimination Chamber match for WWE Championship:Winner Chris Jericho. 1.Kofi 2.Miz 3.Punk 4.Miz 5.Truth 6.Jericho

    Elimination Chamber Match for World Heavyweight Championship:Winner Daniel Bryan. 1.Cody 2.Barett 3.santino 4.Big Show 5.Bryan 6.Khali

    Cena vs Kane
    Beth vs Tamina

  2. Raw EC: WInner – Punk.
    I think we all know that it’s Punk v Y2J at Wrestlemania, so it’s either Punk or Y2J winning, and I just can’t stand Y2J.
    1. Truth. 2. Miz. 3. Punk. 4. Y2J. 5. Kofi. 6. Zig

    SD EC: Winner – Alberto Del Rio.
    It’s a feel good moment to have Santino in the main event, until Alberto Del Rio runs him over with a car that costs more than the arena they’re in. He takes Santino’s pod, enters second, and goes on to win the WHC. ADR vs Sheamus at Wrestlemania.

    1. DBry. 2. ADR (After stealing Santino’s spot) 3. Khali. 4. Wade. 5. Cody. 6. Big Show.

    Cena, because Zack Ryder is gonna hobble his ass to the ring, try to screw Cena, and end up helping him.

    Beth, by DQ, because Kharma will come to the ring and kick her ass, setting up at Beth v Kharma match for Wrestlemania.


  3. Elimination Chamber match for WWE Championship : CMPunk winner
    1.miz 2.ziggler 3.kofi 4.truth 5.punk 6.jericho

    Elimination Chamber Match for World Heavyweight Championship : DBryan winner
    1. DBryan 2.Cody 3.Barrett 4.Khali 5.BigShow 6.Santino

    We also thought that somehow Santino would be replaced… we thought perhaps Mark Henry (not sure of real injuries)… Del Rio seems a bit of a stretch (since he is supposed to be RAW [not that it matters])

    Cena over Kane

    Beth over Tamina

  4. John Cena Vs Kane

    Cena to win as he cannot lose because of the rock match at WM28.

    Elimination Chamber (SmackDown)

    Winner: Daniel Bryan as him vs sheamus are being advertised for WM Revenger Tour in England.
    1. Rhodes
    2. Show
    3. Khali
    4. Barret
    5. Bryan
    6. Santino

    Elimination Chamber ( Raw )
    Winner: Jericho as it would make sense for him to win it and build up a feud for WM involving him and punk!

    1. Punk
    2. Ziggler
    3. Truth
    4. Kingston
    5. Miz
    6. Jericho

  5. Beth vs Tamina

    Winner : Beth as I do not follow the divas division! She’s the stronger women so my money’s on her!

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